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Victim of Police Raid Says ‘It Changes Your Frame of Mind’

Paul Brown 58 Beach Park outside his home thwas raided by Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group officers. The officers damage

From the Sun Times:

Architect Paul Brown was in the basement of his home at the end of Adelphi Avenue when he heard a “huge noise” Friday afternoon that drew him up the stairs where he was met by gun in his face….

“They crashed things, they smashed things,” Brown, 58, said. “You couldn’t walk into a room because everything from the drawers was thrown around and emptied onto the floor….

“The door’s ruined and they left my house in a shambles and they don’t care. Now they won’t return my telephone calls. They’re supposed to be on our side,” he said.

Read the whole thing.  Sounds very similar to what happened to Mayor Cheye Calvo in the Maryland suburbs of  Washington, DC — package left on the door step and then a police raid.   That makes all of us vulnerable.   If you agree, please remember to tell that to the next person that says the police only raid the homes of people involved in drugs.  Not so.

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