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Update on the G20 Trophy Photo Case

During the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh PA there was a picture taken by police officers showing a handcuffed suspect being posed to kneel in front of several officers in riot helmets. (originally posted about here and here)

At the time, the Pittsburgh PA police chief said he was too busy to investigate just who those officers were… apparently, that’s because they weren’t Pittsburgh police officers. Heck, they weren’t even from Pennsylvania.

In fact, apparently, the officers shown in the photo and a video shot by a bystander, were on loan from the Chicago Illinois Police Department.

Those officers are now, reportedly, the subject of an investigation by the Chicago PD and the student that was forced to pose has been identified and interviewed saying he agreed to be in the photo because he was afraid of what the arresting officer would do to him if he refused.

That person, Kyle Kramer, says he plans on writing a book about the experience.

But, what I wonder about all this is, when police are sent to other city’s on loan for events like this, are they supervised by the department they are loaned to? Or are they just set loose on the host city like a pack of wild animals?

Judging by how Pittsburgh PD’s chief reacted to the whole thing, I’m thinking it’s the latter.

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