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Police Misconduct NewsWatch 11-03-09

5235559Mosquito Cops?

First, some good news… A group in Texas called “Texans for Accountable Government” held a protest against Austin TX police department’s “No-Refusal Weekend” where cops at DUI checkpoints were enforcing a law that allows them to draw blood from anyone suspected of driving while intoxicated, with or without their permission.

While I’m usually critical of police misconduct protests because they generally overreach, are just too disorganized and small to be taken seriously, and don’t portray an accurate, clearly defined, and reasonable objective… this protest appears to be one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Not just because it was well-attended and had a clear and obtainable objective, but also because it was creative in a way that could capture public and media attention.

After all… who can forget a protest against blood-drawing police called “Stop Vampire Cops”? (news coverage here)

Electroshock Torture in Minneapolis?

In Minneapolis Minnesota, police there are once again facing a civil rights excessive force lawsuit filed on behalf of a man who, judging by the video above at least, was needlessly tasered in the neck after he had given up and placed his hands on a police cruiser hood. I apologize for the sound quality of the video, but his screams while being relentlessly tasered by the cop who walked up behind him are quite disturbing.

The crime that the officer thought merited this alleged extra-judicial abuse? Apparently nothing more than alleged property damage near or at a police station.

The Walls Of Jericho Crumble?

Some of you may recall Jericho Arkansas where police shot the town’s assistant fire chief in the back during an argument over a traffic ticket in the middle of a crowded courthouse in August of this year. Well, today there were two new stories out of Jericho that seem to back up my suspicions that the police and administration there are taking money made by their notorious speed traps and pocketing it for themselves.

First, there’s a story from a man caught in one of their speed traps that accuses officers and town officials of demanding cash-only for payment of traffic tickets… not only that, but that the officer who pulled him over demanded cash right there and then to make the ticket go away.

Then, it appears that one of the town’s police cruisers was repossessed while it’s officers were chowing down inside a “Waffle House”. Not only that, but the patrol car was repo’d along with the evidence that was stored inside of it, including drugs, guns, and ammunition confiscated from suspects.

So… one has to wonder… where is all this cash-up-front that these officers and officials are strong-arming from motorists going if the town can’t even afford to pay off it’s car loans… and will they resort to using horses with lights on top of their heads to pull over people caught in their questionable speed traps once all the patrol cars are repossessed?

Trouble in Toledo?

Apparently there’s a bit of a drinking problem in Toledo where, just over one week after a Toledo Ohio police officer was arrested after crashing into a firetruck while drunk and on duty, yet another Toledo Ohio police officer was arrested at a police station for allegedly driving while intoxicated on duty as well.

While NOW is supposedly still protesting the Toledo PD for rehiring a cop who was caught trying to use his badge to coerce a woman into having sex, there’s been no word from MADD about a protest against all these drunk driving cops… go figure.

Once… Twice…

An Albany Georgia police officer who was put on suspension after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his pregnant wife 2 weeks ago has since resigned… Of course, he only decided to resign after he was arrested yet again on Friday for allegedly assaulting his live-in girlfriend.

I’m thinking that, if the charges are true, this guy should never have had a badge… he should have had a sign stapled to his forehead warning all women to stay away.

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