Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 02-26-11 to 02-27-11

It was a slow news cycle this weekend for our National Police Misconduct News Feed, so there are only 6 reports in our weekend review for February 26-27, 2011:

  • A Miami FL police officer who shot two unarmed men during a traffic stop is now the subject of a lawsuit filed by the passenger who claims there was no reason for the officer to open fire resulting in him suffering permanent injuries from three bullets while the driver was fatally wounded. Police union representatives and official still refuse to say why the officer shot the pair other than to suggest that something made him afraid for his safety. [3]
  • An Escambia County FL deputy has been suspended after arrested on allegations that she injured her son when she hit him in the arm with her police-issue retractable metal baton. [0]
  • An Orleans Parish LA deputy was arrested on an aggravated assault charge for brandishing her firearm at her own son on a school bus while she was in uniform. [0]
  • A Memphis TN police sergeant was arrested after allegedly beating his wife then abducting her and their 3-week-old child before police stopped the car and the officer tried to flee on foot. [0]
  • And finally, a Los Angeles County CA deputy is under investigation after he was accused of tainting prospective jurors by telling them that the trial they were about to be a jury on was a waste of time and that he knew the defendant was guilty which prompted the judge to dismiss the entire jury pool and ask for an investigation into the “unprofessional and inexcusable” behavior. [0]

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