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National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-25-16

Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, August 25, 2016:

  • Maricopa County, Arizona: The chief deputy and a captain will be investigated for misconduct by the state certification agency. The investigation will begin after the ongoing criminal probe into the department is completed.
  • El Paso County, Texas: A now-former deputy was sentenced to 17 years in prison for fatal DWI crash. He struck and killed Richard Lopez, who was changing a tire.
  • Update: Ventura County, California: A deputy was charged for stealing prescription pills from a drop-off box.
  • Hinds County, Mississippi: A deputy was arrested while on duty for drug possession and fired.
  • Update: Lehigh Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania: A now-former officer was granted first-time offender diversion to avoid a criminal record for break-in. He had originally claimed he was working undercover when he was caught in the act.
  • Snoqualmie, Washington: The department fired an officer who was indicted for civil rights violations for pepper spraying restrained suspect on a gurney. He was working for a different department at the time of the incident.
  • Longview, Texas: A now-retired officer was indicted for indecency with children for incidents that allegedly took place during the1980s and 90s when he was on the force.
  • Sedgwick County, Colorado: The sheriff was arrested for sexually assaulting a jail inmate.
  • Huber Heights, Ohio: An officer was arrested for domestic violence. He allegedly struck his wife with a dog food bowl.
  • Bristol, Tennessee: An officer resigned after his off-duty arrest for DUI-related charges.
  • Franklin County, Missouri: A now-former lieutenant was named in a lawsuit for coercing drug rehab patients to be informants for the police.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-24-16

Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, August 24, 2016:

  • Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee: One MPD officer and one SCSD deputy were indicted on federal charges for buying what the believed to be stolen property, including shoes, electronics, and liquor.
  • San Jose, California: An officer was arrested as part of Vietnamese street gang probe.
  • Update: Sandusky County, Ohio (First reported 08-23-16): The sheriff was indicted on 43 charges related to tampering and drug theft; 38 of the counts are felonies.
  • New York, New York: An officer was found passed out outside of Barclay’s Center with a loaded gun while off duty. He was suspended.
  • Nashville, Tennessee: An officer was arrested for DUI and decommissioned.
  • Great Barrington, Massachusetts: An officer is being investigated for OUI after an off-duty traffic stop. He was not arrested during the stop and allowed to get a ride home.
  • Indianapolis, Indiana: An officer shot a homeowner who called to report an attempted carjacking at his residence.
  • Update: Victoria County, Texas (First reported 04-06-15): A now-former deputy pled guilty to oppression for coercing a woman to have sex. He was fined and given probation. The first attempt at a criminal case ended in mistrial. According to the report, the prosecutor was concerned about a corroborating witness under cross-examination because that witness was a sex worker with a criminal history. The officer will not be allowed to own a firearm or work in law enforcement again. He was also ordered to serve 200 hours of community service.
  • Update: Burlington, Vermont (First reported 07-16-15): An officer has new charges added for a fatal DUI crash that happened while she was off
  • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida: An officer is facing a possible 20-day suspension for assaulting security guard while drunk, armed, and holding his baby. The security guard declined to press charges but was struck in the face twice before getting the baby out of the officer’s hands and recovering the officer’s weapon that came loose during the scuffle. According to the report, the officer was so intoxicated it would be difficult to prove that he was cogent enough to know he was assaulting the guard.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-23-16

Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, August 23, 2016:

  • Lynchburg, Virginia: An officer was arrested for DWI while off duty.
  • Update: Ottawa County, Ohio (First reported 07-26-16): A deputy will not face criminal charges for threatening a Carroll Township officer. He was, however, demoted from his rank of detective and suspended three days. He has filed a grievance contesting the disciplinary actions.
  • Kane County, Illinois: A deputy pled not guilty to illegal possession of three types of
  • DeKalb County, Georgia: A deputy was arrested for buying cocaine on duty from a deputy who was under federal gang investigation.
  • West Blocton, Alabama: An officer was arrested and fired for drug possession and evidence tampering. He was previously fired from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Seminole County, Florida: A deputy committed a murder-suicide at a gas station. The victim was his girlfriend.
  • Update: Ellis County, Texas (First reported 04-20-16): An alleged gang member had his murder charge dropped because of pending criminal charges against the only living deputy who was assigned to the case. The suspect is also an unauthorized immigrant, and he will thus be deported to his native country, where he has another pending murder charge against him.
  • Orlando, Florida: Two officers were fired for attempting to cover-up an unauthorized vehicle chase in 2015.
  • Sandusky County, Ohio: A detective may have illegally leaked information implicating the sheriff for missing funds and drug tampering. Both officers are under investigation.
  • Denver, Colorado: An officer was suspended 16 days after entering a guilty plea to a lane violation and impaired driving after an off-duty crash in February. The arresting officer did not show up to his hearing to have his driver’s license revoked so he was allowed to keep it. He will not be terminated.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-22-16

Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Monday, August 22, 2016:

  • Update: Fort Worth, Texas (First reported 03-14-16): An officer was who indiscriminately pepper sprayed passing motorcyclists on a highway was given undisclosed sanctions and will not be criminally prosecuted.
  • Dinwiddie County, Virginia: A deputy was arrested and charged with second-degree murder for fatally shooting his brother during an argument while off duty.
  • Hardin County, Texas: A constable was indicted for abuse of his official capacity for an undisclosed violation.
  • El Paso, Texas: An officer was arrested for DWI after rear-ending another vehicle.
  • Texas Department of Public Safety: A trooper was arrested for child pornography possession and assault.
  • Update: Bartlett, Tennessee (First reported 05-08-15): An officer was found guilty of reckless driving for a crash while on duty that killed two people. He is scheduled to be sentenced September 23.
  • Los Angeles, California: An officer who works in youth services was arrested for sending “harmful” texts to a juvenile. It is not known whether the minor was involved in the programs the officer worked in.
  • Monroe County, Florida: A deputy offered to aid an inmate’s escape for $400,000 in cash.
  • Update: Auburn, Georgia (First reported 04-11-16): A now-former officer pled guilty to extortion and drug conspiracy in his role as a law enforcement officer.
  • Hopkinsville, Kentucky: An officer was arrested for sexually abusing a minor.
  • Gettysburg Borough, Pennsylvania: Two officers resigned over actions during an arrest and related inappropriate Taser use. As part of an agreement with the department, one officer was allowed to leave with a clean record and a $10,000 severance, likely making him eligible for employment elsewhere in law enforcement.

The Daniel Harris Case

From NBC News:

A North Carolina state trooper killed a deaf man last week after an attempted traffic stop, authorities and neighbors said Monday.

State trooper Jermaine Saunders shot Daniel Kevin Harris to death on Thursday after what North Carolina Bureau of Investigation described in a statement as “an encounter.”

The bureau, which is investigating Harris’ death, did not provide additional details. In an earlier statement, the North Carolina Highway Patrol said that the trooper tried to pull over a Volvo for speeding.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-19-16

Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, August 19, 2016:

  • Prichard, Alabama: An officer was arrested for assaulting a woman while he was off duty. Allegedly, the incident occurred after a horse wandered onto the woman’s property.
  • Chicago, Illinois: An appellate judge ruled that two officers should be terminated for a 2006 beating of a man while both officers were off duty.
  • Update: Clark County, Ohio (First reported 05-13-16): A deputy pled guilty to “physical control”–a lesser OVI charge–and given a 90-day suspended sentence. The deputy remains employed as the internal investigation into the incident is ongoing.
  • Palm Beach County, Florida: A deputy was arrested for an on-duty crash that resulted in the other driver’s traumatic brain injury.
  • Update: Floyd County, Georgia (First reported 01-27-16): A now-former deputy was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 20 years of probation for burglary and drug charges. He was on duty when he took prescription drugs from people’s homes.
  • St. Johns County, Florida: Two deputies resigned after separate domestic battery charges.
  • Update: Janesville, Wisconsin (First reported 07-29-16): An officer who was cited for disorderly conduct has been fired.
  • New Mexico State Police: A trooper was cited for DWI after hitting parked cars at a detox center. Before becoming a trooper, he had been arrested twice for DWI.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-18-16

Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, August 18, 2016:

  • Update: Kingston, New York: (First reported 03-16-16): An officer pled guilty to misdemeanor DUI for a rollover crash and possession of stolen property. The car he flipped wasn’t his and he was driving it without permission, but he was allowed to plea to a lesser charge than grand theft auto. He was giving a 30-day suspended sentence and was allowed to keep his job.
  • Update: Garner, North Carolina (First reported 07-13-16): An officer who was arrested for domestic violence in July has been fired.
  • Mesa, Arizona: A lieutenant retired before his termination paperwork could be completed after his DUI guilty plea. He had been charged with aggravated DUI because his BAC tested at four times the legal limit. In his letter of departure, he listed a number of current officers who had been arrested for DUI but allowed to remain on the force.
  • Lafayette, Louisiana: The City Marshal was indicted on charges of misusing public funds and perjury.
  • Berkeley County, South Carolina: A now-former deputy was sentenced to one year and a day for selling firearms to a person he knew was under felony indictment.
  • Dillon, South Carolina: An officer was arrested for DUI.
  • Nashville, Tennessee: An officer was charged with assault. She allegedly slapped a drug suspect after the officer pricked her finger on a used syringe during a body search.
  • Update: Albany, New York (First reported 08-15-16): An officer was arrested for slamming a teen girl to the ground at a group home.  There is video of the incident but it has not yet been released. He was previously suspended and his partner is on desk duty.
  • Amarillo, Texas: An officer was arrested for child pornography possession.
  • Update: Clark County, Nevada School District (First reported 06-03-16):  An officer was acquitted of excessive force and covering-up his actions against a student and staffer in a bench trial.

The Vachel Howard Case


From ProPublica:

Video images such as those involving Howard’s encounter with the LAPD have rarely been seen by Californians. Since the late 1970s, California law has specifically authorized police agencies to keep material involving real or alleged police misconduct secret from the general public. But the question of what police owe the public has been given fresh context as the LAPD moves to become the largest police department in the country to routinely outfit its officers with body cameras. The department so far has said it has no plans to make footage readily available to the public, even after deadly incidents.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-17-16

Here are the ten cases of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, August 17, 2016:

  • Jefferson County, Texas: Two deputies had their tampering indictments dismissed by a judge after prosecutors failed to produce enough evidence to maintain the charges. However, other charges remain pending against a retired deputy a judge.
  • Update: Elburn, Illinois (First reported 08-20-15): A now-former officer pled guilty to raping a child repeatedly over the course of ten years. He changed his plea to guilty during the trial after the victim had begun to testify. He was sentenced to 23 years in prison. The judge excoriated the defendant saying, “Quite frankly, I think 500 years sounds reasonable.”
  • Everett, Massachusetts: An officer was charged with assaulting his pregnant wife. He allegedly struck her in the face, kicked her in her stomach, and strangled her during the incident.
  • Update: Gladstone, Oregon (First reported 12-15-11): A now-former officer is on trial for having his wife murdered while he was on duty in 2011.
  • Update: Bardstown, Kentucky (First reported 11-03-15): A now-former officer was served with a search warrant in regards to a missing person case. He was fired for interfering in the case because his brother is a suspect in the person’s disappearance.
  • Rockwood, Tennessee: An officer was placed on leave after firing a live round during an active shooter drill at a school. The school was not in session, and no one was injured in the incident.
  • DeKalb County, Georgia: A lieutenant was charged with making false statements regarding a potential gun purchase by his son.
  • Update: Put-in-Bay, Ohio (First reported 05-27-16): A now-former officer was sentenced to 150 days in jail for misusing a police database. He pled no contest in May.
  • Medford, Oregon: An officer was cited for causing a crash with injury during a high-speed pursuit.
  • Houston, Texas: An officer was charged with intoxication manslaughter for a fatal crash off duty.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-16-16

Here are the ten reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, August 16, 2016:

  • Pennsylvania State Police: A trooper was charged with drug purchase and distribution for exchanging pills for cocaine with a confidential informant.
  • Monroe Township, New Jersey: An officer was arrested for allegedly sexually propositioning a suspect in exchange for help in her criminal case.
  • Accomack County, Virginia: A deputy was arrested for domestic assault. He has been fired.
  • Update: Chicago, Illinois (First reported 11-24-15): Ten officers face possible disciplinary action or termination for their roles in the Laquan McDonald shooting and investigation. The deputy chief who originally cleared Officer Jason Van Dyke in the shooting retired before he could be disciplined.
  • St. Louis Park, Minnesota: An officer was arrested for DWI after hitting a parked car.
  • Update: New York, New York (First reported 02-10-15): The City will pay the family of Akai Gurley $4,100,000 in wrongful death suit. Now-former officer Peter Liang, who fatally shot Gurley, will pay $25,000.
  • Dutchess County, New York: A deputy was arrested by federal agents on marijuana-related charges. He has been fired.
  • Update: Los Angeles County, California (First reported 07-13-15): A now-former deputy was sentenced to one year in jail for beating his girlfriend and setting her hair on fire. The prosecutor had asked that the deputy serve his time in the state prison because standard jail policy will allow the deputy to be released after six months.
  • Adams County, Colorado: A deputy was arrested for domestic assault for allegedly pinning his wife down and slamming her head into the floor.
  • Chatham County, Georgia: A deputy was arrested and fired for sexually assaulting a female inmate.

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