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National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 09-08-16

Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, September 8, 2016:

  • Update: Oak Harbor, Washington (First reported 08-09-16): An officer was federally indicted on child pornography charges for sexting a 13-year-old girl.
  • Dallas, Texas: An officer was arrested for domestic violence against his girlfriend at a downtown hotel while he was off duty.
  • Update: Seneca, South Carolina (First reported 07-31-15): The officer who fatally shot  Zachary Hammond, an unarmed teen fleeing a drug bust in a car, has been fired.
  • Dallas, Texas: An officer was arrested for trespassing for an incident that happened when he was off duty. He picked up his intoxicated daughter at a party and believed she had been drugged. He went to knock on the door and got no answer and kicked the door down.
  • Framingham State University: An officer was arrested for a lewd act on campus. He allegedly exposed himself to a student.
  • Update: Madison, Alabama (First reported 02-11-15): An officer who was tried multiple times for partially paralyzing an elderly Indian national in a confrontation will be reinstated.
  • Update: Oakland, California (First reported 05-13-16): Four officers were fired and seven were suspended for their roles in the still-growing scandal involving an underage sex worker.
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut: An officer was arrested for assault and DUI after punching a man he knew in the face and then hitting a fire hydrant with a car.
  • Update: Washington County, Oregon (First reported 12-15-15): A now-former deputy was sentenced to two years’ probation, serve 80 hours of community service, and pay $12,000 in restitution after pleading guilty to a strangulation assault charge. Upon successful completion of all these conditions, his felony coercion conviction will be dismissed.
  • Update: Columbus, Mississippi (First reported 07-11-16): An officer who was serving a suspension for a violent personal confrontation that happened on duty was arrested again for domestic violence.
  • Bald Head Island, North Carolina: A public safety officer was arrested for DWI and possessing a concealed weapon while intoxicated.
  • Update: Fairview Township, Pennsylvania (First reported 12-21-15): A now-former officer pled guilty to stealing federal funds. He thought he was stealing drug proceeds but was the target of a federal sting.
  • Update: U.S. Secret Service (First reported 11-11-15): The officer who was fired for sexting someone he believed to be a child while on duty at the White House has been sent to Florida to face child solicitation charges.
  • Update: Adams County, Colorado (First reported 11-30-15): An officer who is currently on trial for assault for kicking a man outside of a bar last year has been fired.
  • Update: New Haven, Connecticut (First reported 07-26-16): The embattled chief resigned amid controversy, a recent suspension, and other misconduct allegations.
  • Update: Everett, Massachusetts (First reported 08-17-16): An officer who was charged for strangling and kicking his pregnant wife in the stomach had his charges dropped because she refused to testify against him.
  • Update: Toledo, Ohio (First reported 02-13-15): A now-former officer was acquitted of attempted murder and felony assault. He was convicted of tampering, obstruction of justice, and discharge of a firearm. The case was an alleged revenge murder-for-hire conspiracy.
  • Update: New York, New York (First reported 12-17-15): A now-former officer was sentenced to three years in prison for molesting a child several times over the course of three years, starting when the victim was 10.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 09-07-16

Here are the 17 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, September 7, 2016:

  • Harris County, Texas: Several deputy constables destroyed approximately 20,000 pieces of evidence while cleaning the evidence room. About 150 cases have already been dismissed and 1,000 cases are at risk for dismissal.
  • Norfolk, Virginia: The City is being sued by a man who says he had his hands up and yelling “don’t shoot!” when he was shot three times by an officer. The plaintiff was acquitted of criminal charges related to the incident. The officer has since retired.
  • Levelland, Texas: The City is being sued by the widow of Jose Antonio Espinoza, who was fatally shot by police responding to a domestic disturbance call.
  • Scotch Plains, New Jersey: An officer was arrested for DWI and eluding police for an off-duty incident.
  • Hamilton County, Tennessee: A deputy was arrested on a vandalism charge and placed on restricted duty. He allegedly cut the phones lines outside of a house of someone with whom he had a dispute.
  • Update: Henderson, Texas (First reported 10-27-15): An officer was acquitted by a jury for indecency with a child for allegedly touching a teen’s breasts.
  • Update: Delaware River Port Authority (First reported 05-16-16): A transit officer was fired for pepper spraying and striking passenger and inducing him to fall onto live tracks. The man was rescued and sent to the hospital, where he was cited. The officer will not face criminal charges.
  • Update: Sunbury, Pennsylvania (First reported 07-19-16): An officer who inappropriately tased a homeless man has been fired. He will not face criminal charges for the incident.
  • Miami Township, Ohio: An officer was found guilty of sexual imposition and acquitted of assault for actions against a woman in the Explorer program who was on a ride-along.
  • Hamilton County, Tennessee: A deputy was indicted on six counts of child pornography possession. He was previously charged with crimes against minors, but those charges were dropped and he was thus allowed to keep his job.
  • Miami, Florida: Several officers and the department are being sued by a man whose orbital bone was broken by officers following the Miami Heat’s NBA title win in 2013. He also alleges they were taunting him after they attacked him.
  • Greenwich Township, New Jersey: An officer was charged with misconduct for sexual acts with a sex worker while he was on duty. The woman reported the incident, implying the acts may not have been consensual.
  • Raleigh County, West Virginia: A deputy was arrested for drug DUI and possession after he crashed his cruiser near a school shortly after he got off duty. He was discovered with crushed up Xanax and a straw at the scene. He resigned.
  • Iron County, Utah: A now-former deputy was charged with misusing public money. He had resigned before the criminal charge was filed.
  • New York, New York: The City is being sued by two men who claim they were attacked by a group of men, including an alleged NYPD officer who broke one of the men’s jaw. The officer had identified himself as a police officer during the incident and showed his badge to a nearby bouncer before walking away from the scene. According to the report, the NYPD has stonewalled the men on the identity of the officer and any information about the investigation into the incident. The incident was caught on surveillance video.
  • Burlington, North Carolina: An officer was charged with a civil moving violation after a crash with injury that happened while he was driving his cruiser. It is unclear whether the incident happened when the officer was on duty.
  • Greenville, North Carolina: An officer was charged with assaulting a 12-year-old in a domestic incident.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 09-06-16

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, September 6, 2016:

  • Riverside County, California: A deputy had a standoff with police after they responded to a domestic violence incident at his home. He was taken into custody.
  • Moss Point, Mississippi: The chief was suspended after a traffic stop came to light. He had been drinking but was let go by officers.
  • Update: Somervell County, Texas (First reported 08-01-16): A now-former deputy was indicted for drunkenly shooting up a church. He was terminated, and the pastor of the church did not press charges, but the prosecutor brought charges because he did not want it to appear the deputy received special treatment.
  • Austin, Texas: An officer was suspended 45 days for pepper-spraying a handcuffed man during an arrest in March. He may face criminal charges.
  • Atlanta, Georgia: A now-former officer was indicted for the on-duty shooting death of Deravis Caine Rogers. The charges include felony murder, giving false statements, and violation of the oath of office.
  • El Paso County, Colorado: A now-former sheriff and two deputies were indicted for tampering, extortion, and false imprisonment. They are accused of coercing a domestic violence victim to drop her complaint about the deputy who allegedly hit her.
  • Anthony, Texas: An officer was charged for embezzling funds from the American Legion Post, where he served as president. The charge is a third-degree felony.
  • Update: Sumter County, Alabama (First reported 07-25-16): The impeached now-former sheriff was indicted for drug conspiracy, contraband, human trafficking, and perjury. Among the allegations, the sheriff allowed and enabled an inmate to monitor his violent drug ring in the community from the jail.
  • Update: Grand Traverse County, Michigan (First reported 03-14-16): A deputy was convicted of assaulting a bartender in an off-duty incident. She has resigned.
  • Oklahoma Highway Patrol: A trooper was arrested for spanking a child with a frisbee.
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation: An agent was charged with racketeering for spending more than $87,000 on public credit cards.
  • Lowell, North Carolina: An officer was arrested for statutory rape. Allegedly, he impregnated a 14-year-old girl and subsequently pressured her to have an abortion.
  • Cedar City, Utah: A now-former officer was charged with workers’ compensation fraud and theft by deception for actions in 2013.
  • Muncie, Indiana: An officer was arrested for DWI while he was off
  • Sugar Land, Texas: An officer was one among four people arrested for stealing cattle and heavy equipment.
  • Arkansas State Police: A captain resigned after a loitering arrest. He was allegedly masturbating in his personal truck and propositioned the officers who approached the vehicle.
  • Kearney, Nebraska: An officer was indicted on assault charge for shooting a suspect trying to flee in a car.
  • Waterloo, Iowa: An officer was disciplined after grabbing a handcuffed suspect’s dreadlocks and then striking the suspect’s head after a high-speed chase.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-31-16

Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, August 31, 2016:

  • Update: San Mateo County, California (First reported 05-11-15): A deputy was acquitted of charges related to pointing his weapon at a janitor.
  • Update: San Francisco, California (First reported 03-02-11): Three now-former officers were sentenced to prison for executing roaming, warrantless searches at a residential hotel looking for drugs and drug proceeds in 2010. One of the officers, Arshad Razzak, received a lesser sentence—14 months, rather than the 39 and 41 months the other two officers received—because he was not seizing the drugs for financial gain, as they had been. Razzak was also ordered to pay $12,500 in fines.
  • Update: Clayton County, Georgia (First reported 05-07-15): The sheriff pled no contest to reckless conduct for shooting a woman in an accident. He was given 12 months’ probation.
  • Connecticut State Police: A trooper was arrested and suspended for threatening a woman while he was off-duty but armed.
  • Stephens County, Oklahoma: A deputy was charged with animal cruelty after his K-9 partner was found dead.
  • Orleans Parish, Louisiana: A deputy was arrested for firing his gun in his home during a domestic incident.
  • Columbia County, Georgia: A deputy was fired and arrested for beating his stepson with a clothes hanger.
  • Los Angeles, California: An officer was charged for theft of private and public property in separate incidents. She was also charged for illegal access of a police database.
  • Update: Akron, Ohio (First reported 08-09-16): An officer pled guilty to having a gun in the car during a traffic stop. Her OVI was dismissed, and she was given a suspended sentence.
  • Altamonte Springs, Florida: An officer was arrested for allegedly choking his wife.
  • Mt. Morris, New York: An officer was arrested for child endangerment for an off-duty domestic incident.

Worst of the Month — August

So for August we have selected the Baltimore Police Department (BPD).  Although the misconduct has been festering for many years, our selection is based upon the investigative findings of the Department of Justice, which were published in a report last month.

Here are a few of those findings:

  • The BPD engages in a pattern or practice of making unconstitutional stops, searches, and arrests;
  • The BPD engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force;
  • The BPD engages in a pattern or practice of retaliating against people engaging in constitutionally-protected speech;
  • The BPD has allowed violations of policy to go unaddressed even when they are widespread or involve serious misconduct;
  • The BPD has failed to take action against offenders known to engage in repeated misconduct.

Because the problems run deep, it would be a mistake to focus all of our attention on the police department itself.  The political establishment of Baltimore knew there were problems, but failed to address them.  It remains to be seen whether the reform rhetoric we have been hearing will be followed by real action.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-30-16

Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, August 30, 2016:

  • Skagit County, Washington: A deputy was fired after he admitted to embezzling funds from a police-affiliated non-profit organization he served off duty.
  • Update: FBI (First reported 06-04-15) A now-former agent was sentenced to 36 months in prison for stealing $136,000 in drug proceeds during a warrant execution.
  • Dallas Area Rapid Transit: An officer fabricated a story to justify the trespassing arrest of a citizen journalist. The officer’s discipline has yet to be decided.
  • Detroit, Michigan: An officer was suspended after a high-speed off-duty crash with serious injury. Intoxication is not suspected.
  • San Antonio, Texas: An officer fired one shot from his gun at his home during a domestic incident. The family fled the house but were physically uninjured. He is on leave.
  • Update: Yuba County, California (First reported 03-25-14): A now-former deputy who was tried and acquitted of battery for beating a man unconscious was hired as an officer by Marysville PD.
  • Pekin, Illinois: An officer was arrested on felony battery and misconduct charges. At this time, it is unclear whether the conduct happened on or off duty.
  • Flint Township, Michigan: An appellate court ruled that an officer was not entitled to qualified immunity from an excessive force lawsuit for fatally shooting Dominique Lewis, who was fleeing arrest in her car.
  • Bridgeton, New Jersey: An officer will not be federally charged for the fatal shooting of Jerame Reid. A federal civil suit settlement was reached and is currently awaiting judicial approval.
  • Update: Portland, Oregon (First reported 05-03-16): A detective was sentenced to 32 days in jail for DUI, reckless driving, and assault for an off-duty crash. He was also sentenced to two years of probation.  He remains on paid leave.
  • Update: Memphis, Tennessee (First reported 07-13-16): An officer who was suspended for posting a photo simulating the shooting of an African-American avatar on Snapchat has resigned. A second officer who was also suspended for not reporting the incident will remain on the force.
  • Savannah-Chatham, Georgia: Four officers were suspended for tasering an innocent man who was sitting in his car. The officers didn’t report the use of force against the man, whom they had mistakenly identified as a fugitive, for several months until video footage of the incident went viral.
  • Update: Dearborn, Michigan (First reported 06-21-16): An officer was charged with felony misconduct for groping woman during a traffic stop.
  • Update: Quincy, Massachusetts (First reported 01-07-16): An officer was indicted on federal fraud charges for double-dipping. He was suspended by his department for six months in January of this year for the offense.

A Housekeeping Note

The Twitter newsfeed and daily recap will be inactive Thursday September 1 through the Labor Day holiday. Both will resume Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

Thank you for your continued support of NPMRP and have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-29-16

Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked for Monday, August 29, 2016:

  • California Highway Patrol: An officer was arrested for secretly recording a victim by placing a hidden camera at her home.
  • Cleveland, Ohio: An officer was placed on administrative duty after he was recorded striking a handcuffed female suspect.
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: An officer was charged for repeatedly assaulting and threatening the life of his
  • Jackson, Mississippi: An officer was fired after a video showed him solicit a female for sex while he sat in his police car. The female is rumored to be 17 years old, but that hasn’t been confirmed.
  • Grovetown Department of Public Safety, Georgia: An officer was fired after being caught drunk on the job.
  • Update: Bloomington, Illinois (First reported 06-25-14): An officer appealed his firing. He was previously charged and acquitted of misconduct charges for writing fake tickets to meet a departmental quota.
  • New York, New York: An officer was suspended after his friends were involved in a fight that resulted in serious injury in an off-duty incident. The department is looking into the incident to see if the officer should have intervened sooner and whether criminal charges should be filed.
  • Baltimore, Maryland: A man was acquitted of charges from an arrest after refusing plea deal. Police officials admit that officers broke the man’s arm—his shoulder was pulled from its socket and broken in two places—and he intends to sue. An internal investigation into the arrest is underway.
  • Update: Fort Worth, Texas (First reported 10-23-13): An officer was reinstated after he was fired, charged, and acquitted of stealing shoes and other items during a drug raid. His discipline was changed to 15 days suspension. He was awarded more than two years of backpay.
  • Whitley County, Kentucky: A deputy was fired after a domestic violence order was issued against him.
  • Update: Waco, Texas (First reported 06-28-16): An officer charged with assault for grabbing a handcuffed suspect by the neck. Two other officers who were suspended during the investigation into the incident were cleared of criminal wrongdoing.
  • Lucas County, Ohio: A deputy was fired for racial comments on social media that was directed at two fast food employees. He made an oblique reference to using violence against them if cameras had not been present.
  • Fultondale, Alabama: An officer was arrested on child pornography charges. He has been fired.
  • Crescent, Oklahoma: The chief and another officer have been fired amid a corruption

Nattional Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-26-16

Here are the 10 reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, August 26, 2016:

  • Madison County, Missouri: A now-former deputy pled guilty to stealing $40,000 from a woman’s home while he was off duty.
  • Update: Newtown, Connecticut (First reported 05-18-15): A now-former officer was sentenced to 16 months in prison for participation in a steroid distribution ring.
  • Update: Farmington Hills, Michigan (First reported 06-01-16): A now-former officer was sentenced to 1-7 years in prison for child pornography possession and secretly taking photos of a woman. He committed his criminal behavior while off duty.
  • Update: Eugene, Oregon (First reported 08-07-15): An officer was convicted of assaulting a detainee and resigned before his termination could be finalized. He will appeal his conviction.
  • Springfield, Kentucky: An officer was indicted for 2nd-degree assault for an incident that left a man injured. The man was protesting the towing of his car by sitting on top of the car. Both the tow operator and the officer allowed the protest to continue and proceeded to tow the car anyway. The man fell off and was hurt.
  • Rockwood, Tennessee: An officer was named in a lawsuit for pepper spraying a man who he said charged him. The officer’s body camera showed that the officer lied. He resigned.
  • Akron, Ohio: An officer was charged with aggravated vehicular assault and OVI for an off-duty crash that injured himself and his wife.
  • Nashville, Tennessee: An officer was arrested for DUI and leaving the scene after an off-duty crash. He was the second Nashville officer arrested for DUI in three days.
  • Grants, New Mexico: An officer was arrested for marijuana distribution, conspiracy, and embezzlement.
  • San Antonio, Texas: An officer was suspended 10 days after drug paraphernalia was found at his home. He is accused of not reporting drug activity there by his now-ex-girlfriend.

National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 08-25-16

Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, August 25, 2016:

  • Maricopa County, Arizona: The chief deputy and a captain will be investigated for misconduct by the state certification agency. The investigation will begin after the ongoing criminal probe into the department is completed.
  • El Paso County, Texas: A now-former deputy was sentenced to 17 years in prison for fatal DWI crash. He struck and killed Richard Lopez, who was changing a tire.
  • Update: Ventura County, California: A deputy was charged for stealing prescription pills from a drop-off box.
  • Hinds County, Mississippi: A deputy was arrested while on duty for drug possession and fired.
  • Update: Lehigh Township, Wayne County, Pennsylvania: A now-former officer was granted first-time offender diversion to avoid a criminal record for break-in. He had originally claimed he was working undercover when he was caught in the act.
  • Snoqualmie, Washington: The department fired an officer who was indicted for civil rights violations for pepper spraying restrained suspect on a gurney. He was working for a different department at the time of the incident.
  • Longview, Texas: A now-retired officer was indicted for indecency with children for incidents that allegedly took place during the1980s and 90s when he was on the force.
  • Sedgwick County, Colorado: The sheriff was arrested for sexually assaulting a jail inmate.
  • Huber Heights, Ohio: An officer was arrested for domestic violence. He allegedly struck his wife with a dog food bowl.
  • Bristol, Tennessee: An officer resigned after his off-duty arrest for DUI-related charges.
  • Franklin County, Missouri: A now-former lieutenant was named in a lawsuit for coercing drug rehab patients to be informants for the police.

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