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Man Run Over by Police Cruiser

From the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

Investigators are searching for answers and members of a DeLand neighborhood are angry, all wondering how a man fleeing early Wednesday morning from a traffic stop ended up dead, run over by a police car.

Details about the incident remain sketchy. But preliminary reports indicate Marlon Brown, 38, fled from an attempted traffic stop, first in the vehicle he was driving, and then on foot.

A minute later, as Brown ran through a field, two DeLand police officers who heard the call over the radio followed in their patrol cars. Somehow, one of the police cars ended up knocking down a fence at the end of the field, and Brown ended up dead, under the car.

It all started because the man was not wearing his seat belt.

H/T:  Reason

How Many DUIs Will It Take?


A 40-year-old Jacksonville police officer with a history of DUIs since her 2004 hire was charged Tuesday with five counts of driving under the influence causing damage as well as multiple hit-and-runs, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Diana Laura Jones, who was off duty, also was cited with reckless driving after officers found her in her truck eating a hamburger after three cars were hit in an Atlantic Boulevard parking lot and another on Hodges Boulevard, according to her arrest report.

Undersheriff Dwain Senterfitt said he had fired Jones after a DUI investigation in 2011, but an arbitrator reinstated her. Senterfitt said he is frustrated she was rehired and is now under investigation a third time


Worst of the Month — April 2013

This month we have two particularly egregious cases in which police officers have been accused of crimes against victims.  That is, these are instances in which people called the police for help, but the police instead victimized them all over again.

The worst case is from Bolivia, North Carolina.  According to the complaint filed by a minor’s guardian ad litem, a police officer, Jaymin Lenwood Murphy, came to a home to investigate allegations that an adult had sent inappropriate photos via cell phone to a minor child.  The officer said he needed to question the minor in private.  Once in private, the officer had the minor remove her clothing so he could take photos for his ‘investigative file.’   It gets worse.   The officer later returned on minor’s fourteenth birthday and raped her.

The runner-up story comes from Bakersfield, California.  A 21-year-old woman called the police to report a burglary.  Two deputies arrived and one led her into a room where she was then sexually assaulted under the pretense of a ‘pat-down’ search by the deputy.  The authorities did move promptly against this deputy–so good for them.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-08-13

Here are the 7 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, May 8, 2013:

  • Update: Dolton, Illinois (First reported 11-01-11): A police officer who hit two men outside a village nightclub with his steel baton and left without calling for an ambulance is on trial for federal excessive force charges. Neither man was arrested. The officer’s attorney says prosecutors are trying to second-guess his split-second decisions while working a dangerous beat.
  • Jacksonville, Florida: A police officer with a history of DUI got another one in a hit-and-run involving several vehicles. It is her third DUI.
  • Baltimore, Maryland: An off-duty police officer gave himself up after barricading himself in a home with a toddler in a six-hour standoff that started when he fatally shot a woman. He was charged with first-degree murder, among other charges.
  • Hamilton County, Ohio: A former sheriff’s deputy was sent to prison for two years for stealing $150,000 in gold from his employer. He was caught during a sting operation.
  • Update: Spokane, Washington (First reported 04-25-13): A police officer has pleaded guilty to a charge that he lied to federal agents about the fatal beating of a mentally disabled man. He has lost his job.
  • Marysville, Washington: A police officer whose 3-year-old son found a handgun and fatally shot the man’s daughter was fired from the police department following an internal affairs investigation.
  • Hamden, Pennsylvania: The town settled an excessive force lawsuit against the police department for $55,000. According to the lawsuit, the officers entered a home to serve a misdemeanor warrant for a man. It alleged after that after the man was on the floor with one in hand in handcuffs, police bent back his fingers and punched him in the head before applying the handcuffs to his other hand.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-07-13

Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, May 7, 2013

  • Orange County, Florida: A deputy was arrested for DUI after he rear-ended another car. He was in uniform driving an unmarked sheriff’s office truck.
  • Des Moines, Iowa: A police officer accused of kicking a man in the head and knocking out his front teeth has been fired.
  • Saginaw Township, Michigan: A police officer has resigned after an investigation found that he cheated to win an iPad mini during an annual fundraiser. No charges have been announced and specifics about how the cheating took place weren’t immediately released.
  • San Diego, California: A reserve deputy was charged with smuggling undocumented people through a checkpoint while wearing her uniform and carrying a gun. She was arrested and charged with transporting illegal aliens and aiding and abetting.
  • Rainbow City, Alabama: The widow of a man who was shot by officers is filing a wrongful death suit. The suit accuses police of negligence, police brutality, and excessive force in wrongfully causing her husband’s death. The suit also says that the 52-year-old man was legally deaf and had trouble responding to orders given by the police.
  • Commerce City, Colorado: A police officer pleaded not guilty to a charge of aggravated cruelty to animals in the shooting death of a dog last year. The then-DA announced that after interviewing witnesses and reviewing videotape, his office decided to charge the officer with a class 6 felony.
  • Perry County, Mississippi: A police dog was left in a patrol car overnight and died. Residents are outraged and have demanded that the handler be charged with neglect.
  • Orlando, Florida: A man who was struck by a police officer’s cruiser spoke to internal affairs about the incident. He believes the officer hit him on purpose, saying he made eye contact with the officer as the patrol car came around the corner.
  • Phoenix, Arizona: A bar fight involving a biker gang made up of police officers carrying brass knuckles and knives led to recommendations of felony charges against the former chief for his alleged role in trying to cover it up. “You’ve got senior veteran law enforcement officers from federal, state, and local agencies engaged in this kind of activity,” the county sheriff said. “It makes no sense to me, it was extremely poor judgment on their individual parts, their collective judgment, it’s very, very unethical.
  • Hartleton, Pennsylvania: A police chief is under state police investigation for allowing traffic violators to donate to the town park to avoid paying a citation. A trooper posing as one of the motorists recorded a phone call to the chief in which he told her the citation would be withdrawn if she made out a check to the playground fund, wrote “donation” at the bottom and mailed it to him.
  • Covington, Louisiana: The Mayor fired the city’s police chief citing the recent arrests of two police officers for allegedly using excessive force on a shoplifting suspect. The Mayor says he holds the chief “accountable for the actions and behavior of his police officers. I had made it clear to all in the CPD that officers’ use of excessive force would not be tolerated and nonadherence would result in severe discipline.”
  • Columbia Falls, Montana: The granddaughter of a veteran has filed a complaint against the police department alleging negligence and wrongful death following an incident. It charges the vets home with malpractice and the police department with assault and battery.
  • Update: Maricopa County, Arizona (First reported 11-08-13): A former sheriff’s deputy pleaded guilty in a case that alleges he drove to another city to beat up a man who slept with his wife. The judge ordered a presentencing investigation. The sentencing date has not been set.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-04-13 to 05-06-13

Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, May 4, to Monday, May 6, 2013:

  • Lee County, Florida: A deputy was arrested and charged with robbery. The victim accepted a ride back to his residence from the officer, but the officer didn’t drive the victim home, instead he drove to a nearby location. Once they arrived there, the victim was battered and robbed by the officer. In a statement, the Sheriff said, “words simply can’t express my disgust and disbelief. Mike Ronga has been arrested and jailed like a criminal should be and his betrayal of our office and the public trust is unforgiveable.”
  • Portland, Oregon: A man who claims he was pepper-sprayed and arrested on accusations of drunken driving by an officer after she spotted him vomiting in the doorway of his parked car is suing the officer for $20,275. He spent two nights in jail and the DA declined to charge him because of lack of evidence. All charges against him were dropped.
  • Panola County, Texas: A special-appointed judge ruled that the embattled sheriff will be suspended with pay.
  • Update: Sunset Beach, North Carolina (First reported 04-30-13): An officer has been terminated from his position. He was under investigation after a DWI arrest he made was dismissed by the DA’s office. His firing was based upon the officer’s “failure to follow rules and regulations of standard operating procedures” and for “conduct unbecoming a public officer or employee.”
  • Columbia, Missouri: A state highway patrol trooper is on administrative leave after being arrested last week on a domestic assault charge. He got into an altercation with his wife.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: A World War Two veteran who said he was roughed up by a police officer filed a lawsuit claiming he was handcuffed and slammed to the ground because of a 311 call. His wife said that the officers eventually let her husband out of the cuffs, but didn’t arrest him. She said the officer also didn’t take a report. “Unfortunately,” their lawyer said, “in our city there is an issue with police using excessive force against the citizens, for instance in 2011 there were over 1,000 complaints of excessive force.”
  • Sudbury, Massachusetts: The police chief resigned after police in his hometown said they arrested him on drunken driving and assault charges.
  • Delaware County, Pennsylvania: A deputy is facing assault and reckless endangerment charges after allegedly opening fire on his own car as the woman he lent it to attempted to flee. He has been suspended from his job pending the results of criminal and internal investigations.
  • Update: Memphis, Tennessee (First reported 01-22-13): A police officer has been indicted on three counts of rape and two counts of official misconduct. “Any officer who feels they can act outside the realm of laws is sadly mistaken,” said the police director. “The MPD will not tolerate this type of behavior from any person, especially those who have sworn to uphold the law.”

12-Year Old Challenges Las Vegas Motorcycle Cop


The 12-year-old boy, who’s name is Jeremy, confronts a Las Vegas Metro motorcycle cop after he noticed the cop was illegally parked on a sidewalk just to get something to drink. Earlier today, Gawker reported that the boy proceeded to ask the cop if he had any emergency reason to park, and then he asked for the cop to reveal his badge number.

After ignoring the boy’s questions, the cop then asks Jeremy if he is a lawyer. Jeremy states that he is just a 12-year-old citizen and continues to pressure the cop for his badge number….

The cop continues to refuse, and eventually leaves on his motorcycle. Before leaving the scene, the cop becomes agitated with the 12-year-old, and asks Jeremy for his ID then accuses him of loitering.

Video at the link above.

We may have a job for him here after high school.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-03-13

Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, May 3, 2013:

  • New York, New York: Three men have said that police officers confronted them, sometimes violently, searched their clothing, and discovered small amounts of marijuana, according to a civil rights lawsuit. The suit contends that the officers routinely stop black and Latino men without cause and then falsely claimed the marijuana was in public view, making it a low-level misdemeanor, which allows for sentences of up to three months in jail.
  • Glendale, Arizona: The assistant police chief has been suspended for one week without pay and has been demoted to commander. He is accused of threatening to burn down a shop for allegedly selling spice to his son.
  • Taylor, Michigan: Three police officers have been suspended for their alleged connection to illegal gambling. All three officers have more than 10 years of experience. “We acted very quickly after hearing about it,” the police chief said. “We handled it internally. They were suspended and disciplined.”
  • Update: Culpeper, Virginia (First reported 02-01-13): A police officer who fatally shot an unarmed woman has been sentenced to 36 months. A wrongful death lawsuit against the officer is still pending.
  • Cambridge, Maryland: A police officer has been charged with rape in an off-duty incident. He was indicted on second-degree rape, false imprisonment, and other sex offenses.
  • Update: Highland Park, Michigan (First reported 01-25-13): A police officer has admitted that he assisted with the protection of what he believed to be a shipment of cocaine in exchange for a $1,000 bribe. The purported smugglers were actually undercover FBI agents. “Police officers who take bribes have no place in law enforcement,” a US attorney said. “They will be prosecuted for violating their duties to serve the public.”
  • Rio Hondo, Texas: A police officer has been sentenced to more than five years in prison in a guns case with ties to Mexico. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to export firearms and failure to appear.
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan: Allegations have surfaced that police officers are abusing their power, making arrests for trespassing when people have done nothing wrong and no one’s asked them to leave. A lawsuit has been filed against the GRPD by the ACLU.
  • Petaluma, California: Prosecutors say a police officer was legally drunk when he crashed a scooter on a public golf course during a department tournament. It is illegal to ride a scooter on a golf course while intoxicated.
  • Update: Nassau County, New York (First reported 02-21-13): A former police chief has pleaded guilty to official misconduct and conspiracy charges. He was one of the three police officials who prevented the arrest of a teenager whose father was a police benefactor.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A detective has been charged in federal court with obstruction of justice following an FBI investigation that concluded he helped a suspected drug dealer. He has been suspended with pay.
  • Update: Apollo, Pennsylvania (First reported 07-03-12): The now-former police chief pleaded guilty to three felonies and two lesser charges in court. He was accused of improperly taking and selling guns, ammunition, and other borough property while he was serving as police chief.
  • Center City, Pennsylvania: Three men and one woman have filed a federal lawsuit against the police claiming that they were mistreated by an officer. The encounter was recorded by one of the men.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-02-13

Here are the 7 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, May 2, 2013:

  • Durham, North Carolina: Another off-duty police officer faces charges for allegedly leaving the scene of a traffic accident. He has been charged with failing to remain at an accident scene, careless driving, and failing to report the incident.
  • Barren County, Kentucky: A former deputy and a city police officer have testified against a sheriff who is accused of using excessive force during an arrest. The sheriff is facing federal charges of deprivation of rights under color of law, making false statements, and witness tampering among other counts.
  • Lexington, Kentucky: A man has filed a federal lawsuit against a police officer, alleging that the officer forced his way into the man’s home without a warrant and charged him with several offenses that were later dismissed.
  • Watertown, New York: A city police officer faces charges following a domestic dispute involving his ex-girlfriend that allegedly happened. “Obviously, we take these things seriously, but there is a presumption of innocence,” the mayor said. The officer has been put on administrative leave.
  • Charlotte, North Carolina: A police officer was arrested and charged with obtaining property by false pretense, stemming from a criminal investigation which concluded he falsified time sheets while working a secondary job.
  • Jersey City, New Jersey: An off-duty police officer who struck and killed a man has been issued four summonses, including one for speeding.
  • Mitchell County, Iowa: A police officer has been put on administrative leave for an accidental shooting. The police chief says the officer was off duty while showing another man a personal weapon.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-01-13

Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, May 1, 2013:

  • Update: Schaumburg, Illinois (First reported 01-18-13): A civil lawsuit filed against two of the three now-former narcotics officers accused of stealing and selling illegal drugs is moving to federal court. They are being sued by a man who says he was arrested and sentenced to prison after the officers planted drugs and other paraphernalia on his person during an illegal search.
  • Lowell, Massachusetts: An officer has been sentenced to two years in jail for using his badge to extort sexual favors from prostitutes. He admitted he had sex with prostitutes about 20 times while on duty in his cruiser and numerous other times in his personal car.
  • Williamson, Washington: A police officer has been suspended without pay after troopers say he was under the influence when he crashed his cruiser. He is charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: The police department’s Use of Force Board is recommending the firing of a police officer for shooting a man in the leg. He will have the opportunity to appeal the decision.
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado: A police department supervisor was arrested and is suspected of clocking in and accepting pay for hours he did not work. One of his reporting officers is said to have reported the discrepancies, triggering an investigation.
  • Harford County, Maryland: A deputy who fired his weapon at a suspect who was fleeing the scene of an accident has been charged with reckless endangerment.
  • Update: Portland, Oregon (First reported 04-12-13): The city will pay $2.3 million to settle a federal lawsuit filed after a police officer wounded a man when he mistakenly fired lethal rounds at him from a beanbag shotgun. The victim is now permanently disabled and narrowly escaped death only because there was a hospital nearby.
  • East Hartford, Connecticut: A police officer accused of assaulting a 12-year-old boy is under investigation again after a resident complained the officer was “acting unprofessionally while on duty,” according to the police chief.
  • Update: Henderson, Nevada (First reported 03-12-13): A Police SWAT officer was fired after reportedly destroying a police department vehicle. The police chief said the officer committed serious policy violations leading to his termination. He drove a car on its rims until it caught on fire.

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