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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 05-02-10

Another weekend has come and gone, so here’s yet another weekend recap of the police misconduct reports tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for May 1 and May 2, 2010:

  • An Onondaga County New York Sheriff’s sergeant was arrested on menacing charges after police responded to his home on a domestic dispute call and he apparently fired off a shot from his rifle while hiding under his porch. The police aren’t saying whether it was intentional or accidental at this point.
  • Denver Colorado is considering an attempt to settle a lawsuit for $40,000 to Eric Winfield who was badly beaten and arrested in a case of mistaken identity. While this one won’t go into our statistical database until it actually settles, if it does, I did want to mention it since Eric has commented here and has written about the site on the Facebook page devoted to his case.
  • A Morehouse Parish Louisiana deputy and a Bastrop Louisiana police officer are both under investigation after allegedly getting into a fight at an apartment complex that apparently resulted in a firearm being discharged. Witnesses to the altercation clammed up when police started asking questions, so there’s no word on who fired the shot or why. As some cops say, snitches get stitches I guess.
  • A Fayette County Ohio deputy is allegedly going to be facing charges on allegations that he stole money from evidence that was confiscated as part of a criminal case. Though, the newspaper’s site where this story originated pulled it off of their site shortly after it was published and, unfortunately, it was the only source for this report. While I’ve sent the paper a request for information to see why, it does demonstrate why I find it necessary to perform manual scans of the news every hour, because these reports often get removed shortly after they come up and sometimes they only show up on one source. (update: they fixed it today, for now, but no explanation was given).
  • A Michigan State Police sergeant has been arraigned on charges of evidence tampering & misconduct in office on allegations that he somehow tampered with a computer that was in evidence and, in doing so, altered it so that it can’t be used in trial.
  • A Bakersfield California police officer who is the subject of lawsuit for handcuffing a surgeon who was suffering stroke because she thought he was drunk and left him on the side of the road for over an hour before he got medical attention has resigned while under investigation in a different case for falsely reporting that a horse she was caring for was stolen when, apparently, she actually sold it.
  • The Lee County South Carolina sheriff was arrested on federal charges for conspiracy to possess cocaine & crack with the intent to distribute. He was one of  6 people arrested on allegations that they conspired to posses and sell at least 5kg of cocaine and 50g of crack.
  • A Jersey City New Jersey police officer was sentenced to 3-5 years in prison for assaulting his girlfriend and endangering their 15-month-old girl when he left the child at home alone when he went out to confront his girlfriend for cheating on him.
  • A Montana Highway Patrol trooper was fired for unauthorized use of his patrol car after it got stuck in field while he was off-duty. Apparently alcohol was involved in some way or another an he let someone else drive his cruiser when it got stuck in a field. At least that’s the story so far.

That’s it for this weekend, stay safe out there!

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