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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 12-6-12

Here are the 8 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, December 6, 2012:

  • Barnstable, Massachusetts: An officer who pleaded guilty to drunken driving charges has resigned. He submitted his letter of resignation rather than going through a hearing to fight his anticipated dismissal.
  • Update: Milwaukee, Wisconsin: An officer who was fired for punching a handcuffed woman got his job back from the police commission. The police chief had said that it was clear he lost control and was using excessive force.
  • Shenandoah County, Virginia: A deputy resigned after facing two charges of hunting and trapping without a license.
  • Update: Barren County, Kentucky: More charges have been filed against the police chief. The charges are use of unreasonable force by a law officer and destruction of records.
  • South Bend, Indiana: A patrolman has been accused of failed to file a report about a theft, as well as lying about alerting other officers to the incident.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: An officer got into a car accident while she was off-duty. She left the scene of the crash and then submitted a false accident report. She was later compensated by her insurance company for the damage to her car. She has been arrested and charged.
  • Genessee County, New York: A police officer has been charged with assaulting another woman during a country music concert. She was off-duty at the time of the incident.
  • Boulder, Colorado: An officer was arrested on suspicion of a DUI. He had trouble keeping his car in the lane, and told an officer, “I’m drunk.”

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