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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-28-12

Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, November 28, 2012:

  • Memphis, Tennessee: An officer has been arrested and charged with rape, statutory rape by an authority figure, and incest against a 16-year-old girl. At least 20 other officers in the Memphis police department have been charged in some way this year.
  • Doylestown, Pennsylvania: An officer charged with faking his own shooting has pleaded guilty to making false reports to law enforcement. He resigned after his arrest.
  • Des Moines, IA: A now-former officer has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for repeatedly violating probation. Most recently, he cut off his ankle monitor and police found him hiding in a clothes dryer.
  • New York, New York: A sergeant was arrested for attacking someone. He allegedly punched the victim in the face.
  • Fairport, New York: An officer has been accused of fabricating evidence in a personal small claims case, which has forced him to step down from testifying in court on other cases. An attorney said, “I was mortified that we would go forward and give false testimony in a case like that particularly from a person who gives testimony frequently in cases and who the public relies upon to give truthful testimony.” More than a dozen DUI cases now must be dismissed, as the officer was the key witness in them.
  • Atlanta, Georgia: An officer has admitted to drinking when he drove the wrong way down a highway and struck a bus nearly head-on. He has been sentenced to 12 months probation; 10 days must be spent in jail.
  • Houston, Texas: A police officer has been arrested and charged in a domestic violence case. He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Deputies say he showed up at his estranged wife’s house under the influence, with a gun.
  • Venture, California: A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against an officer over a shooting. The suit says he violated police policy and the civil rights of a man. This is not the first time the officer has been accused of excessive force.
  • Linden, New Jersey: A former Linden police officer admitted to filing false federal income tax returns for three years by failing to report income from the sale of rental property. He faces up to three years in jail, and penalty of up to $250,000.

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