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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-14-12

Here are the 8 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, November 14, 2012:

  • Update: Chicago, Illinois: A woman who was brutally attacked by an officer, while working as a bartender, was awarded $850,000. The Jury deemed that there was a widespread attempt to cover it up by officers within the police department. The officer was previously charged criminally and fired, but was given no jail time.
  • Augusta County, Virginia: A now-former sheriff’s deputy pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges of petty larceny. He falsified his time sheets, and investigators say he pocketed at least $4,000 off of it. He was banned from law enforcement, and must pay back the city.
  • Halifax County, Virginia: A grand jury returned 21 indictments of forgery and embezzlement against the Sheriff. Search warrants issued in the case indicated that up to $113,180.50 in funds intended for law enforcement activities — including drug interdiction — was missing from the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff lost the most recent election.
  • Beaver, Pennsylvania: A police officer who was suspended 10 days by the mayor after he was the subject of a protection-from-abuse order last month has been suspended an additional 20 days without pay by council. He will also face a hearing on undetermined charges, according to a motion approved by council Tuesday, and could face further disciplinary action.
  • Greenfield, Wisconsin: After investigators obtained evidence he was  sexting a woman who was a suspect in a jewelry theft, an officer was placed on administrative leave and suspended with pay, police said. He has now resigned from the police department.
  • Ouachita, Louisiana: The sheriff was sentenced to six months of home confinement as part of a federal plea deal involving unauthorized access of a protected computer. Prosecutors dropped felony charges against him, in exchange for his guilty plea to nine misdemeanor counts of fraud and related activity. Also, he cannot work for any law enforcement agency again in any capacity.
  • Rockingham, North Carolina: A police chief has been indicted by a grand jury on charges that he stole tens of thousands of dollars in seized drug money. He worked for the department for 21 years and was even president of the Rotary Club. But city officials said after he resigned, they discovered “significant irregularities” in financial records.
  • Los Angeles, California:  A former officer and a suspended officer were convicted for conspiracy to obstruct justice and commit perjury. The conviction was in connection with a drug possession case.

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