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National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 11-10-12 to 11-12-12

Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, November 10 to Monday November 12, 2012:

  • Valley Brook, Oklahoma: A police chief who pleaded guilty to drug charges was not given any prison time. He was found with 20 grams of meth, marijuana, a crack rock, digital scales, ecstasy tablets and numerous pills. He had been the chief for 20 years, and was then fired.
  • Los Angeles, California: A jury found an officer guilty of using excessive force. He handcuffed a partially paralyzed man so tightly that he caused nerve damage in the man’s wrists.
  • Indian River County, Florida: A deputy was suspended for 20 hours for careless driving. He told deputies that he had had some beers, and was driving with his 7-year-old son on his lap before he lost control of his truck.
  • Chesapeake, Virginia: After being suspended without pay for four months during an investigation, a police officer has been arrested and charged with two counts of embezzlement.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas: A police officer has been suspended more than a year after being accused of using excessive force during an arrest that was caught on camera. According to a letter from the chief of police, the officer is suspended for 30 days without pay for the “type and degree of force” used during an arrest.  The letter describes the officer’s actions as the type that “exceeded the force which was reasonable and necessary.”
  • Update: Portage, Wisconsin: A police officer resigned, five days following his arrest on suspicion of first-offense drunken driving. According to the police chief the officer felt that his resignation was in his best interest for him, his family and the department.
  • Newport News, Virginia: A police officer was arrested for crashing into another car and refusing to take a breathalyzer test. He has been placed on administrative leave without pay pending an internal investigation.
  • Akron, Ohio: After a two-month long investigation, a detective was indicted by the Summit County Grand Jury. The charges include pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor, sexual battery, gross sexual imposition, sexual imposition and unauthorized use of the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway.
  • Leland, North Carolina: Two police officers have been suspended without pay after being involved in a fight.

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