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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-08-10

As some of our readers may have noticed, there have been a significant number of fatal officer-involved incidents recorded this week, including a number that resulted in murder charges including a case that made national headlines today. So, I’ll be working on getting our 3rd quarter statistical data to a point where I can run some analysis on officer-involved fatalities to see if this is a trend or spike. Hopefully I’ll be able to publish something on that this weekend.

Anyway, here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in the National Police Misconduct News Feed for Friday, October 8, 2010:

  • A Lynwood Illinois police officer made national headlines today after being arrested on suspicion of murder in connection with a bizarre shooting spree that earned him the nickname “the honey bee gunman” which left 2 people injured and one dead along the Indiana/Illinois border. That officer, Brian Dorian, was apparently stopped in a truck matching witness descriptions on the day of the shootings but was released without being searched when he flashed his badge. However, he did become a suspect afterward and is now facing a 1st degree murder charge with other charges expected. UPDATEWord just came out today, 10/12/10, that the officer had an alibi and that it checked out with investigators and charges are being dropped, thus we are taking this entry out of our database. [2]
  • A US Border Patrol agent is the subject of an investigation after fatally shooting an unarmed teenage suspect when he tried to run away from a traffic stop that was made based on a tip that he was transporting drugs. [2]
  • An Obion Tennessee police officer has been fired after she tasered a man who was part of a group of men who allegedly teased her about taking time off while she was standing outside of a convenience store while on-duty. The officer apparently hit the man in the neck and chest with taser darts then told him to “file a report with the chief” when she yanked them out… which he apparently did. [0]
  • A Denver Colorado deputy who was already facing 12 felony charges on allegations he sexually assaulted a 12-year-old boy has now been charged with 2 additional counts for allegedly molesting an 8-year-old boy as well. Investigators had asked other victims to step forward after the initial arrest last week so there is a possibility there might be even more victims. [0]
  • A New York NY police detective has pled guilty to sexually assaulting a woman after threatening to have her kids taken away from her if she didn’t do as he said and for performing a lewd act in front of another woman in his custody in a separate incident. [3]
  • A Birchwood Wisconsin police officer who resigned while he was the subject of an unspecified investigation last month has now been charged with misdemeanor sexual assault based on allegations by a 59-year-old woman claiming the officer showed up at her home while drunk and pinned her against a wall while dry-humping her. [3]
  • A New York NY police officer has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for killing a pastor’s daughter when he hit her with his car while driving under the influence. [1]
  • A Brookfield Ohio police officer is on paid leave while under investigation on allegations he assaulted a woman in her home a month ago. It wasn’t specified if he was on or off duty at the time of the incident and no other details are available. [3]
  • A Corpus Christi Texas police officer has been charged with retaliation, discharge of a firearm in city limits, and for tampering with the serial number of the weapon he allegedly fired during a bar brawl that also left one person with a serious head injury not caused by the shooting. [1]
  • A Davidson County Tennessee deputy who was working a second job as a security guard has been accused by witnesses of falsely arresting a homeless man after he shot his pet dog to death while it did nothing more than wag it’s tail at him, again, all according to witnesses. (Note: this link leads to a report that is video-only). [4]
  • A New Orleans Louisiana police officer received a suspended sentence for animal cruelty and must pay $11,500 to replace the police dog that died after being locked inside of a hot police cruiser. The dog was so desperate to get out that it ripped apart the interior of that police car. [0]
  • A Salisbury North Carolina police dog has been suspended from duty for evaluation after it bit a kindergarten student on the neck and ear during a police demonstration at a grade school. There have been other incidents of police dogs, trained to be aggressive, biting people without warning which makes it a risk to students anytime police bring these dogs to schools to show them off, even if they mean well when doing it. [0]
  • A Johnson County Tennessee constable and two other people were arrested on child neglect and endangerment charges along with obstruction and interference charges that resulted from a raid on that officer’s home. In some states, including Tennessee and Texas, constables are elected officials who have full police powers and are sworn officers similar to deputies. [2]
  • Marshall University West Virginia police are being accused of keeping two different sets of crime logs in an apparent effort to hide incidents of sexual assault from the public. An investigation into rumors of a gang rape incident on campus by the school paper led to the allegations after reporters were unable to see any mention of a sexual assault in the crime logs the college is required to keep and leave open to the public for review. However, when another reporter went back to the department during a different shift he was shown a different log which did have that report. Subsequent efforts to see that log were denied, sparking the allegations which, if true, would violate federal laws that govern college police departments. [4]
  • About two dozen Cook County Illinois sheriff’s officers conducted a drug raid on an innocent elderly family’s home based purely on the word of a “trusted informant”. While the couple was frightened and their home damaged, they were fortunately uninjured during the night-time no-knock raid but officers refused to apologized or offer to repair the damages before leaving since, as they said, the raid was justified because that was the address on their warrant. The couple had lived in the home since they left the Soviet Union in the 1960’s to escape government oppression. (h/t The Agitator) [3]
  • A Greece New York police sergeant has resigned after being suspended while under investigation on allegations that he had been stealing gasoline from the city for use in his personal car. [1]
  • And finally, a Portland Oregon police captain will be facing disciplinary action after an investigation by a police review panel sustain allegations against him that he brought shame and disgrace upon the city and the department by being a “nazi-sympathizer”. The allegations go back several years beginning with allegations that he erected a shrine in a city park to WWII nazi soldiers including a Waffen SS officer and a commander who was responsible for the massacre of thousands of prisoners of war in Greece back in 1999. The officer took down the memorial when he was facing a number of excessive force suits stemming from his actions during anti-war protests at the time. The story takes a strange twist here in that he took the memorial plaques to city attorneys who hid them for years while defending against the lawsuits which hinged, in part, on allegations that he had animosity towards anti-war protesters… due to his beliefs as a nazi-sympathizer. However, allegations again surfaced recently when videos of him in nazi regalia surfaced on YouTube sparked a more in-depth investigation into the allegations late last year. While he’ll allegedly face disciplinary action, there’s no word on consequences for other city officials who covered it all up for several years. [5]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

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