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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-06-12 to 10-08-12

Here are the 10 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, October 6th to Monday, October 8th, 2012:

  • New York, New York: An unarmed Army National Guardsman was pulled over on a highway and shot to death by an officer. The DA is now probing the incident that the victim’s friend is calling a case of police “road rage.” The Guardsman had his hands on the steering wheel of his car moments before the detective shot him once in the torso, said the woman sitting in the front passenger seat.
  • Buena, New Jersey: The now-former Police Chief admitted to obtaining a drug prescription by fraud, acting Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain announced.
  • Memphis, Tennessee: Officials say an officer has been suspended with pay after striking a squad car while driving on a suspended license. He was given a misdemeanor citation.
  • Vanceboro, North Carolina: The police chief has been fired over personnel issues, officials say. They declined to comment further, citing human resources privacy.
  • Update: Houston, Texas: An officer was sentenced to life in prison for raping a waitress in the back of his patrol car. During the sentencing phase, jurors heard from three other women who said that the officer also assaulted them and threatened to have them deported if they told anyone.
  • Olathe, Kansas: A now-former deputy has been charged with inappropriately touching a female inmate.
  • Fayette County, West Virginia: An officer was arrested after he was accused of invading an apartment. He was attempting to steal from the tenants, but got away with nothing. During the arrest he was already on administrative leave. “After this latest incident, if he’s guilty of this, put him in jail – he knows better… To go out here and be serving and protecting and somebody who obviously has a drug issue shoots and almost kills me, and then it turns out one of my own officers is doing it as well – yeah I’m not happy with it at all,” said another officer.
  • Lincoln County, North Carolina: A deputy is facing drunk driving charges after he was injured in an off-duty motorcycle crash.
  • Harris County, Texas: A deputy was arrested for interfering with the arrest of one of his wedding guests.
  • Elkhart County, Indiana: A detective has been disciplined for making a mistake about evidence. Detective Dennis Chapman said a fingerprint on a pill bottle in Helen Sailor’s apartment belonged to Lana Canen, and she was then convicted of Sailor’s murder. Chapman now is saying it wasn’t Canen’s fingerprint. “He made a mistake, an error, and as a result of that, someone was convicted. We don’t take that lightly,” said the Sheriff.

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