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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-04-12

Here are the 9 stories of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, September 4th, 2012:

  • Fairmont, West Virginia: A former Fairmont State University student is alleging that police turned what should’ve been a routine report of a fender-bender into a full-fledged search of his vehicle, because he is black.
  • Anderson County, South Carolina: A deputy was arrested and charged with conspiring to make, deliver or process hydrocodone from his house. Officials say that he distributed drugs while on the job.
  • Prince George County, Maryland: A video shows an officer striking a boy with his gun, and it appears that it fires when it hits him in the head. The officer lied about the incident and said the boy attacked him.
  • St. Paul, Minnesota: An officer was caught on video kicking a man in the chest who was lying on the ground and coughing after he had been sprayed with a chemical irritant. The officer then handcuffs the man, drags him to his feet and, with the assistance of another officer, slams the man onto the hood of a squad car. The man plans to file a lawsuit.
  • Federal Way, Washington: A lawsuit says that the police department unconstitutionally used excessive force by unreasonably using lethal tactics against an unarmed individual suspected of a minor, nonviolent crime. It was the second fatal shooting by the officer over a 16-month period and, in both incidents, he was the only officer to fire his weapon.
  • White Could, Michigan: An officer was arraigned on charges of lying to detectives investigating the detective’s sister. The sister was a person of interest in a case.
  • Ogden, Utah: Four highway patrol troopers brought R. Todd May to the ground and punched him eight times and shocked him at least twice with a taser. He is now suing, saying they used excessive force and asking for $250,000 in damages. When he was complaining of stomach pains after he was in placed in a squad car, an officer can be heard on the police camera saying to him, “you’re fine, there’s not even any blood.”
  • Grant County, West Virginia: A woman is suing the sheriff, alleging that he used excessive force when she was arrested for driving under the influence.
  • Spartenburg, South Carolina: An officer shot, and killed, a tethered dog after approaching the wrong house to serve papers to a man who did not live there.

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