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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-07-13

Here are the 10 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday August 7, 2013:

  • Ceres, California: A police officer is facing a misdemeanor charge of assault while in uniform. He was put on paid administrative leave as his supervisors suspected him of misconduct.
  • Update: DeSoto County, Florida (First reported 06-19-13): Three deputies have been fired, and the jail captain has resigned, as the result of a beating of an inmate.
  • Macon, Georgia: A police officer hit a fellow officer during a fight while on duty. He resigned, and internal affairs is still investigating.
  • Taylor County, Wisconsin: A veteran deputy was fired following allegations that he used excessive force during an arrest. Evidence was presented that he struck the son involved in a domestic violence dispute in the face twice while he was handcuffed and intoxicated.
  • Waupun, Wisconsin: A police officer who was on the run after he burglarized a restaurant and stole a pickup truck was arrested. He is being held in jail. “We uphold the law. That’s what we do,” said the Sheriff. “There’s a brotherhood of law enforcement, where we try to look out for each other. When we have an officer do something like this, it’s kind of tough. I know that every law enforcement officer across the state wants to get this guy.”
  • Sioux City, Iowa: A woman has accused an officer of using excessive force during an arrest. The incident was captured on a police car dashboard camera. The city’s attorney said she believes the officer acted appropriately, and the city denies her allegations.
  • Kenosha, Wisconsin: Thirteen officials, including four deputy sheriffs, swarmed a shelter with a search warrant for a baby deer named Giggles and killed it. The shelter president says she plans to sue the agency. “They went way over the top for a little, tiny, baby deer,” she said.
  • Boynton Beach, Florida: The family of a teenager killed in a deputy-involved shooting has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The 18-year-old was killed after the teen threatened the deputy’s life with a hammer and hedge sheers investigators said.
  • Update: Smith County, Texas (First reported 07-12-13): A now-former deputy pleaded not guilty to five charges. The sheriff says that he had drugs in his patrol car, and all five counts relate to drugs.
  • Butte County, California: A jury found a now-former sheriff’s deputy guilty on two felony counts. He was accused of arranging through text messages to meet a minor for sex.

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