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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-28-12 to 07-30-12

Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, July 28 to Monday, July 30, 2012:

  • Update: Melbourne, Florida: A police officer was fired for picking up prostitutes from his patrol car, while he was in uniform. He didn’t know that dashboard cameras were gathering evidence against him.
  • Phoenix, Arizona: An officer pleaded not guilty on multiple counts of tampering with evidence, possession of narcotics and dangerous drugs, computer tampering , felony theft, and fraudulent schemes.
  • Dallas County, Texas: A former deputy was formally charged with bribery for tipping off a business about an impending raid. He was seen “hastily leaving the location prior to their arrival,” sheriff reports said. The deputy resigned after the accusation.
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey: Two State police officers escorted a high-speed caravan of luxury cars, will be criminally charged. One motorist who saw the incident described it as “Death Race 2012.”
  • Syracuse, New York: An officer, who was responsible for investigating child abuse cases for the county, admitted to having child pornography on his home computer.
  • Manhattan, New York: The man who was charged with disorderly conduct for giving the finger to officers is now suing the city. “I’ve never seen a single case in New York saying that a middle finger is an obscene gesture under the disorderly conduct statute,” said attorney Robert Quackenbush, who specializes in civil rights law.
  • Frankfurt, Illinois: An officer was arrested and charge with domestic battery after allegedly choking and headbutting a woman. The officer is on administrative leave pending the investigation.
  • Lakeside, Oregon: A man died, and three others were injured, in a four car crash that occurred because of a chase. The chase began over a speeding driver.
  • Chicago, Illinois: A police officer pleaded guilty to pocketing hundreds of dollars in payoffs from a tow truck operator who was secretly working for the FBI as part of an undercover probe that exposed widespread bribery at crash scenes.
  • Louisa, Virginia: A police officer pleaded guilty to embezzling thousands of dollars from the volunteer fire department.
  • Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina: The police chief has been suspended as the investigation into allegations that he abused his power begin. The investigation began at the request of a judge and the district attorney’s office.


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