National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-27-12

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, July 27, 2012:

  • Bexar County, Texas: Two K-9s died after an officer left them in a hot patrol car overnight.
  • Wilmington, North Carolina: A state trooper was placed on leave amid accusations of criminal behavior.
  • Maricopa, Arizona: An officer was fired for having sex with a married woman while he was on-duty. “I want to ensure the residents as soon as we found out about the conduct it was investigated very quickly and it was handled very quickly,” said the police chief.
  • Tukwila, Washington: The police agreed to pay $33,500 to settle a civil rights lawsuit that alleged a man was pepper-sprayed, handcuffed, and left to sit in agony. The police officer who was accused was also involved in a taser incident that resulted in the city paying $12,500 three years ago.
  • Franklin, Indiana: The County Sheriff said that a detective was suspended because he was filing incorrect mileage reports. A GPS was placed in his car when his mileage was called into question, and it showed that he was falsifying his reports.
  • Trenton, Pennsylvania: A police officer was suspended without pay for sleeping in his patrol car. He was in uniform and carrying a gun. A passerby took a photo and posted it online. The incident is “dangerous to the city whether the officer is working or not,” said the City Police Director
  • St. Louis, Missouri: An officer was arrested and accused of assaulting a handcuffed suspect.
  • Chicago, Illinois: A paraplegic man says that two officers threw him down and pepper-sprayed him because he was videoing them with his cell phone. The suit says the officers “did not have a reasonable basis for using the amounts of force used against the plaintiff.”
  • Seattle, Washington: A man filed suit against the officer who pulled a gun on him while in plain clothes. The officer got angry that the man parked in his way.
  • Update: Leominster, Massachusetts: The officer who yelled a racial slur at one of the outfielders at a Sox game was fired.
  • Chicago, Illinois: A woman has filed suit against the police department. She says they tasered her husband, causing him to fall and injure his brain. He is still in a coma more than a year later.
  • Update: Boston, Massachusetts: An officer who was drunk-driving and hit another car, severely injuring the woman driving, is now being charged with operating under the influence, causing serious injury, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, and civil infractions.
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa: A man who was arrested died in the back of the police cruiser he was being held in. The investigation is pending.
  • Wrightstown, New Jersey: An former police officer was accused of destroying a computer hard drive to throw off agents investigating allegations he possessed child pornography.
  • Atlanta, Georgia: An officer was charged in the death of a woman after a crash. He is on paid leave pending investigation.
  • Tompkinsville, Kentucky: A police officer was convicted of first degree sexual assault toward a girl younger than twelve.