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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-17-12

Here are the 10 stories of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, July 17:

  • Saugus, Massachusetts: A state police officer, who admitted that prosecutors had enough on him to prove he was guilty of leading other Saugus officers on a late-night car chase, could be back on duty, thanks to a Judge who gave him a break.  
  • San Antonio, Texas: A car chase that began over a man speeding led to his death when he crashed his car on the interstate.
  • Denver, Colorado: The Denver city council approved a $60,000 payment divided between two plaintiffs in a lawsuit that alleged Denver Police Department misconduct. According to the lawsuit, the “police conduct was extreme, profane, and racially motivated.”
  • Scott County, Kentucky: A police officer was injured in a police chase that occurred when a speeding car refused to stop. The car being pursued and four police cruisers crashed in the incident.
  • Update: North Providence, Rhode Island: The Police Chief who was convicted of stealing cash from a stripper will be allowed to keep his pension, despite his theft.
  • Shreveport, Louisiana: A car chase that ended with the fleeing car striking a school bus, and sending 15 children to the hospital, started because the man driving was a suspect in a cocaine distribution operation.
  • Houston, Texas: “He wasn’t refusing to leave; he was leaving when he was placed under arrest,” said Adrian Peterson’s attorney, in regards to his arrest. “He did have some words with a police officer, but not anything that justifies an arrest, and he certainly never did anything physically toward them.” Peterson is saying that the police officers initiated the physical confrontation and gave him a black eye.
  • Clifton, New Jersey: When police tried to pull over a man for traffic violations and he would not stop, a high-speed chase ensued. The driver lost control of his car, and crashed.
  • Fulton County, Pennsylvania: There were no drugs or alcohol found in the body of a man who was shot and killed by a state trooper. The man’s mother is questioning his killing, and is wondering why he was shot, instead of subdued, when the only weapon he had on him was a metal flashlight.
  • Chevoit, Ohio: Two pedestrians were hit by a speeding car being chased by police because the driver was part of a heroin investigation.

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