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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 07-06-12

Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, July 6th, 2012:

  • Houlton, ME: A 24 year veteran police officer was accused of operating her state police cruiser while under the influence of alcohol. She was issued a summons after she failed her field sobriety and BAC tests.
  • Update: Providence, Rhode Island: Police Col. John Whiting was found guilty of larceny and solicitation to receive stolen goods, after he stole $714 from a stripper’s pocketbook. He will be sentenced September 14th.
  • Atlanta, Georgia: Teresa Culpepper spent 53 days in jail because the police mistook her for another woman. “All she has is the same first name. The only descriptions that match are ‘Teresa’ and ‘black female,'” said her attorney. “I just don’t think in another side of town this would have ever happened.”
  • Salem, Massachusetts: A police officer was arraigned and charged with raping the woman watching his children. He pleaded not guilty, and has been place on administrative leave. “The Salem Police Department takes any allegation against a member of the department very seriously,” said Salem Police Chief Paul Tucker.
  • Hamilton County, Tennessee: A sheriff’s deputy was arrested after she was accused of attempting to pass a fake prescription in a Walgreen’s. She has previously been arrested after assaulting her husband.
  • Duchesne, Utah: A female member of the Ute Indian Tribe has filed a one million dollar lawsuit accusing a sheriff’s deputy of groping her at a traffic stop. “We’re pretty frustrated about this,” said the Sheriff, Travis Mitchell. “We’ve got a situation that happened nine months ago that we had no clue about. If our officers were doing something wrong, we’d want to investigate it. We’d have an independent investigation done.”
  • Bakersfield, California: A sheriff’s deputy was arrested for spousal abuse. This officer was involved in a crash that killed another deputy in 2008, and he was also previously arrested for domestic violence in 2009.
  • Clayton County, GA: Deshawn Balka is filing suit against the county and the sheriff after she gave birth to her baby in jail and he died. She says she called out for help for three hours while giving birth in her cell, and that jail staff arrived 5-10 minutes after the baby was delivered into the toilet.
  • Las Vegas, NV: A group of Nevada Highway Patrol Troopers and a retired police sergeant filed a racketeering complaint against the NHP and Las Vegas Metro Police. The suit alleges that the K9 program was being manipulated so that illegal searches and seizures could be conducted for financial benefit.
  • Georgetown, DE: A deputy sheriff was fired for falsifying records, abusing county equipment, and requesting $6000 worth of overtime over a 10 month period.
  • Eric, CO: A woman filed suit against the police officer who shot and killed her dog. The officer said the dog charged him, while the woman’s lawyer says that there are witnesses that will back up the owner’s statements: “Ava was a sweet dog who was well-known in the neighborhood for being well-behaved.”

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