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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-26-12 to 05-29-12 (Memorial Day Weekend)

Here are the 7 reports of police misconduct tracked for May 26-29, 2012:

  • Former Wheaton, Illinois police officer stole $30,000 from a charity for fallen officers has been sentenced to 2 years probation.  Prosecutors accused the officer of using the stolen money to pay for a lifestyle of women, motorcycles, and alcohol
  • A Birmingham, Alabama police officer has been accused in a string of arsons.  The Birmingham Police Department obtained warrants against the officer on Friday, May 25.
  • Loveland, Colorado officer has been charged with possessing child pornography.  The officer faces felony charges of sexual exploitation of a child.
  • A Barnstable, Massachusetts ex-cop has been sentenced to 6 months in jail for driving drunk while transporting a  Little League baseball player to Rehoboth, DE.  The officer pled guilty to drunken driving and child endangerment
  • A Fort Worth cop responds to the wrong address, where he shoots and kills a dog.  The owners claim the shooting was unnecessary.  “As the dogs were getting closer to attack/bite the officer, the officer fired his service weapon, striking the dog closest to him,” said police spokesman Sgt. Pedro Criado
  • Mesa, Arizona off-duty police officer engaged in a road-rage incident. Now police have concluded that the veteran officer was to blame, not the other man involved in the incident, who was originally arrested for the confrontation
  • 2 Pasadena police officers are under internal investigation for allegedly intimidating suspects and witnesses.  “We are investigating this complaint,” said police spokeswoman Lieutenant Phlunte Riddle.  “It’s a complaint.  If we took every officer off of their assignment when a complaint comes in, there would be no due process.” 

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