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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 05-17-11

Here are the 22 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, May 17, 2011:

  • Memphis TN cop sentenced to 2yrs for beating a transgender detainee in face w/cuffs on video & tax evasion for claiming 99 dependents on his W4. [0]
  • Pima Co AZ SWAT deputies fired 71 shots after one deputy’s gun misfired during a questionable raid. The deputies are then accused of denying medical treatment to the man they shot 60 times who later died after over an hour of being denied treatment. The sheriff’s office is refusing to comment about the case after the official version of events changed several times. [4]
  • A Hall County GA deputy has been sentenced to probation in a plea deal for sexually battering a 3yr-old girl. [0]
  • 2 Hattiesburg MS cops fired for using excessive force on suspect, a 3rd officer was suspended 20 days for firing his gun in the air at a party while off-duty. [1]
  • Colorado Springs CO cop charged w/possession of child porn now accused of groping boys during what parents were told would be “ringworm exams” at the school where he also worked as a coach. [3]
  • Newton Co IN sheriff says he will conduct warrantless searches after that state’s supreme court ruled that resisting illegal searches by police was illegal. [0] NOTE: Apparently this story was a hoax of some sort, or at the very least the sheriff has publicly refuted it. I’ve removed it from the news feed and our database.
  • Waterloo Regional ON police sued for “freezing” family’s home for 3 days in fruitless search for cop’s missing gun [0]
  • Wahpeton ND police officer suspended 5days after arresting teen for videotaping him & asking him questions [0]
  • 5 San Francisco CA cops shown on video allegedly stealing laptop & camera after questionable search of hotel room [4]
  • Tempe AZ police detective arrested on credit card theft, evidence tampering, forgery, theft & burglary charges [0]
  • Brooksville FL police officer fired for trying to forcibly kiss a female inmate who was cleaning police dept [0]
  • Canton IL police officer suspended and charged w/retail theft of under $150 from a local Wal-Mart [1]
  • St John Parish LA deputy arrested after admitting to & returning over $20k in fines she stole to feed drug habit [0]
  • Slaton TX police officer resigns while the subject of unspecified investigation by US Dept of Homeland Security [2]
  • Pekin IL police captain on paid leave while subject of unspecified criminal investigation by state police [2]
  • US FBI agent in NYC charged with trying to protect informant he had affair with from charges & lying about it [0]
  • Brownsville TX police officer indicted on a barratry charge on allegations he sold information in exchange for cash [1]
  • Margate FL police officer arrested on DV charge for allegedly hitting girlfriend in the face during argument [0]
  • New Jersey DHS police capt (they have a police force?!?) arrested on time sheet fraud & database misuse allegations [0]
  • Brantford ON cop pleads to internal charges alleging personal use of police database & inappropriate communications [0]
  • Oakland CA settles suit for $610k to man badly injured when police cruiser crashed into his car [0]
  • Fife WA cop resigns but won’t be charged after drinking 3-4 double vodkas while on call then crashing police car [0]

*NOTE: Sorry about the late adds, I accidentally chopped off three stories while I was editing the post before publishing it. Those have been added now, thanks!

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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