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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 03-29-11

Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, March 29, 2011:

  • An Oneonta NY police officer is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he beat motorist during a cell phone violation traffic stop in front of the police station in front of several other officers who refused to stop it and then denied him medical care. [0]
  • A Niles MI police officer that we reported being arrested last week on unspecified charges was apparently accused of sexually assaulting a teenage boy who was in custody at a juvenile detention facility while the officer was on duty. [1]
  • A Toronto ON police officer was arrested on sexual assault and child exploitation charges involving a 14-year-old and a 16-year-old boy. [0]
  • A Covington County MS deputy is the subject of a lawsuit alleging that he followed a man to his home then beat and falsely arrested him. [3]
  • A Pennsylvania State trooper was fired after he was convicted and sentenced to probation for interfering with a child molestation investigation. [0]
  • 3 Fort Lee NJ police officers were suspended while under investigation for leaving 5 teenage boys locked in police van overnight in near-freezing temperatures after detaining them for underage drinking at a party. [0]
  • A Jersey City NJ police officer was arrested on child abuse charges on allegations that he tried to coerce a 16-year-old runaway for sex in exchange for a night in a hotel room. The girl got scared while she was in his car and called a friend who then called the police. [0]
  • 2 Washington DC police officers were found liable by a jury in a $97,000 judgment against the city in a suit alleging the officers falsely arrested a woman for “contempt of cop”. [0]
  • The Denver CO police are being sued by the ACLU for racial bias on behalf of a man who was jailed on false allegations that he was an illegal alien despite his giving the officers a valid ID that the police didn’t recognize or try to validate. [2]
  • A Baltimore Co MD police sergeant, who is the head of the police union, has been charged with assault for allegedly punching a taxi driver and threatening him with a gun while he was drunk. [0]
  • 5 St Louis MO police officers have apparently admitted to sharing a graphic cellphone photo taken by a fellow SWAT officer of a man who was shot to death in a shootout with police. [0]
  • A Shreveport LA police officer has been convicted for perjury after he lied on the witness stand about what happened when he ran away from an officer-involved shooting situation involving his fellow officers. [0]
  • A Conroe TX police officer was fired and indicted for allegedly misusing the department’s letterhead in order to avoid paying taxes on firearms he bought for personal use. [0]
  • A Modesto CA police officer was arrested for possession of illicit drugs and distribution after an investigation into allegations that he seized drugs but never entered them into evidence. [0]
  • A Suffolk County VA police officer was arrested last month for harassing a man is now facing an additional charge for allegedly hacking into the man’s social networking page. [0]
  • And finally, an Altamonte Springs FL police officer has been suspended for 8 hours without pay for driving an unmarked cruiser to at least 2 bars to drink… after a Casselberry police officer let him go after stopping him for swerving when the Altamonte Springs cop admitted to drinking at a strip club prior to the stop. No word on any disciplinary action against the Casselberry cop. [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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