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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 03-28-12 to 04-03-12

Here are the 40 reports of police misconduct tracked so far in our National Police Misconduct News Feed over our unfortunate hiatus from Wednesday, March 29 – Tuesday, April 3, 2012:

  • Rockledge FL police sued by mom of patient who died after tasered 6x & suffocated w/pillow case by cops at hospital [3]
  • Gilroy CA police may be on hook for up to $1.25mil in jury award in excessive force suit over fatal shooting by cop [0]
  • Portland OR ordered by arbitraitor to rehire cop fired for fatally shooting unarmed man in back as he surrendered [0]
  • Macon GA police sued by man who suffered facial fractures after pistol whipped by cop in false arrest [3]
  • Harvey IL police promise reforms after fed investigation finds 1/2 use of force cases were for “contempt of cop” [0]
  • Austin TX police sued by Hispanic jogger injured when tasered 2x by cop who mistook him for a black suspect [2]
  • New York NY police sued for violating rights of 1000’s of private apt bldg residents with “Clean Halls” program [3]
  • Fort Worth TX settles suit for $50k to man claiming cop taunted him after he was beaten & tasered [1]
  • Coon Rapids MN cop sentenced to 41 months in prison for sexually abusing his adopted son 1,480 times [0]
  • Linden MI cop charged w/several counts of criminal sexual conduct involving victim under 13yrs-old [0]
  • Melrose Park IL cop sued by woman for twisting her arm in arrest attempt after she called police to report assault [3]
  • Philadelphia PA police sgt investigated for choking corrections officer on video for legally carrying gun w/permit [0]
  • Portland OR cop charged w/child luring & sexual corruption of a minor after caught in online sting operation [0]
  • Corona CA settles suit for $86k to man injured when yanked from car during stop for invalid license [0]
  • Lacey WA cop pleads guilty to lying under oath to judge in effort to obtain search warrant on drug suspect’s car [0]
  • Jackson TN cop pleads guilty to conspiring to steal $1,200 from citizen while processing a crime scene [0]
  • Grayslake IL police chief charged w/DUI & armed while intoxicated following off-duty head-on crash with car [0]
  • Latah Co ID sheriff’s lt charged w/felony misuse of public funds for allegedly skimming $56k over 5 years [0]
  • Palm Beach Co FL deputy arrested for harassing ex-girlfriend by posting harassing signs & posters at her job [0]
  • New London CT cop fired for excessive force for leaving man paralyzed by shooting him inside crashed stolen truck [0]
  • Sevier Co TN deputy convicted of agg assault for knocking neighbor off ATV & threatening him w/gun [0]
  • Denver CO police commission continues long string of reducing & overturning disciplinary actions against bad cops [5]
  • Yakima WA cop sentenced to 1yr jail in plea deal for harassment & violation of protection order by wife [0]
  • Ottawa ON cop suspended after charged with assault over unspecified off-duty incident [3]
  • Berwyn IL cop sentenced to 47mo prison for taking part in burglaries on behalf of the mob, leaked info [0]
  • RCMP sued claiming officers went outside bounds of warrant by seizing big ticket items & not returning them [3]
  • Chicago IL cops push for exception to wiretap law letting them record suspects while opposing right to record cops [5]
  • Waterford NJ cop suspended and faces charges for alleging threatening to kill man who filed complaint against him [0]
  • Youngstown OH police sued by 2 women claiming cops filed false charges in retaliation for complaints & lawsuit [5]
  • New York NY study shows cops defying orders to stop manufacturing arrests for possession of small amounts of pot [4]
  • New York NY police face legal action after cop cuffed & detained Caribbean ambassador until US State Dep intervened [0]
  • Carrollton MO cop charged w/possession of meth after opened bags of evidence found in car during traffic stop [0]
  • North Canton OH cop gets probation/suspended sentence for firing gun during off-duty domestic dispute [0]
  • Falmouth MA unnamed police officer under investigation over role in alleged off-duty bar fight [2]
  • Prince George’s Co MD cop arrested on 2 counts misconduct & theft for allegedly stealing from evidence [1]
  • Batesville MS ordered to pay $53k judgment to family of teen arrested for curfew while with adults on Halloween [0]
  • Lincoln NE cop sentenced to 2-5yrs after pleading guilty to stealing thousands from union and Santa Cop charity [0]
  • 7 Sunrise FL cops disciplined after news article highlighted 800 cops caught excessively speeding in Florida [0]
  • Virginia Beach VA police sgt arrested for solicitation during undercover escort sting operation [0]
  • Woonsocket RI cop gets DUI charges dismissed after police waited a week after crash to charge him [3]

Again, sorry for the extended absence, between being overloaded at work doing 18 hour days for several days on multiple projects while cabling and moving a datacenter to a new building with very little help and some unfortunate issues with cyberbullies harassing my 12-year-old son… not to mention ongoing technical and spam issues with the site, it was difficult to get any tracking done. I’ve given notice and have found another job so hopefully things will return to normal soon. Thank you for your patience.

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

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