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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 03-20-12 to 03-21-12

Here are the 20 reports of police misconduct that we were able to track so far for Tuesday and Wednesday, March 20-21, 2012:

  • Los Angeles CA loses $3.2mil judgment to family of man beaten to death by cops who then dragged him into station [0]
  • Philadelphia PA settles suit for $1.8mil to family of man killed after cop fired into house party during chase [0]
  • Las Vegas NV police agree to pay $100k in settlement to man beaten & arrested for filming cops from his driveway [0]
  • Mount Rainier MD cop sentenced to 10 yrs in prison for shooting man he tried to rape as he fled [0]
  • 2 Pittsburgh PA cops sued by man claiming surveillance video proves cops falsely arrested him on drug charge [3]
  • Denver CO police chief places cop who ordered dept to rehire cops fired for lying in charge of internal affairs [5]
  • West Valley UT cop charged w/misd reckless endangerment for shooting at man who tried to flee from car crash [0]
  • Yakima WA gang unit leader subject of unspecified investigation after other unspecified misconduct substantiated [4]
  • DeKalb Co GA police sgt subject of state investigation for allegedly talking rape victim out of charging his pal [0]
  • Colstrip MT police chief w/history of complaints suspended while investigated for another unspecified complaint [2]
  • Sunland Park NM police chief & mayor arrested on bribery charges over alleged political favor for hiring him [0]
  • Paso Robles CA pays police chief $250k to leave job after complaints of sexual harassment & ticket quotas [0]
  • San Francisco Co CA sheriff faces ethics probe following plea deal for domestic violence incident [0]
  • Ottawa ON cop charged with stunt driving on motorcycle doing 200km/h while off-duty [0]
  • Seminole FL police officer fired after 3mo on the job prior to her arrest on insurance fraud charges [0]
  • Dallas TX cop investigated for doing 97mph in 35mph residential area before crashing his police cruiser [0]
  • Richmond VA cop gives woman $300 ticket & bans her from all parks because her child wrote on rock w/chalk [0]
  • Philadelphia PA cop under investigation over questionable videos he allegedly made and posted on his Facebook [0]
  • San Deigo CA USD police officer arrested for drunk driving & auto theft after stealing a party bus [0]
  • Littleton NC cop who used to be chief arrested on allegations he stole a hubcap from car dealership [0]

unfortunately, I wasn’t able to keep tracking yesterday or post up a daily report. I’ve been having some technical difficulties with the site that I think are being aggravated by a large increase in spam comments that are taking a great deal of my time to cope with. Since there are so few actual comments, I’m tempted to disable comments completely for a while until I have time to fix the underlying instability with the site. We’ll see, if the inundation of spam continues or gets worse, I probably won’t have a choice.

Anyway, that’s it for today, stay safe out there.

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