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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 03-19-12

Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, March 19, 2012:

  • Lincoln RI cop gets a suspended sentence on his felony assault conviction for kicking a cuffed woman in head [0]
  • Atlanta GA settles 4 public strip search, brutality & videotaping rights lawsuits for $940k, while some articles say they won’t disclose specifics on those cases, at least one involved a $330k settlement to one of the suits over the highly publiized raid on a gay bar. [3]
  • Bartlesville OK settles suit by releasing video of 2 cops assaulting a hospital patient after a local paper sued for access to that video. [0]
  • Atlanta GA cop gets all charges against him dropped for assaulting a bicyclist he pulled over in exchange for paying $5k in restitution even though the victim is opposed to the deal. [0]
  • Washington LA aldermen vote not to investigate complaints that 2 cops are harassing residents in a minority neighborhood, searching people just for being out after dark & regularly using excessive force on residents. [5]
  • Toledo OH cop found not guilty by reason of insanity for shooting a fellow cop while suffering from a seizure inside the department. What’s interesting here isn’t necessarily the shooting, but that she allegedly ignored advice from doctors that she quit being a cop before she hurt someone prior to the shooting. [0]
  • Redding CA cops fatally shoot woman’s Boxer puppy & pregnant chihuahua while chasing a suspect she wasn’t associated with to her hotel room. [0]
  • Aliquippa PA police face suit filed by woman claiming cops snuck onto her property while responding to a call about a small fire in a firepit in her yard then needlessly shot her dog in the face. [3]
  • Concord CA cop arrested on felony assault & false imprisonment charges after alleged domestic violence incident [2]
  • West Fargo ND cop gets suspended sentence & clean record in plea deal for hitting his wife in face during dispute [0]
  • Baltimore MD cop sentenced to 30mo prison for extortion under color of law in high-profile towing scandal [0]
  • Fairview Heights IL cop arrested for driving while intoxicated after St Patrick’s day crash [1]
  • Austin TX cop faces reprimand after news producers caught him on video watching videos in cruiser while on duty [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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