National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-25-11

Sorry these are a little late, but here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, February 25, 2011:

  • More Seattle WA police officers are supposedly under investigation after yet another video surfaced moths after an October incident which show some highly questionable use of force, all of which occurred on a single night. There were already 3 videos showing just one cop using force on three different people, two of which were acquitted of charges against them and one was never charged. The above video is a montage of all four videos involving that single event courtesy of KOMO 4 in Seattle. [5]

  • Then there’s this one out of Toronto ON showing a police officer repeatedly punch a man who is on the ground, that man is now trying to get the charges against him stayed since he claims the video clearly shows officers were using excessive force against him during arrest. Toronto police claim they are now looking into the case. [3]
  • Atlanta GA police officers are the subject of a suit filed by a man claiming he suffered a stroke after he landed on his head when cops yanked him from car under suspicion of drunk driving. However, tests at the hospital showed that the man had no alcohol or drugs in his system so charges were dropped… leaving one to wonder why cops yanked him out of the car. [3]

  • Ottawa ON police officers are under investigation after a YouTube video got out showing an officer repeatedly punching a man during arrest. [2]
  • Cary NC police are accused of using excessive force on a hostage when they threw him to ground and injured him when he was released by his kidnappers during a standoff… he claims that police didn’t do that to the other hostages. [3]
  • 2 Newark NJ cops are sued alleging they falsely arrested man walking to his car for refusing to show his registration and insurance, even though they had no cause to ask for those things. [3]
  • The sheriff of Roanoke VA is being summoned to court to explain why she refuses to release the names of deputies being sued for allegedly beating a man in jail and why she won’t release any investigative files.[4]
  • The San Francisco CA police are sued by man who suffered a severe arm fracture when cops kicked him out of theater while claiming he was drunk, but never charged him. [4]
  • A Washington DC police detective gets probation for putting man in a chokehold while off-duty in a dispute over a parking spot then fleeing from cops as they arrived. [0]
  • A Montgomery AL police officer has been indicted for allegedly using police database to steal identities in order to get himself some credit cards. [0]
  • A Mitchell SD cop has certification revoked, a Tea SD cop resigned and a Centerville SD cop was suspended for shooting road signs while driving under the influence. [2]
  • The Vidalia LA police chief was sentenced to 6 months prison after admitting that he lied to fed agents about selling a fully-automatic machine gun. [0]

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