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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-16-13 to 02-20-13

Here are the 15 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, February 16 to Tuesday, February 20, 2013:

  • Mt. Pleasant, Texas: An officer pleaded guilty to aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14-years-old. He has been sentenced to 50 years in prison, and will be required to register as a sex offender when he is released from prison.
  • Altus, Oklahoma: Two long-time police officers have been arrested on conspiracy complaints following a six month investigation and are being held in jail pending a bail hearing.
  • Whitehouse, Texas: An officer was arrested for DWI after being stopped by a state trooper for a traffic infraction.
  • Glasgow City, Kentucky: A police lieutenant colonel was arrested on a domestic violence charge. He was charged with assault 4th degree, domestic violence, and lodged in the county jail.
  • Greenville, North Carolina: A 20-year officer was terminated after an administrative investigation. The police chief called for the investigation after allegations arose that he called serious “policy violations and potential criminal activity.”
  • Jacksonville, Florida: An officer was busted stealing found items during what police call an integrity check. The undersheriff said that sometimes when police get information that an employee is doing something he or she shouldn’t be, they’ll try to set that person up.
  • Mansfield, Louisiana: An officer is in jail on multiple charges after driving a patrol car to her estranged husband’s house and striking him with her duty flashlight.
  • Union City, Pennsylvania: A state trooper has been accused in a fatal DUI accident; court officials say he will be entering a guilty plea.
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey: An officer was indicted on official misconduct and other charges for allegedly lying about where he was living to take advantage of a discount rent program, and then make money by subletting the apartment. Under the Live-In Police Officer’s Program, he was allowed to rent an apartment at a more than 80 percent discount.
  • Alabaster, Alabama: A Birmingham police officer was arrested after he fled from police during a traffic stop. He has been charged with attempting to elude.
  • New Port Richey, Florida: A police officer has been arrested on drug charges and was fired. He remains in jail for those charges.
  • Birmingham, Alabama: A robbery detective was taken into custody at his home. He was arrested and charged with domestic violence/physical harassment.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: A police officer found himself on the other side of the law, accused of pulling a gun on an unarmed man. “What, in my mind, is more important is how that weapon was used,” the police chief said.  “Was there justification for him to pull that weapon; was there justification for his conduct in that situation.”
  • Albany, New York: A ten-year veteran officer is facing DWI charges after he allegedly crashed into multiple cars.
  • Update: Salem, Ohio: The police officer who was arrested for drunk driving has resigned from the force.

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