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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 01-04-11

As I mentioned a few times towards the end of last year we’re going to start trying to track reports from Canada in addition to the reports we already track in the US. Our first such report is in tonight’s review. But, I know, some of you might be asking, “why don’t you just track reports globally?” Well, the problem is in two parts…

First, I already have a hard enough time tracking what I do and managing the data flow into our database and I’m already pushing it by adding Canada data to the mix. But there’s been a strong demand for it and I think it will be valuable to have something to compare US rates to. Second, I have data on the sworn law enforcement employment rates by agency for the US and Canada but I don’t have that data for other nations. Because of that, I wouldn’t be able to build statistical data around what I track in other nations where no such rate data is available… and statistics gathering is the primary objective here.

Anyway, here are the 19 reports of police misconduct from the US and 1 report from Canada tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, January 4, 2011:

  • A St Louis MO police officer is under investigation after a YouTube video surfaced apparently showing him beat a man several times with an metal ASP baton then pepperspraying him while he was working an off-duty security job at a gas station. The officer in question was the subject of two excessive force lawsuits in the past, one which is known to have ended in a settlement and the other is of unknown status but appears as though it settled too. Police are not only investigating the use of force, but also questions about what the officer did afterward since there was no report filed and the man was not arrested or charged. [2]
  • In Coquitlam British Columbia Canada, two RCMP Mounties have been charged with assault in an apparent excessive force case after a review of an alleged altercation with a driver during a traffic stop was conducted using audio from the police dash cameras. [1]
  • A Fulton County GA deputy has been accused of shooting at a neighbor, barely missing him but hitting his pet dog in the head twice after tackling the neighbor’s son and accusing him of trying to break into their home. [3]
  • An Ellwood PA police officer is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he used excessive force when he threw a woman into a holding cell after questioning her and tore her rotator cuff with an audible pop. The suit also alleges that she was falsely arrested and the charges against her were dropped. [3]
  • A Palatine IL police officer who was working at a high school is the subject of a lawsuit along with the assistant principal of that school alleging they severely injured a student when they threw him over a chair then tackled him before handcuffing him for refusing to follow the asst principal to his office for an unspecified reason that the student claims was nothing more than his being targeted for being friends with a problem student. [3]
  • A San Rafael CA police officer has been suspended after arrested on allegations that he threatened a man with a gun at a restaurant while he was off-duty and then fled the scene. [0]
  • A Weymouth MA police officer has been charged with indecent assault and battery on a person over 14-years-old (a more recent release claims the alleged victim is 38). Police and other officials are refusing to release any details in this case. [3]
  • A Little Rock AR police officer along with a US Dept of Veterans Affairs cop and a Univ of Arkansas Medical School police officer have all been indicted for conspiracy to rob an armored car along with two other people, one of which is accused of being involved in an armed robbery of an armored car a few years ago. [1]
  • The now-former police chief of Brazil City IN who was fired in 2009 on a variety of misuse of funds allegations has been arrested and charged with misuse of funds and official misconduct on allegations he misused funds from a federal grant while he was chief. [0]
  • An Elgin IL police officer has been charged with domestic battery after an investigation into allegations that he struck his girlfriend. [1]
  • Brookfield WI has settled a lawsuit for $7,500 to a woman who was arrested for openly carrying a holstered firearm to her church, which is legal in that state. However, police officials insist that the settlement is just the price they pay for arresting people for what they think the law should be, not what it is and they don’t plan on stopping that practice… which I guess means that open-carry activist will be arriving soon to get their share of the free taxpayer money the department will be handing out. [0]
  • A San Leandro CA police K9 officer is under investigation after his police dog mauled a family’s pet dog at a park while being walked by someone other than the officer, which may be a policy violation. The dog that was mauled died a day later from the injuries. [0]
  • The Pennsylvania State police have settled a free speech rights lawsuit filed by the ACLU by agreeing to stop issuing citations to people for swearing so long as the use of objectionable language isn’t done in a threatening manner. [0]
  • An Akron OH police officer has been sentenced to probation and must attend drug treatment after pleading guilty to felony steroid possession charges. [0]
  • A Collier County FL deputy was cited for causing a 3-car accident after he hit a police cruiser which pushed that car into another while the deputy was distracted while using his dashboard computer. While there was property damage there were no injuries, fortunately. [0]
  • A Manatee County FL deputy has been suspended for 26 days for leaving a bible passage that he called the “Obama Prayer” on a fellow deputy’s desk. That deputy felt it was a threat against the president as the verse said “Let his days be few, and let another take his office.” [0]
  • A Bradenton FL police officer has been fired while he’s still the subject of an unspecified internal investigation. While police refuse to say what the investigation is about they did say he was still in his first year on the force so was in a probationary period which means he could be fired for any reason. [2]
  • An Ohio State patrol lieutenant has been demoted and transferred for conduct unbecoming and for being untruthful to investigators who were looking into allegations that he was having a sexual relationship with a person under his command. [0]
  • A Fort Myers FL police officer has been fired for being untruthful during an investigation into allegations that he was having on-duty sexual trysts with another man’s wife. [0]
  • And finally, Shreveport LA police are being criticized by the ACLU for handcuffing and arresting two 6th grade students in school over their involvement in an every-day garden variety schoolyard fight that should have been handled the usual way, with in-school discipline, not criminal charges and frog marching 12-year-old kids in front of their peers. [1]

Well, that’s it for today… as always, stay safe out there!

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