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National Police Misconduct News Feed Daily Recap 08-03-12

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, August 3, 2012:
  • Helena, Arkansas: a former Helena-West Helena officer who had been indicted for drug trafficking and corruption has been sentenced to 14 months in prison.
  • Bergen County, New Jersey: a former Hasbrouck Heights police officer has been indicted on murder charges. The man is alleged to have murdered had been his friend for 20 years, according to the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Valdosta, Georgia: the former police chief of Omega, Georgia has been convicted of a civil rights violation for excessive force towards a pretrial detainee who was fully restrained in a restraint chair.
  • Providence, Rhode Island: update: the former police chief has settled a suit alleging he stole from a former stripper.
  • Little Ferry, New Jersey: a resident who is himself a Union City police officer is suing the borough, alleging false arrest.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas: an Arkansas State Trooper has been fired after an investigation of a traffic stop in which he turned off his in-car video recorder, illegally confiscated a gun, and dumped marijuana along a road.
  • Cincinnati, Ohio: a family is suing a University of Cincinnati police officer over the death of their relative, a teen hit by his stun gun.
  • Madison, Wisconsin: a Madison police officer has been suspended for 30 days without pay after an incident in which, per the department, he violated policies prohibiting “overbearing, oppressive, or tyrannical” behavior towards the public.
  • St. Petersburg, Florida: a St. Petersburg police office was fired after an investigation following his killing a pedestrian with his patrol car.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: a former Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy has been arrested for using a Taser “excessively”.
  • New York, NY: an NYPD officer has been indicted on rape and assault charges.
  • Trenton, NJ: a New Jersey State Police trooper has been fired after she attacked a South Jersey cop and resisted arrest. She had previously accused a State Police sergeant of sexual harassment at the academy; the sergeant later had most of the charges against her dropped and is pursuing her own lawsuit against the division, alleging that she’s been inappropriately targeted because she’s a lesbian.
  • Nazareth, Pennsylvania: two off-duty Nazareth police officers have been charged with criminal trespass at a gun range after hours.
  • Corona, California: a Corona officer has been convicted of filing a false police report. He had previously been suspected of giving false testimony in a March 2011 drug trial. He’d been running a drugs-for-sex sting on Craigslist in violation of his department’s orders.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii: a Honolulu officer has pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an indoor marijuana-growing operation to work. Per his federal public defender, he may be able to return to work on restricted duty before he is sentenced in December.
  • San Francisco, CA: the mother of a Seattle man who died while fleeing San Francisco police is suing the city. Police alleged that Harding had a gun and fired first on the officers, but the suit claims that “witnesses to the incident claim they never saw [the man] brandish, fire or attempt to discard a gun.” “He was face down in a prone position, violently slapping around like a fish out of water, and no effort was made to give him any kind of medical help,” per one of the mother’s attorneys.

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