National Police Misconduct Daily Recap 09-28-12

Here are the 10 reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, September 28, 2012:

  • San Clemente, California: An LAPD officer was charged with threatening a woman with whom he had a relationship. The charges include a felony count of criminal threats.
  • La Grange, Kentucky: A police officer has been charged with using electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited activities, official misconduct, and third degree unlawful transaction with a minor; he was sending a juvenile sexually explicit messages. The officer resigned after being charged.
  • Rockford, Illinois: The family of a teenager who was shot and killed has filed a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s Department. The suit claims excessive force and failure to provide basic medical care. The shooting occurred while an officer was trying to stop a robbery. However, there is no evidence that they boy even knew the restaurant was going to be robbed before he was shot in the back three times and killed while trying to run.
  • Duluth, Minnesota: The police chief said that an officer is on administrative leave while the department investigates a charge of excessive force against him. He allegedly repeatedly hit a man in a wheelchair.
  • Update: Los Angeles, California: A third officer has been charged in the beating death of mentally ill homeless man. The charges came as a result of a grand jury indictment. The officer pleaded innocent to one count of involuntary manslaughter and one count of use of excessive force.
  • Powell, Wyoming: A former officer is accused of using his position of authority to get a woman to submit to unwanted sexual contact.
  • Chicago, Illinois: An officer has been charged with sexual misconduct involving a suspect that was in lockup. The officer allegedly performed oral sex on the suspect, and then told him that he could get him released early from custody if he kept quiet about the incident.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A woman says she lost her pregnancy after police used a stun gun on her 7 times outside her home. She has filed a lawsuit against the city and three officers involved. “There is really no excuse,” said her lawyer. “The city needs to crack down on excessive force by police officers. This case never should have gone to trial.”
  • Campbell County, Virginia: A second deputy was charged with providing alcohol to a minor. He is no longer employed at the Sheriff’s office.
  • Jasper, Alabama: An officer has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for soliciting and accepting a $5,000 bribe. The officer had borrowed money from a drug dealer and later sold the same person drugs from confiscated police evidence. “Most police officers work hard every day to protect the citizens and the communities they serve,” said a U.S. attorney. “On the occasion that an officer does violate his oath and the law, we will vigorously pursue prosecution because the citizens of this district are entitled to trust law enforcement.”