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National Police Misconduct Daily Recap 08-11-12 to 08-13-12

Here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday August 11 to Monday August 13, 2012:

  • Arlington, Texas: A video that shows an officer body-slamming a 15-yr-old girl has prompted the police dept. to start an investigation into the incident.
  • Ladue, Missouri: An officer has been charged with third-degree domestic assault.
  • St. Paul, Minnesota: After breaking down doors and shooting the family dog, a drug task force agents forced handcuffed children “to sit next to the carcass of their dead and bloody pet for more than an hour,” and kept searching even after they knew they were raiding the wrong house, the family claims in federal court. (Note: We tweeted this yesterday as Minneapolis, Minnesota – that is actually where the news article was published)
  • Santa Maria, California: A teenager has sued the city of Santa Maria, claiming she was repeatedly raped by a police officer who was shot and killed by a fellow officer after a struggle to avoid arrest.
  • Rindge, New Hampshire: An officer was charged with trying to sexually assault a girl under the age of sixteen.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: An officer was arrested for stealing from Comcast, which ended up costing that firm $2.4 million. He tried to justify it, saying that people were still paying, just a little less: “Granted, technically it is stealing but in the grand scheme of things, the way things are going, people are just paying cable a little less money. Comcast is still getting paid regardless, but yes, they are not getting paid what they should be paid,” said the officer. The district attorney disagreed, saying, “When you steal from somebody else you are nothing but a common thief.”
  • Laurel, Maryland: A $3 million dollar excessive force lawsuit was filed against an officer who struck a handcuffed man. The video of the incident shows one officer escorting a handcuffed man when another officer approaches from the other side and strikes the man several times in the face.
  • Houston, Texas: The officer who shot an unarmed man will not face charges. The family, who had nicknamed the man ‘gentle giant,’ is questioning the grand jury’s decision. “The grand jury heard one side of the story,” said the family’s attorney. “They called zero witnesses and, to no surprise of anyone familiar with officer involved shootings in the city of Houston, a no true bill was issued.”
  • Jacksonville, Florida: An officer pleaded guilty to two sex counts involving one girl under 18, and one under 12.
  • Forrest City, Arkansas: A man says he was pushed around, maced, and then tased after he was arrested for warrants that had already been served to him. He tried to tell the officers that the warrants had been served, but the dept records were inaccurate so the police did not believe him.
  • Punta Gorda, Florida: A police officer was fired after he violated 10 different department policies in the course of a single evening. The violations included allowing a female passenger, whom he was trying to impress, to carry his firearm.


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