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More Shootings, More Questions

Three stories from today’s Washington Post:

The FBI shooting of Ibragim Todashev: “Journalists have gotten a tangle of conflicting reports from law enforcement sources about what happened, many of which look bad for the FBI.”

Update 2: “It’s odd that this latest story is so different from the previous ones that have leaked out. A knife, a samurai sword, a metal pole, and a broomstick don’t seem like objects that would be confused for one another.”  More here.

The shooting of Mhai Scott: “As authorities continued to investigate Wednesday’s fatal shooting of a woman by a Loudoun County sheriff’s deputy, the Philippine Embassy on Thursday called on officials to take an aggressive look at whether deadly force was needed.”

Update 2: “Fortunately for investigators, there were apparently no shortage of witnesses in Costco to the incident, and the store’s own internal security video may also have recorded it. Given the extraordinary circumstances — a fatal shooting at mid-afternoon in a popular store in plain view of shoppers — the authorities would be well advised to release whatever footage of the incident exists as soon as possible. Failing to do so will only invite further questions, and suspicions, about the prudence of the deputies’ actions and the circumstances of Ms. Scott’s death.”  More here.

Deputy charged with murder for the shooting of Julian Dawkins.  This is an update.  Previous coverage here.

Update 2:  “Still, many questions remain about the case, which has tested the patience of Dawkins’s relatives and friends. Prosecutors and police have refused to say how the two men first encountered each other, what they argued about or what occurred immediately before the shooting.”  More here.

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