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‘Inside the law enforcement bubble’

The Washington Post reports on the police and protestors outside the Republican National Convention:

TAMPA, Fla. — The protesters are on the outside, way outside, pelted by rain, then blasted by sun, then windblown, and they cannot get within shouting distance of the convention proper, or even close to what is formally known as The Perimeter. The Perimeter remains in the distance. They’re stopped at pre-Perimeter security fences and Jersey barriers.

And they’re surrounded. Even though they’re on the outside, they spend much of their time inside the law-enforcement bubble.


Tim Rivers, 57, a retired engineer in Tampa, shouted through a fence at a compatriot: “We are in a cage! Your First Amendment rights are gone!”

It is disturbing that protestors are kept so far away from the convention in special “zones.”  Still, that’s a policy having less to do with the rank-and-file police than with the Tampa Police Chief, the Mayor, and the Governor.  Steve Chapman has related thoughts about the Bill of Rights here.

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