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Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins

From the Washington Post:

In March, a grand jury determined that no criminal charges against the officers involved in Mr. Saylor’s death were warranted. So why not release the results of the investigation that shed light on the officers’ actions — specifically, the statements of moviegoers who may have witnessed the altercation? For what possible reason do these accounts remain secret? Were they even presented to the grand jury?

Just two days before Mr. Saylor’s death, Frederick County deputies shot to death Daniel Vail, 19, who was a suspect in a home invasion. The sheriff’s office asserts that Mr. Vail pointed a shotgun at deputies when they executed a no-knock warrant at his mother’s home around 1 a.m. on Jan. 10. Mr. Vail’s mother and a lawyer for the family dispute that account. There are reports of a grand jury investigation, but precious little information has been made public.

The use of deadly force is exceedingly rare, even in big-city police departments. Back-to-back fatalities involving sheriff’s deputies in a county the size of Frederick is rarer still. Mr. Jenkins, the public deserves answers.

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