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Code of Silence ‘Alive and Well’

From the Chicago Tribune:

Obrycka was working at a Northwest Side tavern when Abbate, after an afternoon of heavy drinking, staggered behind the bar. She tried to stop him; he threw her to the floor and repeatedly punched her in the face and head, pressing his foot against her body for leverage as he swung his fists. When other patrons intervened, he left the tavern. She called 911.

Rather than investigate her claims fully and arrest Abbate, responding officers left crucial information off their reports, according to her lawsuit. They did not include Abbate’s last name, even though she wrote down how she thought it was spelled. The officers were told that a security camera recorded the beating, but they didn’t mention it in their account, or ask to view it. Obrycka says she told them the offender was a police officer. That detail? Also missing.

Obrycka was the lady bartender beaten by off-duty Chicago cop, Abbate.  Previous coverage here.

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