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Behold … a Real Mayor at Work!

When a  false arrest came to his attention, the Mayor sprang into action and ordered a full review so that it will not happen again.

From the Colorado Springs Gazette:

James Sorensen told the Gazette that he was on his way back to his vehicle from PrideFest when he was asked to leave the park by police. When he asked the officer for his identification, he was detained. In a posted on YouTube, Sorensen is seen asking police several times if he can leave and is told he can’t. Police told him that he was being held because he wasn’t allowed to carry a gun in the park.  Sorensen was arrested and said he was held in a cell for about an hour and then given a ticket.

A real mayor will impartially take each situation as it comes and act justly.  Policymakers act unjustly when they reflexively take sides in police-citizen disputes.

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