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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-19-14

Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, February 19, 2014:

  • Ash Flat, Arkansas: A state police trooper was charged with felony breaking or entering in connection to an incident. He admitted to taking prescription medication from a drug take back box in an attempt to replace missing drug evidence that he had seized during a traffic stop he made.
  • Amery, Wisconsin: A police chief was arrested after allegedly driving with a blood-alcohol level at nearly twice the legal limit.
  • Barron County, Minnesota: A sheriff says a deputy has been arrested on possible charges of domestic abuse and false imprisonment.
  • Webb, Mississippi: A police chief pleaded no guilty to one count of depriving someone of their civil rights; he faces a trial after being charged with hitting some one in the face while acting in his official capacity.
  • Denver, Colorado: A sheriff’s deputy is appealing a 30-day suspension for slamming a handcuffed and shackled inmate into a courtroom wall.
  • Los Angeles California: A police officer charged with lying under oath during his testimony in a drug possession case was convicted at his retrial. He faces up to three years and eight months behind bars.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: A police officer was indicted on a charge of aggravated rape after a young girl accused him of sexually assaulting her.
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut: A police officer was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife. He is accused of hitting his wife in the eye.
  • Galveston, Texas: A man arrested by police claims they used excessive force and has filed a federal lawsuit against the city demanding $10,000,000. A police captain says the man was revisiting arrest, and that it was evident in a cell phone video taken of the incident.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-15-14 to 02-18-14

Here are the 9 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, February 15 to Tuesday, February 18, 2014:

  • Fort Worth, Texas: A police officer admitted to internal affairs investigators that she occasionally falsified times on traffic tickets that she issued while working overtime. She has been fired.
  • Pinecrest, Florida: A police officer is accused of failing to render aid at the scene of a deadly accident. She’s now taking criticism for not helping the man and woman who died.
  • Update: Arlington, Texas (Previously reported 10-30-13): A police officer has been sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison for using law enforcement databases to give his steroids dealer a tip off that he was under surveillance by law enforcement.
  • Madison, Indiana: A police officer was arrested on felony domestic violence charges, including one count alleging that he pointed a gun at his girlfriend. Two suspects he arrested have been released as a result of his arrest.
  • Collingswood, New Jersey: A police officer is accused of ongoing domestic violence against a female victim. He was charged with aggravated assault in the case.
  • Columbus, Ohio: A police officer pled guilty in U.S. District Court to misappropriating and selling heavy equipment and other property the police received through a Department of Defense surplus program.
  • Brooklyn, New York: A police officer kicked a 10-year-old boy in the shin, breaking his leg, as the child was recording him with his cell phone, according to court papers.
  • East St. Louis, Illinois: A man who confessed to a 2013 attack but was freed by NDA testing has sued the city and the now-discredited detective that he claims forcibly coerced his false confession.
  • Rochester, New York: Two police officers and the now-former chief are named in a lawsuit filed by a man who claims he was beaten by officer when they arrested him last year.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-12-14 to 02-14-14

Here are the 23 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, February 12 to Friday, February 14, 2014:

  • Omaha, Nebraska: The federal government must pay nearly $40,000 to cover the legal fees of a California woman who successfully sued to reclaim more than $1 million of her money seized during a traffic stop by a state trooper.
  • Update: Des Moines, Iowa (First reported 01-07-14): A police officer accused of assaulting his girlfriend has pleaded not guilty and waived his right to a speedy trial.
  • Cedar Grove, New Jersey: A now-former state trooper pleaded guilty to embezzling about $55,500 from a charity that was set up to help troopers and their families.
  • Volusia County, Florida: A sheriff’s deputy has been fired after an internal investigation determined he improperly investigated incidents, did not write reports and lied to his superiors about the people he interacted with, according to internal affairs reports.
  • King County, Washington: A now-former Sheriff’s Deputy was arrested for conspiracy and narcotics distribution.
  • Eunice, Louisiana: A police officer who allegedly used excessive force during a traffic stop has been suspended. The officer’s dash camera recorded the incident.
  • Update: Selmer, Tennessee (First reported 11-07-13): Prosecutors say a former police officer has been sentenced to one year and a day in federal prison for violating the civil rights of an arrestee. He pled guilty to slamming a handcuffed arrestee to the floor of a hospital and striking him in the face.
  • Sorrento, Louisiana: The police chief admitted he committed sex acts with an unresponsive woman while responding to a 911 call and now faces a federal sentence for lying to the FBI about it.
  • Update: Greeneville, Tennessee (First reported 08-20-13): A police officer, who downloaded images of nude, prepubescent girls on his patrol car laptop while on duty, has been sentenced to 39 months in prison for his crimes.
  • Update: Fayetteville, Arkansas (First reported 01-06-14): A police officer who was fired and charged with sexual assault pled not guilty at his arraignment.
  • Nassau, New York: Prosecutors are investigating a man’s claim that a video of his arrest contradicts police allegations that he resisted officers and used racial slurs. The incident also has sparked a police internal affairs probe.
  • Frankfurt, Indiana: A police officer was arrested for theft. It was alleged that the officer, using a police car while off duty, was transporting money as a part time job.
  • Chicago, Illinois: A man who served more than 20 years in prison before prosecutors tossed the case says he wants justice for what he says are lost years of life spent behind bars as a result of a wrongful conviction. “Twenty years of my life has been taken, and there’s no way I can get it back,” the man said at a press conference.
  • Denison, Texas: A bicyclist is suing a police officer and the city claiming the officer beat him while he was in custody.  He alleges the city allows that type of behavior and is seeking $1 million.
  • Brownfield, Texas: A police officer denied to a federal jury an accusation that he assaulted a suspect he was attempting to take into custody two-and-a-half years ago. A civil lawsuit seeks damages in an unspecified amount based on the claim that the officer kicked a 23-year-old man in the head while he was lying handcuffed near his patrol vehicle.
  • Mercer County, West Virginia: A man was thrown in jail instead of being taken to a hospital after his mother called 911 to report he had suffered multiple epileptic seizures, a lawsuit filed in federal court claims.
  • Tampa, Florida: A man has filed suit, saying a car rammed into him from behind because the driver was distracted by an electronic device. The driver, the suit says, was a police officer, and he was distracted by the department-issued computer in his car.
  • Pueblo, Colorado: A woman is alleging that a police officer intentionally injured her by repeatedly slamming her against a car and bending her fingers backwards while investigating her.
  • Allegheny County, Pennsylvania: A man plans to file a federal lawsuit that could include claims for wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment, stemming from allegations that detectives failed to check his alibi “without unreasonable delay.”
  • Chattanooga, Tennessee: A police detective Michael Early was and charged with simple domestic assault. He has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation.
  • Monroe, Louisiana: Police are investigating an officer after an alleged domestic disturbance. No arrests have been made yet.
  • Brownwood, Texas: Police officer was arrested for driving while intoxicated. He was arrested for speeding and failing to stay in a single lane.
  • Update: San Jose, California (First reported 12-02-13): A police officer faces three felony counts of false personation exposing the victim to liability, and three felony counts of filing a false police report.

New Jersey’s Largest Police Dept Plagued with Problems

From The Star-Ledger:

The Justice Department will place the Newark Police Department under a monitor later this year, the first time in state history that a municipal police agency will operate under a federal watchdog, according to four sources familiar with the situation.

The decision follows a federal review of the way the state’s largest police force swept aside accusations of misconduct against hundreds of officers and its almost-total failure to address complaints of brutality and abuse lodged by Newark residents over the years.
The investigation began in 2011, a year after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a scathing 96-page petition with the Department of Justice, accusing Newark’s police of rampant misconduct.

The ACLU investigation found citizens filed 261 complaints with the department accusing officers of using excessive force, biased actions, improper searches or false arrests in 2008 and 2009. Only one complaint was sustained by the department.

One officer faced 62 internal affairs investigations during a 14-year career, according to the petition, while Newark shelled out nearly $5 million in response to civil lawsuits from 2007 to 2009.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-11-14

Here are the 8 reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, February 11, 2014:

  • Update: Mille Lacs County, Minnesota (First reported 09-11-13): A county sheriff’s deputy who allegedly had sexual contact with children pleaded not guilty to all the charges against him. He has been charged in two separate cases with felony criminal sexual conduct.
  • Louisville, Kentucky: Prosecutors scrambled to salvage more than 100 criminal cases investigated by a police officer who has been indicted on charges of bilking taxpayers for more than $10,000 in phony overtime.
  • Update: Athens, Ohio (First reported 02-04-14): A county sheriff charged in a public corruption case has pleaded not guilty to all 25 counts against him. The charges include theft in office, tampering with records, and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.
  • Hazlehurst, Mississippi: A police officer has been arrested following an indictment on one count of extortion. The indictment alleges that the officer, while on duty, accepted money from a citizen on the pretense of “fixing a tick” that he had previously issued the same citizen.
  • Update: Los Angeles County, California (First reported 10-31-13): A now-former sheriff’s deputy was sentenced for repeatedly assaulting a woman, with whom he had a relationship, after she discovered that he was sexually involved with another woman.
  • Ravalli County, Montana: A civil case accuses a now-former sheriff’s deputy of sexually and physically assaulting a disabled woman while placing her under arrest. The officer had resigned before the lawsuit happened.
  • Parsippany, New Jersey: Police say an intoxicated police officer ran his truck off the road and wound up in a residential front yard. He was charged with driving while intoxicated and reckless driving.
  • Downingtown, Pennsylvania: A seven year veteran of police department was arrested following an incident at a Philadelphia gentleman’s club.

Another Police Pension Racket


The Paterson police officer who has been on paid administration leave for nearly seven years over allegations he forced a female prisoner to perform oral sex on him at police headquarters could receive $70,000 in paid leave time when his impending retirement becomes official, according to a news report….With more than 25 years on the force, Avila is eligible to retire with a full pension that includes lifetime medical benefits.

Hmm.  Sometimes you have to wonder about the things that are legal and the things that are illegal.

‘A Wild West of ethical lapses’

From the Chicago Tribune:

This is Illinois, where the state-imposed ethical standards for a cosmetologist are far higher than those for a cop.

A Tribune investigation found that police departments are largely left to police their own in what can be a Wild West of ethical lapses — unlike the high standards of some other states, or even the higher standards Illinois imposes on other professions. And that reality allows Illinois officers with questionable pasts to remain in what is supposed to be among the most trusted professions….

The Tribune reported Sunday on the south suburb becoming arguably the most lawless place in the area, with chronically high violent crime rates and few arrests, and about the people who suffer as a result.

In the latest investigation, the newspaper has found that state law allowed the department to keep officers whose work records are full of allegations of wrongdoing — incidents that could have gotten them disciplined by the state if they were accountants, physical therapists or dental hygienists.

In one example, a special state panel gave a bravery award to a Harvey officer two months after he was accused of slamming a pregnant teen to the ground so severely that she miscarried. A Cook County juvenile judge later found that the officer’s explanation of what happened with the teen was not credible, according to court records. That didn’t trigger a state review.

As for the officer who shot the teen and allowed the dump, he rose to become a veteran detective in Harvey, entrusted with investigating some of the worst crimes in one of the area’s most violent communities. His bosses later disciplined him for mishandling cases, but he kept his badge.

Overseeing the detective at one point was a commander previously fired for misconduct, then rehired, only to be pushed out again after a judge forced him to reveal tattoos that suggested ties to a violent gang.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-08-14 to 02-10-14

Here are the 7 reports of police misconduct tracked for Saturday, February 8, to Monday, February 10, 2014:

  • Coupeville, Washington: A deputy was arrested in connection with an incident in which he allegedly handcuffed his former girlfriend on the side of a dark road during a fight, according to a police report.
  • Gautier, Mississippi: A now-former police officer pled guilty today to three counts of sexual battery and one count of touching a child for lustful purposes. He faces up 15 years in prison on the count of touching a child for lustful purposes and up to 30 years on each count of sexual battery.
  • Los Angeles County, California: A man is accusing sheriff’s deputies in a federal civil rights lawsuit of attaching him and using a Taser on his genitals while his mother watched. He filed the suit after deputies allegedly threw him to the ground and attacked him for asking if he could pick up his father’s cigarette to avoid a fine.
  • Savannah-Chatham, Georgia: A police sergeant who was indicted for making false statements and violating his oath as an officer was arrested and charged with nine felony counts. He has been fired.
  • Oakland, California: A police officer was arrested for allegedly brandishing a gun in a restaurant to impress a woman.
  • Arcata, California: A lawsuit alleges police officer conducted an unlawful search of a home. It further alleges that officer, acting on an unlawful warrant, used excessive force.
  • Update: Bexar County, Texas (First reported 07-27-12): A sheriff’s deputy has been indicted in the deaths of two police dogs allegedly forgotten in a hot patrol vehicle.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-07-14

Here are the 15 reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, February 7, 2014:

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: An off-duty police officer was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.
  • Lake Providence, Louisiana: A police officer was arrested for allegedly taking money in lien of issuing a speeding ticket to a motorist. He admitted to taking the money.
  • Update: Salem, New Hampshire (Previously reported 01-24-13): The now-former police officer charged with assaulting a suspect has waived his arraignment and entered a not-guilty plea. He was originally on paid administrative leave, but when the investigation began it became unpaid leave; when he was arrested he was fired.
  • Brusly, Louisiana: A police chief was arrested and charged with theft and malfeasance in office. He’s accused of putting gas in his personal car and boat with city issued fuel cards.
  • Logan County, Ohio: A deputy has been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs after a two-vehicle collision.
  • Update: Marysville, Washington (First reported 05-08-13): An arbitrator has ordered the city to rehire a former police officer who lost his job after his 3-year-old son shot and killed his 7-year-old daughter.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico: A passenger involved in a chase and deadly police shooting says he is going to sue the department and the officers who fired. He claims the police used excessive force.
  • Update: Arlington, Virginia (Previously reported 12-13-13): A sheriff’s deputy was sentenced to six years in prison for fatally shooting a driver during a late-night confrontation in a neighborhood.
  • Ottawa Hills, Ohio: A police officer who shot and paralyzed a motorcyclist convicted him of felonious assault with a firearm specification.
  • Pembroke Pines, Florida: A police officer was arrested after surveillance video captured him stealing a watch, as he investigated a crime at a jewelry store.
  • San Diego, California: A police officer has been accused of sexual misconduct involving at least four women, according to the police chief. He is being investigated for improper “pat downs” of four detained females and for getting “sexual gratification” while doing them.
  • Update: Baltimore, Maryland (First reported 06-05-13): A now- former police officer who prosecutors say provided protection for a purported drug trafficker has been sentenced to five years in prison.
  • Jarrell, Texas: A police chief is facing up to 20 years in prison. He allegedly took bribes from immigrants and lied about making them tipsters so they could be in the United States legally.
  • Champlin, Minnesota: A couple won a $90,000 award from a jury after police snatched a pair of sketchers shoes off their porch during an illegal search while they slept. The city disputes the judge’s finding that the porch search was illegal and said it will contest the jury award.
  • Update: Buffalo, New York (First reported 11-22-13): A police officer has pled guilty to selling marijuana. He sold it to a confidential source who was working with federal investigators.

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