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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-20-11

Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, September 20, 2011:

  • New York NY police were caught on video making some questionable arrests during day 4 of the #OccupyWallStreet protests. Apparently the arrests came without warning after police told protesters to get rid of the tarps they were using to get shelter from the rain. One of the people arrested allegedly lost some teeth when he was brought down to the ground and another can be seen complaining about the zip ties being too tight as his hand was changing color. Whether you agree with the protest or not, the police appear to be making a stretch in some of these arrests. [3]
  • Meanwhile, New York NY police were apparently caught planting undercover officers at a protest when one of those officers was detained by police for being armed but refused to blow his cover and didn’t show the arresting officers his badge. The case came to light when the officer was issued a summons for the incident but that case was dismissed. [3]
  • 2 Prince George’s Co MD cops were charged w/assault & misconduct in office over the high-profile videotaped beating of a college student during a post-game celebration. The cops initially claimed the man they beat had assaulted a mounted officer but video contradicted that claim. [0]
  • Belleville IL cop is being investigated on allegations he choked & threw a man to ground which caused him to go into a seizure. The officer was responding to the couple’s harassment complaint and apparently lost his temper when the man wanted the name of his supervisor when the officer refused to take the report. [1]
  • Milwaukee WI cop was indicted on federal charges for the alleged on-duty sexual abuse of a woman he detained. This was after the local DA refused to charge the officer over the incident last year. [0]
  • Tulsa OK & US ATF are being sued by a man claiming cops who were involved in a corruption scandal had falsely jailed him after stealing cash from his home during a raid. This is the seventh such suit so far. [3]
  • Gardner MA cop was arrested on statutory rape, indecent assault on child under 14 & assault to rape a child charges on allegations that he repeatedly raped a young relative. [0]
  • Mooresville IN cop to pay $155 restitution to a woman she falsely arrested then lied on report about it to justify the arrest. (subscription site on link) [0]
  • 7 Houston TX cops were disciplined for conduct related to the initial cover-up of cop’s drunk driving crash into a school bus. The discipline ranged from reprimands to 1 day suspensions. [1]
  • Buena NJ police are being sued by officer claiming that racial discrimination & profiling against Hispanics is rampant in that department [3]
  • Seattle WA police records discovered as part of a lawsuit apparently show tens of thousands of police dashcam videos have vanished [5]
  • Peel ON undercover cop with the street crimes unit was arrested on drug trafficking charges but apparently there was an effort to keep news of that arrest quiet [4]
  • Flagler Co FL deputy gets 60 days in plea deal for stealing almost $5,000 in cash from evidence and replacing it with shredded napkins [0]
  • Ormond Beach FL cop was fired for assault & accused of stalking the woman he allegedly assaulted along with her boyfriend. [1]
  • Suprise AZ police lieutenant demoted after investigation into allegations of sexual harassment [0]
  • Dane Co WI deputy arrested on domestic disorderly conduct charge in unspecified domestic incident [2]
  • North Miami Beach FL cop accused of sending harassing email to blogger from computer on police dept’s network [0]
  • Livonia MI police sued by ACLU on behalf of middle school kids administered breath tests w/o warrant or permission [0]
  • Carmel IN cop arrested on public intoxication charge after police called about man knocking on someone’s rear door [0]

While not necessarily misconduct, a lawsuit by the Philadelphia PA police union could make that state’s police unions the most powerful political force in that state by removing restraints on how that union and it’s members can contribute to political campaigns and PACs. This matters in the realm of misconduct because police unions are the driving force behind efforts in all states to make misconduct less transparent and to weaken the laws and policies that help hold police officers accountable for misconduct. [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-19-11

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, September 19, 2011:

  • 2 Martinsburg WV cops are being sued by a man who suffered 30 taser burns when arrested for obstruction when he refused to leave a rental car agency while he was on the phone with their supervisors to deal with a dispute. [3]
  • At least 2 Toronto ON police officers are being investigated after a man was injured when he fell from a balcony when tasered during a domestic call standoff [0]
  • New Lenox IL is being sued by a disabled veteran claiming cops tasered & falsely arrested him while he was helping an accident victim when the officers mistakenly thought he was one of the motorists who were suspected of being drunk. [3]
  • Riverhead NY police sued by a man shown on video being beaten by a cop while cuffed in a hall leading to court. [3]
  • Baton Rouge LA police sued by woman shown in video being dragged by her hair by a cop at an accident scene. We put the video up for a vote recently along with 2 other videos that were borderline, it was the only one of those three where readers overwhelmingly voted that it was a credible case of misconduct as most departments have a policy against the use of hair holds. [0]
  • Calgary AB cop gets a conditional discharge sentence which will clear his record after his assault conviction for punching a DUI suspect for grabbing the DUI test machine. [0]
  • Los Angeles Co CA jury demands investigation of gang unit deputies for what they say were outright lies at trial [3]
  • Gautier MS cop arrested on multiple sexual battery & touching a child for lustful purposes charges [0]
  • Cookeville TN cop fired after charged w/2 counts soliciting sexual exploitation of a minor in ongoing investigation [0]
  • Mt Kisco NY police sued by woman who was 18 when she claims male & female cops strip searched her over a DUI citation [3]
  • New York NY police make questionable arrests during third day of #occupywallstreet protests including one arrest where the report was contradicted by journalists and an arrest for writing on a sidewalk with chalk. [3]
  • Seattle WA police sued by KOMO News in battle over access to department’s database of dashcam videos [4]
  • Cincinnati OH cop gets reprimand for confiscating cameras at Rep Steve Chabot’s town hall meeting [0]
  • Naperville IL settles suit for $10k to man who’s name was published for Memorial Day DUI arrests despite 0.0 BAC [0]
  • Saline Co MO deputy charged w/3rd degree domestic assault, allegedly punched unspecified victim’s ribs & stomach [0]
  • Albuquerque NM cop sentenced to 6mo jail & 6mo house arrest on obstruction charge for tipping pal off to FBI probe [0]
  • Louisville KY cop charged w/public intox & felony mischief for allegedly damaging a vehicle during a wedding party [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 09-17-11 to 09-18-11

Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of September 17-18, 2011:

  • 2 Ottawa ON cops have been charged with assault causing bodily harm for attacking a homeless man resulting in him suffering facial fractures when they threw him to the ground. The woman who called police to check on the man also reported the excessive use of force. [0]
  • 5 Tulsa OK cops raided the home of a woman who testified for the prosecution in a recent police corruption trial and arrested her over misdemeanor traffic citations. That sounds pretty unusual, especially when you consider that she was also slated to testify in an upcoming civil suit against the department. [5]
  • A New York NY police chief allegedly shoved a newspaper photographer from behind during Occupy Wall Street protest, oddly this was only mentioned as a blip at the end of an article about the protest. [3]
  • New York NY police leak alleges ticket fixing scandal was uncovered during ongoing probe into cops taking drug money[3]
  • New York NY police have allegedly respond to a drop in revenue due to the ticket fixing scandal & quota backlash by increasing quotas for tickets & summonses [3]
  • Los Angeles Co CA deputies fatally shot a dog in front of several kids after they allegedly ordered the owner to get it out of his back yard so they could search it for a fleeing suspect’s weapon but they wouldn’t let him get a leash to do it. [3]
  • Key West FL cop accused of targeting news editor in DUI arrest where dashcam video contradicted his arrest report [3]
  • Seaside Park NJ cop & another person arrested on robbery & assault charges for mugging man outside bar [0]
  • San Bernardino Co CA deputy arrested on unspecified charges after SWAT standoff sparked by alleged domestic dispute [3]
  • Pueblo Co CO deputy in charge of evidence & property section resigns during investigation into missing cash [2]
  • Orangeburg Co SC deputy fired after state investigation into unspecified official misconduct allegations [1]
  • Bogalusa LA cop arrested on 12 counts obtaining controlled substance by misrepresentation, shopped for painkillers [0]
  • New Orleans LA police investigate allegations that some officers are violating policy by working details at bars [0]
  • Scotts Bluff Co NE deputy resigns after charged w/disturbing peace for loud profane language at jr high school [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-16-11

Here are the 21 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, September 16, 2011:

  • An Illinois Circuit Court judge ruled that using that state’s wiretap law to arrest people for recording cops or other public officials in the course of their work is unconstitutional in a case where a man was facing a ridiculous 75 years in prison for doing just that. While the ruling only directly affects that case, it could serve as leverage in the upcoming court battle filed by the ACLU and is definitely another win for transparency and accountability in that very troubled state. [0]
  • Fullerton CA police suspend one of the officers who is alleged to have a primary role in the beating death of Kelly Thomas after he was implicated in a third excessive force incident where a man is filing suit alleging the officer bounced his head off a wall during a false public intoxication arrest. Oddly, the department refused to say why he was suspended or what the results of the investigation that supposedly occurred as a result of that complaint ended up being. [5]
  • Alameda Co CA deputies are being sued alleging they used excessive force when they tackled and tasered a mentally disabled 18-year-old girl who has the mental capacity of a 4-year-old. [0]
  • Frankfort MI police are being sued by an 81-year-old woman claiming a cop used excessive force by pepperspraying her in the face while officers were arresting her grandson at her home. [0]
  • Anderson CA cop who originally faced a possible life sentence for the array of charges against him for raping a woman in his custody will now only face a possible 1 year maximum sentence in a plea deal that was prompted by a legal loophole that says it can’t be an in-custody rape if the victim isn’t first booked into jail. [0]
  • Brazos Co TX deputy constable already charged with kidnapping a woman while on duty is now charged with the attempted sexual assault of another woman who came forward after the story broke. [0]
  • Saline Co IL deputy pleads to agg sexual abuse in a plea deal dropping other charges involving his sexual relations with a minor [0]
  • New York State Parks police officer pleads to reduced sexual abuse charge in a strange case where he apparently stripped inside a beauty salon and forced a woman to touch his butt because he’s a body builder and wanted to show off his body. [0]
  • Austin TX cop suspended 90days w/o pay after getting suspended sentence for assault on an elderly store employee he had a dispute with [0]
  • Kentucky state trooper at fault in on-duty crash that killed female motorist when his cruiser drifted out of lane [0]
  • Mt Washington KY cop pleads to burglary & assault charges involving girlfriend, still faces charges in other cases including allegations he threatened his wife with a gun. [0]
  • Hinesburg VT cop gets deferred sentence after pleading to domestic assault charge for shoving & injuring girlfriend [0]
  • US ATF agent sentenced to 37mo prison for stealing caseloads of cigarettes & selling them on blackmarket [0]
  • Fort Lauderdale FL cop suspended & arrested on perjury & falsification charges for allegedly lying on arrest report [0]
  • Puyallup WA tribal police officer sentenced to 57mo prison for possession & distribution of narcotics in fed probe [0]
  • 3 Delaware Co OH deputies indicted on allegations they illegally used police databases to find info on Twp official [0]
  • Mandeville LA cop gets suspended sentence in plea to perjury charge for false testimony given as favor to mayor as part of a corruption scandal [0]
  • Guelph ON cop arrested on theft & breach of trust charges for alleged theft of “materials” obtained in drug case [1]
  • 2 Vienna OH cops resign after investigation into $1500 in block-watch & Christmas funds missing from dept safe [0]
  • Lorain OH cop sentenced to 6mo prison for tampering w/records to cover up for double dipping off-duty jobs [0]
  • 2 Paducah KY cops resign over scandal involving sex with the same female police employee while on duty in uniform [1]

That’s it for today, have a safe weekend out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-15-11

Here are the 20 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, September 15, 2011:

  • 2 New Orleans LA cops were sentenced, 21yrs for one & 6yrs for the other, for the beating death of a man and the subsequent cover up [0]
  • Conneaut Lake PA cop fatally shoots his girlfriend before shooting himself in a domestic dispute, 2 children who were in the home at the time were unharmed [0]
  • Ridgfield Park NJ police are accused of using excessive force while arresting 2 women for recording them during a traffic stop. Police say there is no video of the incident in response to a court order demanding any video evidence related to the incident. [4]
  • An Atlanta GA cop with an apparently extensive history of several complaints and questionable arrests is now accused of roughing up a disabled woman while falsely arresting her when she tried to call his supervisor when he ordered her to leave a yard she would sit in every day for several years. [3]
  • 2 Calhoun Co MI deputies are the subject of a suit alleging they threw a 72yr-old man & his 68yr-old wife to the ground at gunpoint and injured them during a traffic stop [3]
  • 2 Maricopa Co AZ deputies are being sued by a 50yr-old man who claims he was put in choke hold, tasered, then suffered a broken foot when he was stomped on, all because he gave his pal a bear hug at NASCAR race. The arrest report alleges he was belligerent and attacked the deputies but several witnesses contradict that report and charges were later dismissed. Not only that, but the suit alleges the report neglected to document how the man’s son was also attacked and detained w/o charge as well.  [3]
  • Seattle WA offers $105k to the lawyers of a man who won a $1 judgment in order to get civil rights judgement against cop tossed in an effort to stop it’s use as evidence of a pattern of misconduct in another pending civil rights lawsuit where the same officer is accused of using excessive force in a shooting incident… honestly, I didn’t even know such a thing was possible, let alone that a city official would be willing to openly do something like this to protect a suspect cop. [5]
  • Karnak IL police chief resigns after an incident where he was accused of tasering & falsely arresting a council member who voted against the purchase of a new drug dog [0]
  • Colorado Springs CO cop already facing 196 counts child porn & sexual abuse of a child charges involving 21 kids may face more charges in allegations he had even more victims [0]
  • Osceola Co FL deputy found guilty of child abuse, sexual activity w/child & attempted sexual activity w/child that was in his care. [0]
  • Bernalillo Co NM deputy investigated after seen on video violently shoving woman in dispute over table at restaurant. The video also shows the off-duty deputy and his friend, a former deputy from Texas, put their hands on their guns during the incident. [1]
  • Sunrise FL cop arrested on agg assault charges on allegations he slashed tires on a car at a gas station then threatened 2 men who witnessed it with a knife [0]
  • Ector Co TX deputy fired after being arrested on domestic violence charges for the second time this year [0]
  • Oxnard CA police detective suspended after arrested on suspicion of domestic violence involving unspecified woman [1]
  • Jonesboro GA cop fired for false statements claims it was retaliation for reporting excessive force & discrimination[3]
  • Indianapolis IN police major/councilman found guilty of extortion & solicitation of a bribe in fed sting operation [0]
  • Asbury Park NJ cop fired after jury finds her guilty of forging Army relocation orders to get out of rental lease [0]
  • 3 Glendale CA cops rehired by civil service commission ruling after fired for taking cop car on joyride to Vegas [0]
  • Honolulu HI cop indicted for impersonating other officers and forging their names on checks in order to skirt limitations on special duty shifts [0]
  • Annville PA police chief charged w/2 counts record tampering for falsified records related to state-funded program [0]

In addition to the reports above, three videos were brought to our attention by a reader via email but weren’t added to our feed yet due to a number of different credibility considerations that I have to take into account. Still, in the spirit of transparency here are those videos along with my concerns about them:

Video 1:
This video from Compton allegedly shows “police brutality” via an officer apparently shoving a woman against a cruiser in a highly charged situation where he then appears to pull out an ASP baton as several men confront him and another suspect kicks out the window of his cruiser. Given the situation this officer was in it’s hard to say what the justification might have been, but the video isn’t clear enough to determine if the shove was excessive force or if it was even intentional given the swarm of people around the officer at the time. *CAUTION: This video is VERY loud, you may want to reduce your speaker volume before playing.

Video 2:
The person who took this video alleges that the officers from an unknown agency had used excessive force in this altercation involving apparently intoxicated individuals outside of a bar who were apparently in a fight. The problem here is that the actions shown appear to be in response to resistance shown by the individuals and the excessive force allegations involve activities that allegedly occurred before the video started. What’s disturbing here, though, is the shouts from the drunken crowd urging the cops to beat them up more. Furthermore, even if I didn’t have concerns, I couldn’t add this to our reports since I can’t figure out what agency is involved.

Video 3:
This news report shows a video clip showing an officer trying to pick a woman up by her hair while trying to get her to cooperate during an incident that occurred after an accident she was involved in along with her husband. The actions of the officer are pretty questionable here, the use of a person’s hair to physically manipulate them is generally banned by policy in most agencies because there is a high risk of serious injury, especially on someone who was just in an accident, and it’s degrading. However, the police claim that dascham videos they have show actions that justified the use of force before this other video started. I may still add this one, but it’s not as clear cut as it sounds.

…as always, I’m interested to hear what you think about these videos, do they show police misconduct? Would you have the same concerns I have? Remember, when I say credible I mean that the report must be credible to an average person, not necessarily someone who believes police misconduct is a problem or that all cops are bad. With that in mind, let us know by voting below and giving your reasoning in the comments section. You can vote for more than one option.
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That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-14-11

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, September 14, 2011:

  • Miami-Dade FL police claim they only slapped a mentally disabled man with down syndrome after chasing him because he had a suspicious bulge in his pants but witnesses say his face was injured when they bodyslammed him to the ground. The search revealed that the suspicious bulge was his colostomy bag. [2]

  • Denver CO police are being sued by 4 women over a videotaped incident showing 2 cops shoving & macing them. Those officers were later fired for lying about what happened. [0]
  • Meanwhile, Denver CO is facing the threat of a $5,000 per day fine for failing to turn over records of excessive force complaints as ordered by a judge as part of a lawsuit. [4]
  • Baltimore MD settles suit for $30k to a man who suffered a broken arm & head injuries when police yanked him from his car & stomped on him during a traffic stop. [3]
  • New York NY cop arrested on DUI & vehicular manslaughter charges for off duty accident killing 22yr-old pedestrian [0]
  • Onondaga Co NY deputy has pled guilty to 1 of 36 counts in deal for using position to engage in sex w/young teen boys [0]
  • Fort Pierce FL cop gets probation in plea deal for repeatedly patting down a homeless woman before forcing her to strip and lay naked for him inside her tent. [0]
  • US FBI agents mistakenly raid home of CBS News correspondent as she nursed newborn in bedroom (via @RadleyBalko) [0]
  • Golden Beach FL “cop of the month” caught on video threatening to arrest motorist for recording him during a traffic stop [3]
  • Fountain Valley CA police sued by dispatcher claiming police sergeant repeatedly sexually harassed & groped her [3]
  • Las Vegas NV cop arrested on solicitation charge after spotted picking up a prostitute & having sex in parking lot [0]
  • Valley Brook OK police chief charged w/drug trafficking & other charges after traffic stop uncovered paraphernalia [0]
  • Grant Co IN deputy said to have been drinking before dying in head-on crash that severely injured other motorist [0]
  • Hastings NE police capt arrested on drunk driving charges after crashing his pickup truck while off duty [0]
  • Worcester State Univ MA police cmdrs reprimanded over video showing practice of cops raiding campus cafe at night [0]
  • Leland NC police chief accused of punching one of his officers during bachelor party in Myrtle Beach [1]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-13-11

Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, September 13, 2011:

  • Natchez MS cop sentenced to 2yrs prison for stealing credit cards from man he allegedly beat in back of cruiser [0]
  • Royston GA police officer arrested on child molestation charges possibly involving multiple incidents [1]
  • Aiken Co SC deputy claims he was frightened by family’s toothless arthritic elderly dog when he shot it to death [2]
  • Baltimore MD cop pleads guilty to conspiracy & extortion charges in tow kickback scandal, 7th of 17 to plead so far [0]
  • US FBI detains & strip searches arab/jewish housewife because 2 Indian men next to her on flight used bathroom [3]
  • Florida State trooper, Westchester Co NY cop & 3 TSA agents arrested for alleged roles in oxycodone trafficking ring [0]
  • US CIA investigate themselves to see whether laws were broken when they helped NYPD build spy program [1]
  • Leland NC cop wins harassment complaint after repeatedly shot in a “private area” w/training ammo by fellow cops [2]
  • Cuyahoga Co OH deputy charged w/menacing & public indecency for masturbating & chasing women in park on day off [0]
  • San Diego CA police sued by cop claiming detectives in sex crimes unit sexually harassed & retaliated against her [3]
  • Honolulu HI cop investigated after allegedly posting pic & making fun of badly burned theft suspect on Facebook page [0]
  • Essex Co NJ deputy pleads guilty to laundering what he believed was drug trafficking money in sting operation [0]
  • Memphis TN cop arrested on domestic assault charge for allegedly hitting ex-husband in the back of the head [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-12-11

Here are the 21 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, September 12, 2011:

  • Buena Vista MI police officer arrested on premeditated murder charges related to the strangulation death of a woman who was weeks away from giving birth to what police believe is his child. [0] (Corrected from being listed as “Saginaw County previously)
  • Northside TX ISD cop with a history of 16 reprimands is the subject of a lawsuit by the family of a 14-year-old student who was fatally shot in a questionable incident where the officer’s report was contradicted by a witness [3]
  • Cottageville SC is citing budget pressure as their reason for firing a cop who had been fired or forced to resign from a number of other police departments for excessive force and misconduct who is now being investigated for fatally shooting that town’s ex-mayor with a shotgun. [2]
  • Charleston WV police are being sued for unreasonable force by the widow of cop who was killed by friendly fire during a car chase involving a man suspected of misdemeanor crimes. [0]
  • New Orleans LA cop sentenced to 210 years in prison after pleading guilty to 7 counts of rape, 6 of those counts involved the teen daughter of his girlfriend. [0]
  • San Francisco CA cop was videotaped hitting a photojournalist’s camera twice during the latest BART police brutality protest [3]
  • Montreal QC police under investigation over videotaped incident where woman was thrown into metal pole [0]
  • Haines FL sued by an innocent man who lost job and home after he was arrested, strip searched & jailed for 2 days due to a warrant made out to the same-name except that it was for a woman [0]
  • Maui HI cop sentenced to 18mo prison for stealing $1500 from motorist during a traffic stop and for extorting sex from a female detainee [0]
  • Edinburg TX police sued by strip club owners after police confiscate cash & property in raid that found nothing [4]
  • Meigs GA cop fired after arrested on statutory rape charges following a local & state investigation [1]
  • West Memphis AR cop arrested on domestic battery charge after teachers report suspicious marks on his stepchild [0]
  • Los Angeles CA USD cop convicted on false evidence & other charges for fake shooting incident that sparked lockdown and manhunt [0]
  • Edison Twp NJ settles discrimination & retaliation suit for $250k to cop suspended after complaint about fellow cop [0]
  • US District Court for Eastern District New York overturns ruling allowing stopping & searching vehicles on hunch [0]
  • Pinal Co Sheriff’s dpt admits policy error as Prison Legal News files suit over refusal to deliver mag to prisoners [0]
  • Perry Twp OH cop remains on duty after arrested on assault charge involving unspecified woman [2]
  • Chattanooga TN cop accused of having role in pressuring a bar to censor a band when they played song critical of cops [3]
  • Seattle WA police sergeant retires ahead of disciplinary hearing over rubberstamped DUI arrest reports [0]
  • Waynesboro GA cop resigns after suspended for allegedly destroying drug evidence to give teen break at traffic stop [0]
  • 2 New York NY cops under investigation for sexually suggestive dancing on video during West Indian Day parade [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 09-10-11 to 09-11-11

Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of September 10-11, 2011:

  • West Covina CA settles suit for $1.5mil to family of man shot 15x by cops claiming he took the baton they beat him with and attacked them with it after they detained him for being suspicious [3]
  • 2 Chicago IL cops sued by man claiming they beat him for taking photos of them dragging a man down street with their police cruiser. [5]
  • Washington Co NY settles claim for $83k to family of 83yr-old man struck by cruiser chasing car w/o lights or siren [0]
  • Doña Ana Co NM agrees to pay hospital bill for 19yr-old who was billed by the hospital that subjected her to a fruitless body cavity search that was ordered by the police. [1]
  • Sacramento Co CA settles suit for $400k to 2 men whose drug convictions were overturned thanks to recording [3]
  • BART CA police considering restrictions on media coverage of protests after detaining journalists at last protest [5]
  • Orleans Parish LA deputy arrested on agg rape, kidnapping & sexual malfeasance in office charges involving inmate [0]
  • 2 McCracken Co KY deputies reprimanded and apologize to dad of teen girl used in drug bust without his consent [0]
  • Cuyahoga Co OH deputy investigated after questioned for allegedly stalking women around park while on sick leave [0]
  • Portland OR cop arrested on drunk driving charge after found passed out in car while off duty [0]
  • Key West FL cop suspended after arrested on drunk driving and hit & run charges after crashing into parked car [0]
  • Mission TX police officer arrested on drunk driving charge after stopped by trooper for several alleged violations [0]
  • Mission TX police labor lawyers say police chief got preferential treatment despite gun being stolen from car [0]

As our long-time readers probably already know, we try to stick to using reports that pass a credibility bar in order to maintain the integrity of our statistical data in the face of a public that is highly skeptical about the issue of police misconduct. Sometimes reports come in that I have a difficult time determining if they pass our credibility tests due to any number of factors. Sometimes they are cases where there is culpability on both sides or when they present a new kind of issue that isn’t in the realm of typical misconduct. When that happens, I don’t like to judge them myself, but instead put them up for readers to debate about and vote on.

There were a couple of these kinds of reports this weekend… so please review and let us know what you think…

Where – Keene NH
Allegations – Excessive force and wrongful arrest
Considerations – Where the arrests lawful and, if so, was the level of force used justified?
Report –
[poll id=”6″]

Where – Fullerton CA
Allegations – 1st Amendment violations via harassment of people showing support by citing drivers who honked in support of anti-brutality protesters.
Considerations – Were the traffic stops legitimate or were they a form of harassment through selective enforcement?
Report –
[poll id=”7″]

Where – New Orleans LA
Allegations – High-ranking officer under investigation for violating recently enacted policy forbidding officers for asking for cash for escort jobs. The violation was that the officer asked for checks made out to cash, but investigators appear to suggest there was no evidence of malicious or fraudulent attempt.
Considerations – Was this an issue of an honest mistake made by an officer used to doing things a certain way as outlined by older policy or was there intent to defraud or violate policy? If not, was the mistake severe enough to merit being called misconduct?
Report –
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That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-09-11

Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, September 9, 2011:

  • Clarksburg WV cop was fired & indicted for battery & neglect of an incapacitated adult over an on-duty videotaped altercation shown above. [0]
  • Aransas Pass TX police are accused of beating & tasing a man in an apparent case of mistaken ID then planting drugs in order to cover for it, this according to sworn statements by several witnesses to the incident. [5]
  • Evergreen AL cop suspended pending possible firing for allegedly tasering woman after she was strapped into a restraint chair then laughing about it with other officers [0]
  • Chicago IL cops are being sued by a man who lost everything after he was tasered & peppersprayed during his arrest that resulted in him being jailed for 8mo before he was finally acquitted [3]
  • Detroit MI cop accused of beating & pistol whipping a man so badly while off duty at a teen girl’s party that an environmental cleanup crew had to be called to clean up all the blood. [3]
  • Philadelphia PA cop says he’ll keep being aggressive despite being the subject of 9 complaints, 2 suits & 3 brutality findings in 4yrs [0]
  • Washington Twp NJ cop arrested for hit & run accident that left seriously injured man laying in a parking lot [0]
  • Miami-Dade FL cop shoots family’s dog to death in their own backyard after he was warned not to go there by a neighbor while the officer was responding to a false burglar alarm [0]
  • Santa Fe NM sheriff sentenced to 3mo jail for stealing $75k worth of equipment from dept & selling it on eBay [0]
  • Eureka CA cop sentenced to probation in plea deal for felony heroin possession, vandalism & DMV record disclosures [0]
  • Palisades Park NJ cop fired over alleged on-duty affair w/borough employee & violent dispute with his wife [0]
  • Portland OR police sgt who used to head the police union is fired over 2 separate road rage incidents involving same woman [0]
  • Poughkeepsie NY cop pleads guilty to 3 felony charges for compromising drug investigations in exchange for cocaine [0]
  • Chicago IL cop who was arrested for DUI allegedly told his arresting officers “some day you could be real police officers like me” [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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