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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 12-02-11

Here are the 20 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, December 2, 2011:

  • Los Angeles Co CA deputies investigated for allegedly ignoring medical complaints and complaints about overly-tight cuffs by #OccupyLA protesters after the latest raid on their camp. [3]
  • However, there are more allegations against Los Angeles CA police & Los Angeles Co CA deputies detailing alleged post #OccupyLA raid abuses here as well. [3]
  • Univ of California Berkeley CA is being sued alleging police used excessive force on #OccupyCal protesters including actions in a videotaped incident showing officers hitting protesters with batons. 24 plaintiffs are involved in the suit so far. [3]
  • Detroit MI cop has been suspended after arrested on felony assault charges for allegedly pistol whipping man at teen girl’s birthday party. While this report downplays the allegations by saying the officer was only accused of pointing his gun at the victim, the original allegations from September, here, say he was beaten so badly that an environmental clean-up crew had to be called to clean up all the blood. [0]
  • Cole Co MO reserve deputy subject of suit by a man alleging the deputy shot him in the arm while he was talking on his cell phone as they were arresting his brother in response to a domestic disturbance call. [3]
  • Alameda Co CA now-former deputy sentenced to 3 years in prison for sexually assaulting his daughter throughout her childhood. He had previously been the subject of other allegations involving sex with minors. [0]
  • Chicago IL cop pleads guilty to racketeering & drug charges, admits he used his position as an officer to help a gang rob people. [0]
  • New York NY Internal Affairs detective who led the ticket fixing scandal investigation is now under investigation himself on allegations he investigated one of his own internal affairs officers suspected of leaking info to the police union. He claims the investigation is an attempt at retaliation and an effort to weaken the criminal case against serveral criminally charges officers in that case. [5]
  • Maricopa Co AZ sheriff refuses to investigate allegations that his deputy chief threatened to illegally arrest a reporter and take her child from her if she didn’t cooperate with one of that agency’s highly questionable politically motivated investigations. [5]
  • US Border Patrol is being sued by a now-former agent who was fired for talking to another officer about LEAP, his opposition to drug war & his feelings of sympathy for immigrants. [3]
  • Niagara Falls NY cop found guilty of assaulting one of his girlfriends, giving her concussion by punching her in the head, during a domestic dispute [0]
  • Hawthorn CA files a claim against El Segundo CA police claiming their officer caused a fatal crash that killed a Hawthorn cop during another officer’s funeral processions. [1]
  • New York NY Bronx cop was suspended & may be charged for continuing to get sick pay after ignoring return to duty order a year earlier. [0]
  • Normandy MO cop was charged with felony theft for allegedly using a city gas card to get over $5k in gas for his and his family’s personal cars [0]
  • Jennings MO police lieutenant pleads guilty to stealing funds that were intended to pay cops for DUI checkpoint overtime [0]
  • Fayette Co WV deputy sentenced to repay approx $77k of the $374k he was convicted of embezzling, apparently there was no jail or probation sentence involved. [0]
  • New Brunswick NJ cop gets a pre-trial diversion deal for voter fraud and theft by deception/insurance fraud, such diversion programs usually result in the charges being dismissed. [0]
  • Asbury Park NJ cop sentenced to probation for forging Army relocation orders in effort to break rental agreement. [0]
  • Bakersfield CA cop gets plea deal for weaving through traffic while operating police cruiser while on prescription drugs [0]
  • Butler Co OH deputy gets 3 days jail in plea deal for reckless operation, was charged with drunk driving while behind the wheel of an unmarked cruiser [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 12-01-11

Here are the 32 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, the first day of December, 2011:

  • Southwest City MO cop was found guilty of manslaughter for shooting a man in the head from behind following a police chase, he claimed he opened fire as the driver tried to run him over but the ballistics contradicted him. [0]
  • 3 Santa Rosa CA cops investigated for beating a man on video, breaking 3 of his ribs, then arresting the person who recorded the incident on his cellphone and his friend who also claims the officers used excessive force on him as well. [3]
  • 2 Bartlesville OK cops charged with assault after an investigation into allegations that they used excessive force on a hospital patient. [0]
  • New Orleans LA cop sentenced to 5yrs in prison for his role in the Danziger Bridge shooting cover up following Hurricane Katrina. [0]
  • Wheeling WV cop who was caught peeping into a school window by state troopers has been charged with sexually assaulting 2 women. [0]
  • Rhinelander WI cop was found guilty of sexual assault, intimidation & threatening a witness in a split jury decision. [0]
  • Hartford AR police chief was arrested for allegedly coercing sex from a suicidal woman he detained in exchange for his not taking her to the hospital or jail. [0]
  • Charlotte Co FL deputy assigned as a middle school resource officer has resigned after an investigation into allegations that he was sexting 14yr-old girl and was visiting her after he was told not to. [0]
  • Miami-Dade FL cop is accused of opening the door to a woman’s without a warrant then slamming it on her hand after threatening to arrest her for arguing with a cop that yelled at her for looking out her door as they were searching for a suspect. [4]
  • Indianapolis IN police are the subject of a complaint alleging a flawed gun case against a teen was in retaliation for a previous brutality case involving that teen. [5]
  • Albuquerque NM police school resource officer is the subject of a lawsuit along with school officials alleging he cuffed & jailed a 13yr-old kid for burping in gym class. The suit also alleges they strip searched the same kid in front of 5 adults in another incident when someone accused him of selling pot. No drugs were found. [3]
  • Vermont police were found to have violated the rights of farm workers by that state’s Human Rights Commission over an alleged racial profiling traffic stop. [1]
  • New York State Court police officer was sentenced to probation in plea deal for holding a hostage during an armed stand-off with police. [0]
  • White Mountain Apache Tribe AZ police officer was convicted on rights violations for leaving 2 detained men exposed to harsh weather conditions then driving off. [0]
  • Highlands Co FL deputy arrested on 16 counts of possession of child porn after 2-month long investigation [0]
  • Indianapolis IN police major who was also councilman sentenced to 40 months in prison for extortion & bribery [0]
  • Seattle WA officials were slammed by the NAACP for their reaction, or lack thereof, to a sharply critical letter from top DOJ officials recommending they fix problems that hindered the prosecution of police officers for brutality. The letter, and the reaction, was prompted by the city attorney dropping assault charges against an undercover cop caught on camera kicking a teen and then caught punching a man who recorded him on the same night… though the officer wasn’t charged for that either. City officials infuriatingly claim they can’t do anything the feds tell them to do without asking permission to do so from the police union. [3]
  • Scottsboro AL city officials say 4 cops who admitted to abusing steroids can’t be fired because they can’t be charged thanks to the Garrity Rule which prevents confessions made by cops during internal investigations from being used in criminal cases… and cops can’t be fired unless they are convicted of something there. [0]
  • West Melbourne FL police chief has been asked to resign for failing to charge a police commander who admitted to stealing drugs from the department for his personal use. That officer was allows to retire on a $3,000 a month pension instead. [3]
  • Burgettstown PA settles suit for $15k to a female cop who was arrested for trying to find why there was a hidden camera in a room she used to get dressed. [3]
  • Maine State trooper loses certification after panel determines he likely assaulted his wife, breaking her collarbone, despite her later recanting her statement to get the charges dropped. [0]
  • RCMP constable in Alberta pleads guilty to assaulting his former girlfriend in a dispute over snoring, he resigned afterward [0]
  • Appling Co GA deputy was sentenced to 2 months prison +$1,500 fine for tipping off suspect to pending drug raid [0]
  • Pennsylvania State constable sentenced to 1-2yrs prison for an attempt to steal millions from an armored car company’s vault [0]
  • Princeton WV cop arrested on allegations he stole $83 from a police property envelope, he resigned before he was arrested [0]
  • 2 Richfield OH cops suspended 2 weeks after charged with theft for stealing a fence that fell off a truck. [1]
  • Latah Co ID deputy faces felony grand theft charge in unspecified case being investigated by state police [2]
  • Pittsburgh PA cop faces insurance fraud charges after admitting to lying about parking lot accident. [0]
  • Eagan MN cop reprimanded for using a police database for personal reasons, as a result he also lost access to the state driver records database for 3 months. Officers in other agencies were also accused of doing the same to look up info on a retired officer. [1]
  • Kitsap Co WA deputy arrested on drunk driving charge after stopped by state trooper, tested .13 BAC [0]
  • Adams Co NE deputy arrested on suspicion of drunk driving while on sick leave, he was detained briefly before released. [0]
  • North Miami FL cop faces firing for an alleged plot with another police employee to cast a magic spell on a city official who was planning to slash police budgets… Really? They fire cops in Florida for that but Seattle WA city officials can’t wipe their own butts without saying mother may I to the police union? Sheesh… [0]

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-30-11

Here are the 21 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, November 30, 2011:

  • New York NY cop found to have acted recklessly in a police commission hearing over the fatal shooting of Sean Bell on his wedding day. Though the police commissioner has recommended firing the officer, it’s not clear yet if that’s what will happen as a result of the finding. [0]
  • New Jersey jury awards $2.1mil plus $150k in punitive damages in the fatal shooting of Native American by state park police officer. It’s unclear if the state or the officer will have to pay the punitive damages. [0]
  • McFarland CA cop was fired for allegedly unleashing his police dog on a man who wasn’t resisting then beating him with his baton. [0]
  • Beaver PA settles suit for $32k to a man allegedly tasered 2x, hit in head handcuffs then shoved through a window by a cop. [0]
  • Amherstburg ON cop accused of assaulting police chief’s grandson during a traffic stop faces disciplinary action for it. [0]
  • Virginia State Police capt gets suspended sentence in plea deal that dropped several charges for sexually abusing his stepdaughters for years. [0]
  • Illinois State police settle suit for $2.5mil to man who spent 17yrs on death row based on faulty evidence. [1]
  • Washtenaw Co MI undercover deputy sued by teen alleging the plainclothes officer didn’t identify himself before throwing him through a window because he didn’t stop when commanded. The teen was accosted because the cops thought he was suspicious for running down the sidewalk… when he was only returning from the bank to get change for his employer. [3]
  • Endicott NY cops accused of pepperspaying a cuffed man in the back of a cruiser then pepperspaying a radio host who objected to what he witnessed. [4]
  • Polk Co FL deputy arrested on allegations he molested a 14yr-old girl he was babysitting with three other younger kids… all while he was watching porn in front of them. [0]
  • San Antonio TX cop takes plea deal to official oppression charge for coercing an 18yr-old girl into sex when she was facing a drug investigation. [0]
  • WA Olympic Peninsula Narc Enforcement Team is accused of planting evidence, trespassing & using sex offender informant to make a questionable marijuana bust. The team appears to be made up of local law enforcement officers and federal border patrol agents. [3]
  • Stamford CT police settle suit for unspecified sum to a woman claiming a cop threatened her then illegally searched & falsely arrested her. [2]
  • Santa Fe NM police union tries to pressure a journalist into revealing who gave him a police brutality video that resulted in 2 cops being fired and 2 others being disciplined. [5]
  • Prince George Co MD police are accused of refusing to show a warrant during a raid on a civil rights attorney’s home and telling her that “there are no rights here” when she informed them of her rights. She wasn’t the subject of the raid. [4]
  • New Hartford NY cop resigns after arrested on misd charges for allegedly choking his wife during dispute [0]
  • Plaquemines Parish LA sheriff pleads guilty to federal conspiracy to commit mail fraud & bribery charges [0]
  • Denville NJ cop pleads guilty to official misconduct charge in plea deal for stealing drugs from evidence room [0]
  • Benton Harbor MI cop working as school resource officer and a pastor resigns while the subject of an unspecified state criminal investigation. [3]
  • 2 Port Orange FL cops resign in probe over strange attempt to cover for pain pill abuse by sharing pills [0]
  • Houston TX police officer caught on cellphone video texting while driving motorcycle in traffic [1]

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-29-11

Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, November 29, 2011:

  • Niagara Co NY deputies accused of excessive force on business owner who refused to show ID at false burglary call [1]
  • Michigan State trooper charged w/manslaughter for crashing into 2 teens pushing moped, killing one [0]
  • Vineland NJ cop suspended pending termination after misleading judge in warrant application, 39 cases dismissed [0]
  • 2 Abbeville LA cops fired, 1 for warrantless search, other for not turning on recorder, 2 others suspend for same [1]
  • Maui HI police officer arrested on domestic violence charges involving his wife during Thanksgiving [0]
  • Nassau Co FL sheriff’s lt arrested on domestic battery charge for allegedly punching girlfriend in the face [0]
  • Yakima WA police officer already on leave arrested after allegedly violating court order for estranged wife [1]
  • Newburgh NY cop convicted of false reports & insurance fraud, claimed hit&run crash that injured 4 was crash w/deer [0]
  • Sutton WV police chief charged w/petit larceny & giving false info to trooper for selling confiscated gun to cop [0]
  • 2 Alpharetta GA cops get verbal reprimand for mishandling investigation of council member accused of shoving tot [1]
  • Albany NY cop suspended w/o pay while investigated for allegedly stealing fireworks found during traffic stop [0]
  • Lowndes Co GA deputy demoted & suspended after driving police cruiser to work after drinking [0]
  • Denver CO cop in figherfighter beating case docked 2days pay for not documenting detainee’s injuries in other case [0]
  • Lake Co CA DA says sheriff violated fed civil rights laws in bid to keep Hells Angels away but won’t charge him [0]

Sorry for the lack of details tonight, it’s been a very long and difficult day and I’m struggling with some serious eye strain and headaches.

Stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-28-11

Here are the 25 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, November 28, 2011:

  • San Jose CA police sergeant allegedly murdered his wife before fatally shooting himself in murder-suicide incident [0]
  • Seymour IN cop accused of using excessive force on a 120lb 63yr-old man who says he will lose an eye from injuries caused by the officer repeatedly slamming his head against a police cruiser hood and the pavement outside his home. The cops say he fled a traffic stop for running a stop sign. [3]
  • Carrabassett Valley ME now-former police officer was sentenced to an actual total of 10 years prison for repeatedly sexually abusing a girl under the age of 12 for a period of over 4 years. While he claims the sexual abuse stopped a month or so before he became an officer, he was accused of intimidating the girl into keeping quiet about it during that time. [0]
  • Windsor ON police officer is under investigation on unspecified allegations of sexual assault [3]
  • Athens Co OH deputy takes plea deal that will likely result in probation for coercing sex from female drug defendants. The deal also removes any charges involving a sex crime. [0]
  • RCMP cop pleads guilty to assault for hitting man in the face w/flashlight while responding to a noise complaint call at the wrong house. [0]
  • Las Vegas NV settles suit for $83k to tourist who suffered broken leg when arrested by cops for breaking up fight [0]
  • Biloxi MS cop investigated for using vulgarity on video before apparently arresting a man for talking back. Police say no policy appears to have been violated aside from rules about using vulgarity, but allegations that the officer and others were dropping a cuffed and passed out suspect on his face repeatedly before the video started appear as though they are being ignored. [4]
  • Raeford NC police chief says his resignation has nothing to do with an excessive force suit against him and four other officers from when he led the Coats NC PD [3]
  • Cleveland TN police chief is accused of knowing about statutory rape & drug abuse allegations against his officers but refused to investigate them, they were eventually charged and convicted. [4]
  • Ontario Provincial Police constable found guilty on 3 counts of sexual misconduct involving a female 17yr-old dept employee. [0]
  • Medford MA police sued by man claiming police wrongfully arrested and detained him twice on same recalled warrant [3]
  • Toronto ON settles suit for unspecified sum to man unlawfully detained 28hrs & strip searched during G20 [3]
  • North Charleston SC cop arrested on 3rd deg assault charge for allegedly punching man at bar while off duty. He was already facing charges over an apparent domestic incident from earlier this year. [0]
  • Charlotte NC cop was arrested on assault & battery with a dangerous weapon charges for smashing a beer bottle over a man’s head while playing poker on Thanksgiving. [0]
  • Washington DC police chief apologizes to videographer threatened by police while recording carjacking rescue [0]
  • Platteville CO police chief arrested on felony identity theft & embezzlement of public property charges [1]
  • Atlanta GA police major suspended 15 days for letting mayor’s brother go at traffic stop despite suspended license [0]
  • Craig CO police officer arrested on suspicion of domestic violence & harassment in unspecified incident [1]
  • Broward Co FL deputy under investigation after posting questionable comments on news channel’s Facebook page [0]
  • Starr Co TX deputy arrested on illegal gaming charge after using county vehicle to spotlight animals [1]
  • Orleans Parish LA deputy arrested on several charges for smuggling cell phones into the jail for inmates [0]
  • Concord CA police captain voids police lieutenant’s traffic accident citation “in the interest of justice” [4]
  • Cape Coral FL cop who resigned over fake GED may have also lied about military service & medals, may face charges [0]
  • Los Angeles Co CA deputy faces felony charges for DUI crash that caused injuries, tested almost 2x limit [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 11-19-11 to 11-20-11

Here are the 11(13) reports tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of November 26 to 27, 2011:

  • Sarasota FL settles suit for $40k to man in videotaped excessive force case that led to officer & chief resigning [0]
  • Fullerton CA police dept’s history examined, including brutality, false arrests, raids & questionable detainee deaths. While this specifically isn’t new, a review of the entire report revealed three incidents that we weren’t aware of:
    • Fullerton CA police sued by woman claiming 2 warrantless raids on her home then harassment over complaint [5]
    • Fullerton CA cop destroyed his personal audio recorder after detainee found hanged in cell after having exchange with cop [5]
    • Fullerton CA police accused of mass detention of minorities at park while responding to alleged weapon complaint, none found [5]
  • Las Vegas NV officer-involved shootings the focus of newspaper’s “Always Justified” multi-part investigative report. While this one didn’t lead to any specific cases that we haven’t tracked, but the allegations appears to be that there is an overall lack of accountability for officer-involved shooting incidents. [1]
  • Lakeside WA police sued by man whose legs were severely injured by police dog when police responded to a domestic dispute call that resulted in no charges [3]
  • Adams Co CO sued by deaf man held 25 days without access to sign language interpreter after a questionable domestic violence arrest when police responded to a disturbance call and heard the deaf couple verbalizing. [3]
  • St Lucie Co FL deputy arrested a man for filming a traffic stop, alleging that the cop watcher was verbally abusive. What was more disturbing was the Sun Sentinel newspaper wrongly reporting that cop watching is illegal and stupid. [5]
  • Campbell OH police dog attacked an 8yr-old boy after apparently mistaking him playing in grandmother’s yard for the kind of behavior it’s trained to attack, namely a suspect running. The boy’s parents say the officer walking the dog should have had it under control. [0]
  • Paterson NJ settles suit for $10k to man shot by his ex-girlfriend police officer in case where both faced charges [0]
  • Lincoln Co GA sheriff’s sergeant suspended while subject of investigation into unspecified citizen complaint [2]
  • Philadelphia PA man claiming to be cop has been posting menacing messages to #OccupyPhiladelphia’s Facebook page, which would be a violation of departmental policy if it is a cop doing it. [3]
  • Lake Stevens WA police officer was allegedly quietly convicted on a DUI charge but not disciplined despite other alleged complaints, all this came from an opinion piece from a reader to a local paper asking why it wasn’t being covered. [3]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-24-11 to 11-25-11 Live Edition

Since I took the day off yesterday I decided it’s only fair to make today’s review of police misconduct reports a live blogging edition. So I posted them as I found them.

So, here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for Thursday and Friday, November 24-25, 2011:

  • Richmond CA settled a lawsuit for $1.5mil to the family of a mentally ill man who died after tasered for 72 seconds straight and beaten with batons by 4 police officers. [0]
  • Marco Island FL settles suit for $50k to a man who was punched then peppersprayed along with his two friends by a cop while they were cuffed in a police cruiser, as shown in the above video. [0]
  • Chatham-Kent ON cop was charged with assault causing bodily harm after man suffered serious facial injuries while detained, no details about the actual incident were released. [1]
  • A Kinston NC cop working an off-duty security gig at WalMart is accused of pepperspraying a man who accidentally fell into a cellphone display at that store. The spray affected at least 20 other shoppers and one news article decided to go with an Orwellian “Police use pepperspay to calm crowd” headline… I’m pretty sure that was pepperspay, not camomilespray. [1]
  • In the same incident, Kinston NC police are being accused of arresting an ex-cop for complaining about that cop’s use of pepperspray inside a crowded store. Use of pepperspray in an enclosed area like that is generally discouraged because it takes a long time to dissipate and has an increased likelihood of affecting bystanders. This is considered a separate complaint from the use of pepperspray itself. [5]
  • Buckeye AZ cops are accused of injuring a 54-year-old man, shown in the above video, by slamming him face-first into the concrete floor at a Toys-R-US after allegedly mistaking his attempt to save his grandson from being trampled by a Black-Friday shopping mob for an attempt at shoplifting. Generally, you can’t charge someone for shoplifting until that person tries to leave the store with the merchandise. Police say the officer did nothing wrong despite witness statements to the contrary. [3]
  • Del City OK police accused of using excessive force by tackling #OccupyOKC protesters from behind for doing mic checks at Walmart store [3]
  • Waterloo Regional ON police ordered to return property & pay $32k to man in suit over unlawful raid, arrest & strip search after police found nothing in his home. [3]
  • Canyon Co ID sheriff and chief deputy sued by ACLU alleging retaliation against jail detainees who filed complaints about that jail in an apparent effort to derail a lawsuit alleging unconstitutional conditions there. [5]
  • Nogales AZ cop suspended while investigated on allegations he had sex with a 17-year-old girl who was participating in that department’s explorer program. [0] UPDATE: That officer has now been charged with 13 counts of sexual conduct with a minor based on those allegations.
  • Montreal QC police officer arrested on 2 charges of luring a child on the internet, no other details released [1]
  • Stanislaus Co CA sheriff’s lieutenant on paid leave after charged with 2 counts of felony welfare fraud [1]
  • Houston TX cops sued for racial profiling alleging they cuffed & searched a man for being white in black neighborhood [3]
  • Barrie ON cop arrested on drunk driving charges while stopped for speeding, he was charged for drunk driving in 2005 as well but that case was dropped. [0]
  • Clayton County GA cop was arrested for doing 108mph in a 55mph zone, he claimed he was afraid of a desolate road he was on and wanted to hurry up and get past it. [0]
  • Mount Gilead OH cop was convicted on 18 of 20 theft charges despite his astounding defense that claimed that a ghost stole the city’s property, including 12 air conditioners, that were found in the basement of his home. [0]

That’s finally it for today. Stay safe out there!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone has a great holiday season and we’re very thankful for everyone’s continued support and interest in our project. The news feed will not be updating today and there won’t be a daily review this evening. All reports found for today will be reported in the news feed tomorrow and in tomorrow’s daily recap.

So, have a safe and happy thanksgiving out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-23-11

Here are the 22 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, November 23, 2011:

  • Toronto ON cop was found guilty of assault & sexual assault for squeezing a man’s testicles during a traffic stop. [0]
  • New York NY police are accused of excessive force during a questionable traffic stop that was allegedly nothing more than an attempt to fill the officers’ quotas [3]
  • Baltimore MD settles a lawsuit for $40k to a man injured by a cop who beat him with a baton when he was arrested on charges that were later dismissed. [0]
  • Baltimore MD settles another lawsuit for $67.5k to a man who was injured & falsely arrested by cops who mistook him for a robbery suspect. [0]
  • Utah Highway Patrol settles suit for $40k to a man who was caught on dashcam being tasered by a trooper during a DUI stop when he asked to talk to an attorney before agreeing to take a breathalyzer test. [0]
  • Seattle WA received a stinging rebuke from the US DOJ over a policy that gives overly broad protection against prosecution for cops who agree to be interviewed for internal investigations into excessive force. The rebuke came shortly after charges were dropped against an officer for an excessive force incident caught on camera, (which was actually three different incidents caught on video in the same night). City officials say that, no matter what the DOJ tells them to do, they have to ask the police union for permission before they can make any changes first.. [3]
  • Michigan State trooper faces charges for an alleged illegal strip search and cavity search, few details about this one are being released though. [1]
  • Louisiana State police are accused of giving a Terrebonne Parish LA deputy preferential treatment after he killed a pedestrian with an SUV. [4]
  • New York NY police told they’ll face discipline if they keep harassing journalists trying to cover police actions against #OccupyWallStreet. But, apparently, it was ok before since there won’t be any investigations into the arrests and mistreatment of journalists that already occurred. [3]
  • Denver CO police & city officials are the subject of a lawsuit by #OccupyDenver protesters alleging their rights are being violated via selective enforcement of city ordinances. [3]
  • Citrus Co FL deputy shot a Jack Russel Terrier to death while serving a warrant on the small pet owner’s son. Police are defending the officer by claiming he was afraid for his safety. The owner says someone that frightened by a tiny dog probably shouldn’t be a cop. [0]
  • Birmingham AL cop charged w/misd assault & endangerment after allegedly punching & pulling his gun on man in an alleged incident of road rage [0]
  • Passaic Co NJ deputy suspended & faces charges after fellow cop accuses him of terroristic threats & harassment [1]
  • Hamilton NJ cops are accused of sending threatening letters to officials boasting about their questionable DUI arrest of that township’s deputy mayor after some officers were laid off. [3]
  • Morgan Co IN deputy subject of investigation by special prosecutor possibly involving inappropriate emails to a teen [1]
  • San Antonio TX police sgt arrested on assault bodily injury & family violence on warrant after fight w/woman [0]
  • Jackson Co AR deputy resigns after accidentally discharging another officer’s weapon on video when he picked it up inside the jail. Nobody was injured. [0]
  • Norfolk VA cop pleads guilty to 1 count selling steroids & 1 count possession of marijuana, the deal drops 17 other counts [0]
  • Massachusetts State trooper allegedly flees to Florida, misses court date, after suspected DUI police chase [0]
  • Butler Co OH deputy suspended 40 days after arrested on DUI charge while driving unmarked cruiser [0]
  • Collegedale TN cop investigated after cops allegedly see him having sex in car while they made a DUI arrest nearby. Officials refuse to say if he was on duty but his cruiser was parked next to the truck he was allegedly having sex in. [2]
  • Waldwick NJ cop investigated for participating in a treasure hunt for jewelry while on duty. He won a necklace. [0]

Just a quick note, it’s likely I won’t be updating the news feed or doing a daily recap tomorrow because of the holiday, it’s rare that the media reports on police misconduct during holidays anyway, but we’ll see.

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-22-11

Here are the 28 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, November 22, 2011:

  • Scotland Neck NC cop is under investigation after a 61-year-old man he tasered while he was on a bicycle died. The officer was responding to a call about a man who fell off his bike and tasered him when he didn’t respond after ordered to stop but the man had a number of medical problems including difficulty hearing. The mayor of that town described him as being meek and never known to be a threat to anyone. [0]
  • Sharpsburg PA & Etna PA settle suit for $300k to the wife of a man who died after police allegedly beat and tasered him. [0]
  • 2 Seattle WA cops are accused of excessive force durring a traffic stop where they dragged a black man out of his car and beat him, causing injuries to his face and ribs. The man was charged on a stand-alone obstruction charge after a search of the car turned up nothing and even that charge was later dismissed. The department is currently the subject of a DOJ investigation into an alleged pattern of excessive force against minorities. [3]
  • Victoria BC cop found guilty of assault by choking a prisoner until he passed out in a holding cell [0]
  • Alabama State trooper charged w/2 counts negligent homicide after a 120mph on duty crash that killed a couple. [0]
  • Wisconsin State trooper convicted on 6 counts of sexual assault on a foster child that was placed in his care. [0]
  • Osceola Co FL deputy sentenced to 12.5 years in prison after convicted for sex abuse & battery of a child between the ages of 12 & 17. [1]
  • Warsaw IN cop suspended while investigated for alleged inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old high school girl [1]
  • Yemassee SC cop arrested for criminal sexual conduct & official misconduct for demanding and receiving oral sex in exchange for dropping a ticket. [0]
  • Harrisonburg VA cop is the subject of an investigation after he was accused of repeatedly beating an injured cat with his baton in order to “put it out of it’s misery” after it was injured by a car [3]
  • Portland OR police captain is on leave after he was charged with misdemeanor display of weapon over an alleged Idaho road rage incident that occurred in August. [0]
  • South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) officer allegedly gave false information in order to obtain a drug raid warrant that netted 17 arrests. The charges had to be dismissed because of the falsehoods. [1]
  • West Chester OH undercover officer charged with obstruction & evidence tampering over a drug investigation that he tried to help a friend get out of. [1]
  • Atlanta GA female officer working undercover in a prostitution sting operation is accusing her fellow officers of delaying their response when she signaled them after she got naked with a target of that operation and that officers showed the video recording of that incident to other officers not involved with the sting. [3]
  • Easton PA vice squad detective was demoted to patrol after an investigation into unspecified misconduct [3]
  • Bloomfield OH cop fired & 2 other resign as unspecified ongoing investigation that has been forwarded to the sheriff’s department & prosecutor [3]
  • 17 Detroit MI cops suspended after allegedly participating in a “sick-out” that the city says was an illegal strike [0]
  • Atlanta GA police hiring practices questioned after investigative report finds cops who shouldn’t have been hired including some who failed psychological exams but were hired anyway because of family members in the force. [3]
  •  Oxford NC cop suspended after arrested along with his father on assault inflicting serious bodily injuries charges [2]
  • New Milford CT cop facing felonies for extorting money from teen takes alford plea to reduced misd charge [0]
  • Pennsylvania State trooper sentenced to 1 week jail for assaulting his neighbor after 5yr fued, trooper was fired [0]
  • Berkeley Co SC deputy arrested on official misconduct & domestic violence charges after state investigation [1]
  • Indiana State police commander pleads guilty to 17 felony counts for embezzling over $91k in funds from the post he was in charge of. [0]
  • Memphis TN cop arrested on possession of marijuana charges during traffic stop by Tenn State Univ police [0]
  • Louisiana Sate trooper resigns in order to avoid charges for misusing state gas card to fuel his personal vehicle [0]
  • Minnesota State trooper faces possible disciplinary action, admitted to being distracted in crash that injured 2 [0]
  • Massachusetts State police capt suspended after arrested on suspicion of DUI following chase in unmarked cruiser [0]
  • Blue Ash OH cop gets treatment & fine in plea deal dropping DUI charge, 2nd reckless operation offense in a year [0]

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