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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-21-11

Here are the 15 reports of police misconduct tracked by our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, April 21, 2011:

  • Winnfield LA police chief convicted on obstruction charge for interfering w/arrest of woman by federal agents [0]
  • Tallassee AL asst police chief arrested on 40 felony counts for misuse of police data & ethics violations [1]
  • Euclid OH police officer fatally shoots self before questioned about failure to cooperate w/missing evidence probe [0]
  • Temple GA cop arrested for sexual battery & child cruelty after allegedly sexually battering woman in front of child [0]
  • Alexandria VA police officer arrested on fraud charges over allegations he sold salvaged vehicle to unwitting buyer [0]
  • Macomb County MI sheriff’s sgt charged w/improper use of state police database after unspecified investigation [1]
  • 2 Birmingham AL cops subject of suit by man shown on video being kicked & beaten while trying to comply w/commands [3]
  • 2 Huntington Beach CA cops sued by man who called cops about stray dogs & was choked out by responding officers [3]
  • Lynchburg VA settles suit for $250k to family of man who died while lawfully resisting arrest during home search [0]
  • Smithfield NC police patrol cmdr found guilty of passing stopped school bus & suspended 5 days w/o pay [0]
  • Chicago IL police officer convicted of attempting to bilk 90yr-old of his $500k home & $400k in investments [0]
  • San Diego CA cop on desk duty while under investigation on unspecified allegations of criminal misconduct [2]
  • Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police found to have misused $5mil in federal anti-terrorism grant funds [0]
  • 3 Glendale CA cops no longer work for dept after probe into joyride to Vegas, dept won’t say if fired or quit [1]
  • Sullivan City TX police chief sentenced to 10yrs after pleading to helping traffickers move 2 tons of pot thru town [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-20-11

Here are the 17 report of police misconduct tracked by our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, April 20, 2011:

  • 6 Bridgeton MO cops subject of suit & a possible FBI probe over allegations that one of them needlessly beat & tasered a man in holding area in an incident caught on video which appears to contradict the police reports. The others appear to be accused of either covering up the incident and/or failing to assist the victim. [3]
  • A Pleasantville NY cop is being sued by the family of a Pace college football player who was shot to death by the officer as he was driving away as allegedly directed to do by another officer. The suit comes just one week after the officer was awarded as police officer of the year by his police union over the incident. [0]
  • A US DOD police officer pleads guilty to crossing state lines to engage in illicit sexual conduct & child enticement. [0]
  • A Broward County FL deputy was charged w/vehicular homicide over high-speed on duty crash that killed a 14yr-old girl [0]
  • An Ontario Provincial swat team raided a wrong apartment, dragged an innocent man from his bed while naked and at gunpoint, then declared the mission a success after realizing they had the wrong door and arrested a man in an apartment on the floor below for possession of an illegal weapon and marijuana. [3]
  • A Philadelphia PA cop was arrested along w/several others over an alleged insurance fraud scheme that allegedly netted the accused parties  millions. [0]
  • A 3rd of 4 Chicago IL cops who were part of the now-disbanded SOS unit pled guilty to a civil rights charge for a false arrest in 2004. [0]
  • Santa Clara CA & Campbell CA sued by 54yr-old woman claiming cops falsely arrested her & searched home w/o warrant or permission while the cops claimed they were looking for the woman’s daughter who didn’t live there. [3]
  • Orange County FL deputy arrested for battery, robbery w/a firearm & aggravated assault w/a firearm for allegedly entering a man’s home with another person then stealing his gun and then allegedly threatening him with his own gun. The second suspect in this case is still at large. [0]
  • A Memphis TN cop is accused of overreacting in a video showing him dragging female motorist from moving car which then continued moving as the officer carried the woman away by her pants. A bystander was eventually able to stop the vehicle and witnesses apparently contradicted the officer’s version of events. [2]
  • Rio Grande TX police chief & city manager suspended after sued by female employee for sexual harassment & retaliation [3]
  • A Los Angeles County CA deputy won a $900k settlement on allegations that his supervisor sexually harassed him then threatened him to keep him from reporting it. [0]
  • Harvard Univ MA police are being sued by an officer claiming racial discrimination & racial bias among superior officers. [0]
  • 2 Indiana State cops resigned on allegations of sleeping on job & rummaging through belongings at the governor’s residence, the other officer apparently was his supervisor. [0]
  • Richmond CA cop resigns while investigated for hiring teen explorers for his unauth private security company [0]
  • Albuquerque NM police sgt investigated for allowing wife to pick up Bernalillo cop instead of booking him for DUI [0]
  • Merced County CA deputy arrested on drunk driving charges after allegedly hitting own cruiser w/SUV while off duty [0]

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-19-11

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, April 19, 2011:

  • Lee County AL deputy accused of shooting family’s dog after told it doesn’t bite then wouldn’t let them help it [3]
  • 2nd of 4 Chicago IL cops w/disbanded SOS unit pleads guilty to civil rights & tax charges for robbing people of $40k [0]
  • Niles MI cop pleads guilty to criminal sexual miscodnuct for molesting 19yr-old male detainee at police dept [0]
  • Methuen MA settles suit for $120k to cop claiming retaliation for cooperating w/fed probe of mayor & police capt [3]
  • 2 Washington County KY deputies plead guilty to federal possession of marijuana with intent to distribute charges [0]
  • Wilson County TN deputy arrested for obstruction on allegations he sold info about fed probe to drug dealers [0]
  • Portland OR sued by woman who wasn’t allowed to cover up when arrested w/o pants by cop convicted of sex misconduct [3]
  • Hawaii DPS Sheriff’s deputy arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse over allegations he choked his wife [0]
  • Americus GA police officer resigns before turning himself in on DV and cruelty to children charges [0]
  • South Burlington VT cop suspended indefinitely w/pay after found liable for $100k in damages over raid on clergyman [3]
  • RCMP organized crime unit officer in BC arrested on allegations he stole $400 from a casino [0]
  • Rosebud TX cop who confronted residents about speed trap warning signs is fired for working outside city limits [1]
  • Conyers GA cop resigns after suspended 5 days for trying to show nude cellphone pics of woman to teen explorer [0]
  • Park County CO sheriff’s sgt demoted for allowing minor to consume alcohol at a party he hosted [0]
  • DeSoto County MS deputy resigns after arrested on drunk driving charges for refusing DUI test during traffic stop [0]
  • Atlanta GA cop to face disciplinary action after caught by reporter parked in handicap spot while buying milkshake [0]

Remember folks, I really need everyone’s help tracking reports this week. I really appreciate every one everyone sends even if they don’t make it on the feed because they were already tracked or didn’t qualify. Thank you!

…and stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-18-11

Sorry this one is late folks, as I mentioned yesterday I’ll be pressed for time this week and possibly for a while after that. During this time I’ll really need as many people as possible to send me the reports of police misconduct they see which they think I might have missed. Thanks for the help!

On that note, here are the 9 reports of police misconduct I was able to track for this Monday, April 18, 2011:

  • 2 Nassau County NY cops subject of lawsuit alleging they used excessive force on a 90yr-old man in nursing home during a medical assistance call. [3]
  • A Paw Paw MI police officer was sentenced to probation in a plea deal for steroid possession. He was fired while he was under investigation for it. [0]
  • An Atlanta GA police officer was exonerated by internal affairs while the review board found that he falsely arrested a man who startled him in a stairwell. [4]
  • A New Haven CT police officer pled no contest to assault & evading charges for breaking a 14-year-old girl’s legs in a hit & run accident. [0]
  • A San Antonio Park TX police officer was arrested on drunk driving charge after stopped for allegedly running a stop sign. [0]
  • A Halifax NS police officer was charged with breach of trust, threats & witness intimidation involving a drunk driving case. [1]
  • At least three Camden NJ police officers are accused of overreacting when they fired 33 rounds at an 8-month-old bull terrier that got off it’s leash, damaging cars and homes in the process. [3]
  • A Chicago IL police officer who was part of the infamous disbanded SOS unit pled guilty to a misdemeanor civil rights violation charge involving his false testimony in a drug case. [0]
  • A Seattle WA police sergeant was arrested on his second DUI charge in the last 6 years. He was also recently acquitted in a DV case where he was accused of cutting his wife. [0]

And finally, I’m on the fence about this one but take a look and chime in… A Memphis TN police officer was caught on video pulling a female motorist from a moving car then carrying her away before slamming her to the ground to arrest her after she allegedly hit him with her car. That car can be seen in the background continuing to move after she was removed, but a bystander was able to eventually stop it. Was it excessive? Was the officer wrong to pull a driver from a car in gear with disregard for the possible safety issues for others? Or was she more of a danger to others since she allegedly hit him with her car? Let me know.

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 04-16-11 to 04-17-11

Seems like it was a slow weekend for the National Police Misconduct News Feed with only 7 reports tracked for this April 16-17, 2011:

  • In an update to a story we first tracked on the 12th, information apparently leaked to the press indicate that the ticket fixing scandal in New York NY may include up to 400 police officers and that 40 additional officers are the subject of a grand jury investigation into bribery allegations as well. For those who are curious, 440 officers would be about 1.25% of the over 35,000 sworn law enforcement officers employed by the NYPD. [3]
  • Latimore Twp PA police are being sued by a family claiming that police illegally raided their home without a warrant based on a phone call alleging marijuana and guns were in their home and, in the process, that police used excessive force when they broke a man’s neck during the raid. [3]
  • Two San Carlos CA police officers are the subject of a settled lawsuit for $150,000 to a man who was falsely arrested when the officers illegally broke into his home over a minor suspected DUI accident. [0]
  • A Eureka CA police officer has resigned after being arrested for theft and drug possession. Moreover, the officer was already the subject of a warrant for his arrest in a domestic violence case when he was hired five months ago. [0]
  • A Houston TX police officer was arrested on drunk driving charges stemming from an off-duty traffic stop. [0]
  • A Greenwood SC police officer was placed on leave after being arrested on drunk driving charges stemming from a traffic stop. [0]
  • A Bernalillo NM police detective was arrested on drunk driving charges after refusing to take an alcohol test when stopped at a DUI checkpoint. [0]

Before I go, I did want to put out a call for help to all you readers out there. Please send me the reports you think we miss during the week, especially this week coming up. I’m going to be exceptionally pressed for time as we prep to move out by midnight Saturday. So please, send us those reports whether by email, twitter comments, comments here, or by using our contact page on the site. I really need your help here!

Thanks, and stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-15-11

Here are the 17 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, April 15, 2011:

  • Gary IN lost a $850k jury judgment to a 63-year-old man who lost an eye when a cop struck him in the head with a baton during an arrest. [3]
  • A Seaside CA cop already facing sexual assault charges involving 2 women now faces 33 counts involving 5 alleged victims, including one juvenile. [0]
  • A Chicago IL police sergeant was arrested on official misconduct & battery charges for repeatedly slapping cuffed man on video, shown above. [0]
  • An Oklahoma City OK police sergeant who is already under investigation on child molestation allegations has now been arrested on separate kidnapping charges and police report they had to use a taser during the arrest. [0]
  • In the above reader-submitted video, seven New York NY police are shown arresting a man when he legally refused to hand over his ID when confronted for joking around with a bicyclist they stopped to give a ticket to. [3]
  • Michigan State police have allegedly told the ACLU that they must pay $500,000 if they want to find out what troopers are doing with cell phone data extraction devices when they have been demanding motorists hand over their phones during traffic stops. The ACLU has been trying to find out due to 4th amendment violation concerns. [5]
  • The Iowa Civil Rights Commission entered a secretive settlement deal with an unnamed police department which will keep allegations of racial profiling and the identity of that department a secret from the public. [4]
  • A Bosque Farms NM cop who apparently filed a sexual discrimination claim was subjected to a raid by police who say the officer is under investigation for  “embezzling documents”. While the report doesn’t question the allegations, they seem highly suspicious. [5]
  • A Salisbury PA police K9 officer was suspended for 2 days without pay over unspecified “neglect of duty” allegations and officials are refusing to specify. [3]
  • A Rockmart GA police officer has been placed on unpaid leave after arrested on a cruelty to children charge involving unspecified allegations by state investigators. Oddly, the report keeps referring to the officer as a former officer, though he was just now placed on unpaid leave. [1]
  • A Los Angeles County CA deputy was found guilty of kidnapping, falsely imprisoning & assaulting his ex-girlfriend with a firearm after breaking into her home and laying in wait for her. [0]
  • The now-former Phoenix AZ Pulbic Safety Director has retired in midst of a probe over his use of allegedly fudged crime data to secure a $1.7mil federal grant. Interestingly, I’m a bit curious if he’ll now have two pensions since he was given the title of Public Safety Director, and salary for it, while pulling in a pension after retiring as police chief of that city. [0]
  • The police chief of Bancroft MI has been suspended while the subject of an investigation stemming from an unspecified but “serious” complaint. [2]
  • Several Mobile AL police officers are under investigation on allegations they were working extra jobs while on duty [0]
  • A Chilliwack BC RCMP police officer is facing drunk driving charges after crashing into ditch while off duty. [0]

Before I get into these last two stories I do have a confession to make… I tend to be hesitant about including reports that involve officer fatalities because it’s very hard not to make it sound disrespectful when a person’s death is tied to allegations of misconduct. Some such reports are especially difficult in that regard, especially ones like these following reports in which the alleged misconduct wasn’t the type which was malicious in nature yet resulted in a tragic death.

  • A Harris County TX deputy is accused of visiting a drug house then having sex with a prostitute before he was fatally shot by a pimp as part of an alleged plot between the two to rob the off-duty officer. Yes, what he was doing was a crime which is why the report is here… but, ultimately and ironically, he ended up the victim of a crime instead. [0]
  • And finally, a University of Houston TX police officer’s body tested positive for cocaine use in an autopsy performed after her fatal on duty crash while responding to a call. [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-14-11

Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, April 14, 2011:

  • West Richland WA and Benton County WA settled a lawsuit for $350,000 and $35,000 respectively to a man who suffered a fractured skull & brain damage when he fell after being struck with a taser when he refused to drop his cigarette. [0]
  • A Merrillville IN police officer is the subject of a lawsuit by a man who claims he lost his eye when the officer struck him while transporting him to jail. [3]
  • A Newbury MA police sergeant has been charged with assault and for falsifying a police report after a year-long investigation into allegations he punched while he was already on the ground. [1]
  • A Toronto ON police officer is facing disciplinary action after an investigation found he used excessive force on a restrained man last year. [2]
  • An Irondale AL police sgt is the subject of a suit alleging he arrested a woman & confiscated her camera for taking pic of officers making an arrest. [5]
  • Portland OR loses suit for $82k to woman roughly arrested for asking cop for his card when video contradicted report [3]
  • Vallejo CA cop under investigation after arresting man in own garage for videotaping cops making arrest across street [3]
  • Harris County TX deputy pleads guilty to extortion charge after arrested for protecting ecstasy dealer & taking bribe [0]
  • Summerdale AL ex-police chief subject of secret service probe after counterfeit cash found in his SUV when fired [0]
  • Fort Worth TX cop on restricted duty after arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after stopped for drifting [0]
  • Pine Lawn MO police sued by ex-cop claiming he was fired for cooperating w/fed probe into chief who shot fleeing man [4]
  • St Petersburg FL cop suspended 2days for disabling his cruiser’s GPS unit, was accused but acquitted in hit&run case [0]
  • Hamilton ON police officer suspended after arrested during large meth & steroids trafficking sweep [0]
  • Slidell LA police sgt arrested on simple battery domestic abuse charge over alleged incident w/wife [0]
  • Bridgeton MO police officer pleads guilty to bribery & obstructing a fed investigation for laundering drug money [0]
  • Roswell NM police officer fired after arrested on drug & identity theft charges using stolen IDs to buy drugs [0]
  • Peel ON police officer arrested on fraud charges for allegedly staging car crashes for insurance money [0]
  • Clayton Co GA police investigate why cop wasn’t cited for not having insurance when he rear-ended female motorist [1]
  • Albany NY police union leader caught on video coaching cop about his DUI, complains about prosecutor being tough [0]

Sorry I switched to short format on these less than half way through, I started passing out while typing and just published this one as is. Lately I’ve only been averaging about 3-4 hours of sleep a night due to everything going on, so I’m sorry about all that…  Stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-13-11

Sorry these are in short format, (meaning they are unedited from our feed), but it was a busy day for the feed and I’m already passing out at the keyboard from fatigue.

So, here are the 27 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, April 13, 2011:

  • 2 New Orleans LA police officers found guilty of obstruction & civil rights violations for beating a man to death [0]
  • Saanich BC constable found grossly negligent for 2004 shooting death, district to pay $353k to victim’s family [0]
  • RCMP officer in Edmonton AB sentenced to 3mo house arrest after pleading to assault for attacking detainee on video (above) [0]
  • Seattle WA undercover police officer charged w/assault for repeatedly kicking compliant teen on video (above) in October [0]
  • San Bernardino CA loses $2mil jury award to family of mentally ill man who died after police tasered & restrained him [0]
  • Lubbock TX settles suit for $17.5k to woman repeatedly tasered for refusing to get out of car during traffic stop [0]
  • Ada County ID deputy under investigation after woman filed tort claim alleging he sexually assaulted her on duty [0]
  • Orlando FL award-winning gang cop arrested on battery & false imprisonment charges in incident caught on video [0]
  • El Paso Co CO sheriff & FBI subject of suit by wrongfully convicted man claiming investigators withheld evidence [3]
  • South Beloit IL police release video showing then-interim chief grab cuffed woman by throat which sparked state probe [0]
  • 5 Albuquerque NM cops accused of violating rights for damaging man’s home & kicking him during raid over false report [2]
  • Walton Co FL deputy found guilty of agg child abuse for fracturing 3mo-old daughter’s skull & leg when he threw her [0]
  • Montgomery AL cop sentenced to 40yrs after pleading guilty to robbing Hispanic motorists he would pull over at night [0]
  • Houston TX police accused of hiding open containers & threatening witnesses of cop’s suspected DUI crash into bus [5]
  • 2 Saskatoon SK cops berated by judge for relying on “spidey sense” when they detained & illegally teen w/o cause [0]
  • Maricopa County AZ sheriff accused of mispending $99.5mil from jail & inmate services funds over the last 8yrs [4]
  • Baton Rouge LA cop arrested on allegations he stole $15k in cash that was seized in drug case to feed own addiction [0]
  • Edmond OK police officer charged w/grand larceny after investigation into allegations he stole $8000 from evidence [0]
  • San Diego CA police sgt charged w/felony stalking & misd phone harassment on allegations involving female officer [1]
  • 3 Illinois Metro Area Narcotics Squad cops arrested for bar brawl w/bouncers for refusing to leave gentleman’s club [0]
  • Trenton NJ police officer investigated for remarks about internal affairs during his officer of the year award speach [1]
  • Granby CT police captain on leave while the subject of unspecified criminal investigation by state police [2]
  • 2 Pasquotank County NC deputies under investigation for allegedly misusing county gas cards to fuel personal cars [0]
  • Suprise AZ cop charged w/DUI & endangerment for crash while driving son to school after allegedly taking depressants [0]
  • Sully Co SD sheriff sentenced to sobriety program, community service & apologize for rudeness to trooper in DUI plea [0]
  • St Joseph MO police officer fined $500 after pleading guilty to drunk driving charge from when she hit parked car [0]
  • Warr Acres OK police investigate photo taken of police cruiser in handicap parking space by wife of handicapped man [0]

Also, there may be some downtime towards the end of next week. As it stands now we’ve been given a deadline to vacate our home by the 23rd. Sorry for any inconvenience.

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-12-11

Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, April 13, 2011:

  • Two Denver CO police officers have been fired by that city’s manager of safety for lying on their reports about an incident caught on one of the city’s surveillance cameras that shows the officers shoving women with their batons then pepperspraying one woman who was already subdued as well as a nearby crowd. The police chief only recommended a suspension. [0]
  • Five Birmingham AL police officers were ordered to be reinstated by a county review board after they were fired for their roles in a videotaped incident where they beat a man who was already unconscious when he was ejected from a car when he crashed during a chase. [0]
  • Seattle WA prosecutors were forced to drop charges against three men who were accused of assaulting a drunken off-duty police officer who they say they attacked because he was attacking a woman outside of a bar. The charges were dropped because the officer refused to testify because he’s under investigation when he was caught on dashcam video kicking one of the men in the head while he was laying prone while being arrested by responding officers. [0]
  • A Spokane WA International Airport police officer is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he used excessive force on 71-year-old woman over a parking ticket. This is the second such suit against the now-former cop, the other one was settled out of court for an unspecified sum. [3]
  • A US Border Patrol agent was indicted on drug trafficking charges after he was allegedly caught near the Mexico border with 745 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. [0]
  • A Revere MA police officer was arrested on bribery charges by the FBI after he was caught in a sting operation accepting a bribe in exchange for interfering with a criminal case. [0]
  • A LaFollette TN police officer received a pretrial diversion deal that will wipe his record clean of the bribery and official misconduct charges he faced for accepting a bribe in exchange for interfering with a criminal case. [0]
  • An Ashville NC police sample audit of 1097 pieces of evidence revealed that 115 of those items were missing including 88 drug & money packets in addition to 27 firearms. The sample audit was part of an ongoing audit sparked by missing evidence. [0]
  • The New York NY police department is under investigation over allegations of widespread ticket fixing as a “professional courtosy” that extended to officers as well as their family and friends. The investigation may involve hundreds of officers in multiple precincts. [1]
  • A Pittsburgh PA police detective was sentenced to probation over an off-duty road rage incident where he was accused of breaking a motorist’s window, choking him, and pointing a gun at him after a minor fender bender. [0]
  • A Macon GA police officer was suspended after arrested on family battery charges involving an incident with his 15-year-old daughter. [0]
  • A Cleveland OH police officer resigned prior to a disciplinary hearing he faced for working off-duty jobs without authorization and working off-duty jobs while on paid sick leave. [0]
  • A Columbus OH deputy police chief is under investigation for allegedly lying under oath when he testified that he had permission to testify in his uniform while on the stand in a criminal case. [0]
  • Asheville NC settled a lawsuit for $48,000 to a female officer claiming her supervisor sent her sexually explicit and racist text messages. [2]
  • A San Diego CA police officer is under investigation on allegations he left the scene of an accident he caused while under the influence which resulted in a female motorist being injured. [2]
  • A Mesa County CO deputy is under investigation pending blood test results after stopped by the state patrol for a suspected DUI. [1]
  • And finally, a Rogers MN police sergeant is suing the town alleging that they violated her rights when they released a photo of her when they announced her suspension. [2]

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That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 04-11-11

Unfortunately this was another day where I fell behind in monitoring for reports. I’ll try to catch the ones I missed somehow and hopefully events will stop conspiring to prevent me from working on this project soon.

Anyway, here are the 12 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, April 11, 2011:

  • 6 Birmingham AL cops subject of suit alleging they beat & kicked compliant man that they detained but never charged [4]
  • Toronto ON police officer charged w/assault involving 61yr-old man who suffered unspecified fracture in holding cell [2]
  • RCMP officer in Prince George BC on desk duty while investigated for tasering an 11-year-old boy [1]
  • Troy MT police chief faces state board disciplinary hearing for misconduct including $100k brutality settlement case [0]
  • University Park TX cop who used to be Sulphur Springs police chief charged w/sexual assault of a girl under 14 [1]
  • Cleveland OH police accused of failing to properly investigate case before wrongfully arresting innocent couple [3]
  • New Orleans LA cop arrested & resigns after admitting to pulling guns & threatening man at gas station while off duty [0]
  • Detroit MI loses $2+mil lawsuit to 50yr-old injured by speeding cop who ran red on dashcam, given ticket in coverup [3]
  • Los Angeles CA police lose $2mil lawsuit to 2 cops claiming retaliation for complaining about ticket quota [3]
  • Laredo TX police officer sentenced to 24yrs after convicted on drug trafficking charges stemming from FBI sting [0]
  • Greenville NC police officer on admin duty after arrested for resisting an officer after cops responded to fight call [1]
  • Bothel WA police investigating photo taken by woman w/disabled son of police cruiser parked in handicap spot [0]

For the curious, aside from my day job, due to end in one month now, and my work on this project I’ve also been dealing with looking for new work and fighting the eviction we’re facing. Our landlord did some quasi-illegal things when she took our payments meant to catch up on rent from when I was out of work and keep us in this home and sold the home from underneath us, filed an eviction, and didn’t subtract what we paid from what she claims we owe. So I had to spend a week’s pay to retain a lawyer… So there’s a lot going on unfortunately.

Anyway, that’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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