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Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 09-03-11 to 09-05-11

Here are the 20 reports of police misconduct tracked so far in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Labor Day weekend of September 3-5, 2011:

  • The US 10th Circuit Court ruled that cops cannot use minor traffic violations as an excuse to break into homes without a warrant in a case involving a Murray County OK deputy and 2 Sulphur OK cops being sued for allegedly doing just that in addition to beating a man in the head with a baton, pepperspraying a woman and her 14-year-old son, then dragging their other son out of the bathroom at gunpoint all over a minor traffic violation he didn’t stop for. [0]
  • A Seattle WA police brutality lawsuit alleging a cop with a history of misconduct allegedly beat one man and tasered another then concocted a story about being assaulted even though he had no injuries illustrates the difficulties Seattle has in imposing discipline on cops even when there is a history of misconduct and how it results in more misconduct and legal bills for that city. [3]
  • Philadelphia PA police will be facing planned lawsuits that will allege that the police have a pattern of destroying people’s cell phones and arresting them for videotaping the police in public while the practice of recording police was recently confirmed as being a protected form of constitutionally protected expression in a 1st Circuit Court ruling. [4]
  •  New York NY police investigate up to 15 cops who threw councilman & aide to ground & arrested them at parade [1]
  • In an update to a report we tracked last week, now 2 Omaha NE cops are suspended while the focus of a videotaped beating incident that only ended when cops told it was being recorded, previously only one officer was the focus for kicking the man but another can be seen repeatedly punching him too. [1]
  • 2 RCMP mounties in Newfoundland are accused of kicking a woman who broke down kicking and screaming after hearing her son was murdered then calling her a slut before throwing her in the back of a cruiser on assaulting an officer charges. [3]
  • A Memphis TN police sergeant may face charges now that police are accusing him of lying about being shot by an unknown Hispanic man last week. They allege that he was shot by a woman he had a relationship with after she found out about his alleged affair with her underage relative. [0]
  • US Border Patrol station in Port Angeles WA is accused of racial profiling… likely related to other allegations that the station expansion is a waste of taxpayer money because agents have nothing else to do in the remote area, a claim made by an agent who now says he’s suffered retaliation for reporting that. [3]
  • New York NY settles suit for $45k to man who was forcibly hauled out of his apartment & hospitalized on a mental health hold after 2 cops broke into his room and grabbed him because they thought him sitting in his 2nd floor window while smoking was a suicide attempt [0]
  • Port Jefferson OH cop investigated for allegedly making up story about a chase & shoot-out to cover for how his cruiser was damage when he hit a guardrail at 60mph [0]
  • 2 Lubbock TX cops sued by deputy US Marshal alleging excessive force in struggle when they tried to enter his home. This one is questionable for a number of reasons, but since the plaintiff and defendants are all officers, it’s misconduct no matter which side is right. [0]
  • Texas DPS management & distribution of fed homeland security funds to law enforcement questioned after audit [0]
  • Arapahoe Co CO deputy arrested on domestic violence & menacing w/a gun charges in unspecified incident [1]
  • Volusia Co FL deputy suspended after arrested on domestic battery charge involving wife who suffered minor injuries [0]
  • Pontiac MI police chief was under investigation for allegedly falsifying documents on pal’s breath test when fired [1]
  • Evansville IN cop resigns in apparent deal to clear record after pulling woman over w/o cause & hitting on her [3]
  • Toronto CA undercover gang cops accused of leaving loaded shotgun at scene of home raid then failing to report it [3]
  • Paden City WV police chief arrested on 3 misd domestic battery charges for allegedly shoving wife, father-in-law & mother-in-law which left her with a leg laceration [0]
  • Pennsylvania state trooper convicted on misd assault charge over dispute that led to off-duty fight w/neighbor [0]
  • Jacksonville FL police lieutenant sentenced to 1yr jail for stealing $51k from police charity group [0]

As you may notice, this is an extended weekend recap for this Labor Day weekend since reporting tends to be reduced over holiday weekends like this, not because there’s a shortage of misconduct, but because news staffing tends to be slimmer than usual. I decided to put the recap up early and will be adding reports on Monday as they come in.

Stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-02-11

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, September 2, 2011:

  • Raleigh NC is being sued by a man claiming a cop broke his leg and shattered his knee without cause then a judge jailed him for contempt because he couldn’t stand at court, then he was still denied medical care for several hours afterward. [3]
  • New York NY settles suit for $40k to woman claiming she went into premature labor after peppersprayed and tackled by cops at BBQ [0]
  • 2 Palatine IL cops sued by man alleging they broke his skull by slamming his head against a holding cell wall while was using the toilet. [3]
  • Tacoma WA cop convicted on 4 counts 1st degree child molestation involving young female relative [0]
  • Statesville NC cop charged w/misd assault & sexual battery for alleged improper searches of 2 women while on patrol [0]
  • Maricopa Co AZ settles suit for $100k to retired judge subjected to politically motivated prosecutions by sheriff [0]
  • Hartsville SC cop fired & arrested after admitting to threatening the lives of a senator and his police chief [0]
  • Robbins IL cop hired after fired for felony mail fraud conviction now charged w/unlawful possession of gun by felon [0]
  • Summit Co UT deputies accused of racial bias after jailing 8 black door-to-door salespeople but not white one [3]
  • Alabama A&M Univ AL cop arrested on unlawful distribution of a controlled substance charge in unspecified case [1]
  • Coral Gables FL cop arrested on unspecified charges in unspecified off-duty incident by unspecified agency [4]
  • Easton PA cop found guilty on 2 summary charges of public intox & disorderly conduct in off-duty fight w/fellow cop [0]
  • San Diego Co CA sheriff’s detective arrested for DUI hit&run after hitting parked cars, a foot & a fountain [0]
  • Orleans MA cop loses license for 45 days after pleading to drunk driving charges for crash that injured passenger [0]
  • Pinal Co AZ sheriff’s Lt reprimanded after repeatedly stopped by troopers, but not cited, for speeding on duty [1]
  • New Mexico state trooper fired after caught on video having sex in public while in uniform on hood of car [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 09-01-11

Here are the 29 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, September 1, 2011:

  • 3 San Bernardino Co CA deputies sued alleging 5 taser cartridges were used for over 10mins when a man was tasered to death for honking at cop [3]
  • Aransas Pass TX cops say dashcam wasn’t working when bicyclist was allegedly hit by cruiser then badly beaten [4]
  • Wyoming settles suit for $500k to family of man who died when while being restrained by troopers after crash [0]
  • Russell Co AL deputy found guilty of civil rights violation for brutally beating man on ground while cuffed [0]
  • Altoona PA judge finds cops had no cause to arrest man peppersprayed & injured during arrest for resisting arrest [3]
  • Arlington TX settles suit for $25k to man tasered 2x by cop even as witnesses told him it was wrong man (update) [3]
  • 12+ Chicago IL cops sued by brothers shown in video being attacked by cops inside store where they work [3]
  • Washington DC cop accused of shooting woman’s dog after pointing gun at them then refusing to give badge number [1]
  • Jackson Co MO lawsuit by woman raped by deputy at age 15 alleges dept failed to stop pattern of sexual misconduct [3]
  • Texas Police Chief organization hacks by Anonymous reveal racist & homophobic emails by police chiefs [0]
  • Anniston AL police accused of pattern of racism by cop saying he got fed up & resigned, FBI probe requested [2]
  • New York NY police sued by cop alleging he was demoted for reporting supervisor for racist language & using quotas [4]
  • King NC cop subject of state investigation but officials refuse to say why after secret city council meeting [2]
  • Sandusky OH cop on leave while subject of unspecified investigation into actions during dispute between biker clubs [2]
  • North Providence RI police chief arested for larceny on allegations he stole $720 from motorist’s purse after chase [0]
  • Manistee MI cop subject of warrant for allegedly stealing money from someone’s wallet & embezzling money from dept [0]
  • Winnipeg MB police sued by transgendered woman claiming cops mocked her during mistaken ID arrest [1]
  • US Border Patrol sued by agent claiming he was retaliated against for reporting illegal search of car by supervisors [3]
  • Youngstown OH cop disciplined for trying to disable suspect by shooting at his foot instead of shooting to kill [0]
  • Morton IL police sgt pleads guilty to domestic battery, sentenced to fine & forbidden to have firearm, ending career [0]
  • Mason City IA cop blaming sex harassment & retaliation for her firing now says 2 cops implicated in abduction case [3]
  • Williamson Co IL deputy arrested of allegedly taking pot from task force seizures and giving it to others to sell [0]
  • Mesa AZ cop & wife plead guilty to solicitation to commit mortgage fraud by lying to get loan modification [0]
  • Daytona Beach FL cop arrested on felony false statement & misuse of personal info for renewing tags under ex’s name [0]
  • Ft Lauderdale FL cop on leave while investigated for perjuring himself after report & testimony contradicted by GPS [0]
  • St Louis Co MO police say no policy against cops drinking & driving patrol cars after man films cop doing just that [3]
  • Jacksonville FL cop charged w/DUI after investigation into head-on crash between his cruiser and another car [0]
  • Snohomish Co Regional Drug & Gang Task Force leader suspended 6 days after convicted on DUI charge in Arizona [1]
  • Cliffside Park NJ cop suspended after arrested on shoplifting charge in unspecified incident, makes $107k/yr [1]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-31-11

Here are the 38 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this record-breaking* Wednesday, August 31, 2011:

  • Washington Co OR sued by man who was unarmed & only dressed in underwear when he was shot by deputies who burst into the house he was staying in over a minor property damage complaint [3]
  • Seminole Co FL settles suit for $3.2mil to man shot by deputies on his own property, dept destroyed evidence [0]
  • Pittsburgh PA narc cop subject of fed probe & planned lawsuit for allegedly pistol whipping a motorist during a traffic stop last year[3]
  • 9 Westchester Co NY police agencies involved in alleged excessive force incident on video against Muslim men & women [3]
  • Omaha NE police investigate videotaped arrest at hospital involving 9 cops, some seen punching & kicking man [1]
  • Polk Co IA deputy once disciplined for racially profiling Hispanics now investigated for allegedly pistol-whipping Hispanic man & beating another in an off-duty road rage incident where the uninjured deputy claims he was the victim. While the department is defending him, a third-party witness says the deputy appeared to be the aggressor. [1]
  • New Orleans LA cop fired for violating policies in car chase that ended in uninvolved 18yr-old girl’s death [0]
  • Karnak IL police chief investigated for tasering & arresting councilman after he voted against new police dog [3]
  • Philadelphia PA cop arrested on several charges over previously reported allegations that he raped a woman in his cruiser that he offered a ride to while on duty [0]
  • San Jose CA cop reinstated after he was fired for his role in a DUI cover-up has now arrested on allegations that he sexually molested 2 teenage boys that he plied with alcohol. [0]
  • Harris Co TX Precinct 3 Constable deputy resigns in lieu of firing for allegedly fondling woman during traffic stop [0]
  • RCMP constable sues alleging supervisor misused his position to sexually assault her & force her into relationship [3]
  • Brazos Co TX Precinct 2 deputy constable arrested for kidnapping after spotted handcuffing woman without cause then driving her around without taking her to the station. There may be more to this one since the investigation is ongoing. [1]
  • Knoxville TN cop gets probation in plea deal for plying 2 teen girls w/alcohol while downloading child porn [0]
  • Livingston TN sued by woman after chief gives recommendation to cop fired for groping & sending her genital pics [3]
  • San Bernardino Co CA deputy sentenced to 270days jail for having sex w/17yr-old female member of explorers program [0]
  • Amber OK asst police chief arrested on allegations he pointed gun at wife & children while talking about murder/suicide and saying, “which one should I shoot first?” [0]
  • Baltimore MD police sued by man claiming cops deleted videos on cell in confrontation between cops & girlfriend [4]
  • Lakewood OH police sued by woman attempting to get legally owned firearms returned after cops illegally raided apt [3]
  • 12 Pennsylvania state troopers sued by man claiming they conspired w/trooper dating his wife to falsely arrest him [3]
  • Unspecified federal law enforcement agent arrested for allegedly choking medic & kicking cop who responded to call [1]
  • East Cleveland OH cop tasered when arrested on disorderly conduct charge during domestic dispute w/wife [0]
  • Atlanta GA audit confirms at least 85 cops not certified to make arrests due to training lapses, previous est 200 [0]
  • Miami Beach FL cop accused of pulling knife to deflate Beyoncé’s sister’s banana has history of disciplinary issues [0]
  • Pasco Co FL deputy arrested for failing to turn in evidence from 10 arrests after drugs were found in his patrol car [0]
  • Vernal UT cop resigns after arrested on allegations he committed 2 burglaries to steal prescription drugs [0]
  • Williamsburg KY cop sentenced to 9yrs 4mo for burglarizing pharmacy in effort to steal prescription painkillers [0]
  • Seattle WA police dropped their court fight against a man seeking records about the investigation into his excessive force complaint in a stunning about-face for a department known for keeping disciplinary records secret. This change came about shortly after a state supreme court ruling in an unrelated case found that departments must release those records. [0]
  • Coatesville PA police lieutenant once accused of rape now suspended while subject of unspecified investigation [2]
  • Booneville MS police chief & one of his police officers fired for unspecified reasons during special board meeting [3]
  • New Orleans LA cop investigated after YouTube video shows him driving erratically in unmarked cruiser, hit guardrail [0]
  • Jefferson Co KY no discipline for deputy who delayed trials tainting 200 in jury pool, urged them to punish suspects [0]
  • Muskogee Co OK deputy charged w/obstruction, allegedly lied about firing gun in domestic dispute, witnesses allegedly told police later that her boyfriend fired it instead [0]
  • Viena Twp OH police under investigation after $1,500 found missing from locked drawer in police dept [0]
  • Easton PA police officer pleads guilty to drunk & disorderly charges, fined $50, another faces court today for same [0]
  • Madison WI cop suspended 6 days for infecting work laptop w/virus while downloading movies while on duty [0]
  • Aurora CO SWAT cop was charged w/DUI over stop that occured in January that is only now being released [2]
  • Aurora CO police lieutenant head of gang task force reassigned after investigation finds he was skipping out of work [0]

*The previous record for most reports tracked in a single day was 36.

That’s it for today, stay safe out there and let’s hope for fewer reports tomorrow.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-30-11

Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, August 30, 2011:

  • Long Beach CA police claims that a man shot to death by a cop was running away from an alleged stabbing incident are being questioned by residents of that neighborhood who claim that the man they shot couldn’t run or hold the alleged “cutting instrument” police found near the scene because he was crippled. [3]
  • Worcester MA settles suit for $80k to a woman who claimed 2 cops with a history of disciplinary problems beat her then falsely arrested her. [0]
  • A Freeport TX police lieutenant resigned after his estranged wife released a video he had kept at his home showing him slap a detainee in the head while other officers watched. Those other officers also resigned prior to the start of an internal investigation even though none of them can be charged since the statute of limitations expired. [0]
  • Ottawa ON police are the subject of a lawsuit alleging cops brutally beat a man in an incident partially captured in a cellblock surveillance video after his questionable arrest on drunk & disorderly charges. [3]
  • Allentown PA settles suit for $315k to a man who had his legs crushed when he tried to save a young boy from being fatally struck by an out-of-control police cruiser driven by a cop with a history of reckless driving. [0]
  • Fort Lewis College CO settles suit for $140k to a man who was tasered 4x by 2 cops who were arresting him for being drunk & disorderly at a concert. [0]
  • Grays Harbor Co WA deputy is the subject of a lawsuit alleging he extorted sex from a man, sometimes violently, under threat of arrest when he started a medicinal marijuana dispensary. The suit also includes other local agencies on allegations that they harassed and falsely detained him as well. [3]
  • A Box Elder Co UT deputy is being sued alleging he forced a teen girl to strip naked inside his cruiser and made two others expose their breasts as they stood in the snow during a traffic stop. [3]
  • Los Angeles Co CA sheriff was ordered to pay legal fees to a newspaper that sued to get the names of deputies who were involved in fatal shooting incidents. [3]
  • San Fernando CA police chief is back on job but must retire by Jan in a settlement deal made over the alleged retaliatory firing of a cadet he had sex with [1]
  • A Riverside Co CA deputy gets 90 days in jail for having sex w/9 female inmates in exchange for goods & protection from mistreatment. [0]
  • Glendale CA cop gets anger management classes in a pleal deal to a reduced distrubing peace charge for hitting man in a road rage case [0]
  • St Matthews TN cop arrested on domestic violence assault charge for allegedly shoving wife in front of her friend [0]
  • Riverside Co CA deputy charged w/DUI for April crash while now facing a lawsuit over a seperate possible alcohol-involved accidental shooting incident [1]
  • Orange Co FL sheriff’s capt & other deputies investigated for misusing personal information gathered from a confidential CCW database in an effort to lobby state lawmakers [0]
  • Indianapolis IN cop loses cop car take home privilege after caught on video doing 100mph in his police cruiser while late for work [0]
  • Omaha NE cop gets 2 day suspended sentence after pleading guilty to drunk driving charge in Iowa [0]
  • Umatilla FL police chief suspended for violating policy by playing games on duty & having cops get rent from tenant [0]
  • Mississippi State trooper promotion exam results thrown out while troopers investigated over cheating allegations [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-29-11

Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, August 29, 2011:

  • Yavapai-Prescott AZ cop caught on video tasering man twice while he had his hands up, no comment from police about the case so far. [3]
  •  Orlando FL undisclosed number of cops involved in a shooting incident where their claims they were nearly run over by a suspect were contradicted by a video are now under investigation [3]
  • Elgin OR considers disbanding their police dept after a questionable fatal shooting incident by a cop who was the subject of a number of complaints alleging he was always nervous and would often put his hand on his gun during interactions. [2]
  • Peel ON police successfully blocked a state investigation by refusing to release records about a police dog that attacked a woman who was sitting in a park [4]
  • Michigan State trooper sentenced to 20mo for 2 felony criminal sexual conduct charges involving a 12yr-old girl [0]
  • Wichita Falls TX cop suspended indefinitely for 80mph crash that killed 2 teens, he wasn’t responding to a call at the time. [0]
  • New York NY police issued judicial stipulation to stop arresting homeless woman w/o charges after she filed suit [0]
  • Tahlequah OK cop arrested on multiple charges for allegedly stealing over $1,600 from 3 Hispanic motorists at traffic stops [0]
  • Boynton Beach FL cop facing trial for selling meth on duty being sought after removing ankle monitor & skipping town [0]
  • Philadelphia PA cops accused of arresting 2 men on false “lack of common sense” charge for rafting on flooded street [3]
  • Denver CO cop faces possible felony child abuse charge on allegations he gave toddler liquor to shut her up inside of a restaurant. [0]
  • New Mexico state trooper on leave after arrested on battery on a household member charge in unspecified incident [1]
  • Pittsburgh PA cop arrested on several charges alleging he drove women to make drug buys & promoted prostitution [0]
  • Missouri State trooper pleads guilty to concealing illegal activities of an auto repair business that altered VINs [0]
  • Phoenix AZ cop arrested in Texas on solicitation charges after allegedly busted during prostitution sting op [0]
  • Philadelphia PA cop arrested for simple assault & reckless endangerment in alleged fight w/police officer girlfriend [0]
  • Seattle WA police DUI rubber-stamping problems illustrates how agencies hid behind challenged public records law [4]
  • West Bloomfield MI cop suspended 5days for failing to detain twp supervisor’s husband who failed prelim DUI test, he allegedly gave them a ride home instead. [0]
  • Champaign Co IL sheriff’s investigator sentenced to 9 days in drunk driving & obstructing plea deal for 3-car crash [0]
  • A New Mexico state trooper is now under investigation after stills from a surveillance camera surfaced showing him having sex in public on the hood of a car while wearing his uniform… as seen below. [0]

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Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 08-27-11 to 08-28-11

It was an exceptionally slow weekend for reports in the National Police Misconduct News Feed for August 27-28, 2011:

  • A Culpeper County VA deputy was suspended while she’s the subject of a federal investigation into allegations she was caught on video beating a female detainee after she had been strapped into a restraint chair [4]
  • Meanwhile, another Culpeper County VA deputy alleges that he was suspended without pay for reporting that he saw deputy beat restrained detainee on video. However, two other deputies were suspended, allegedly for not reporting it right away. [5]
  • New Castle NY is being sued by a police lieutenant alleging the chief transferred him out of internal affairs for investigating a cop who came to work drunk and drove his patrol car while intoxicated. [3]
  • Rock Hill SC police are being accused of abusing a law passed in 2001 that makes it a criminal offense to question any command from a police officer. The chief defends it by claiming it’s not often used without a supporting charge, but didn’t give any specific numbers to support the claim. [3]
  • Aspen CO cop who was fired after tasering a homeless woman received a secret settlement deal for her lawsuit alleging that she was the victim of sexual harassment [3]
  • Los Angeles County CA sheriff’s captain has been suspended while investigated after feds allegedly heard her voice during a drug ring wiretap [3]

That’s it for this weekend, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-26-11

Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, August 26, 2011:

  • Nashville TN cop was found guilty of 2nd degree murder in the shooting death of his wife that he claimed was accidental [0]
  • Las Vegas NV loses lawsuit for $2.2 million to the family of a man killed in a crash with a cop who was speeding w/o lights or siren [0]
  • Washington DC cop was arrested on DUI & assault with a deadly weapon charges after he allegedly crashed into a car containing a group of transgendered women who previously rebuffed his offers of money in exchange for sex then opened fire on them, injuring two. [0]
  • Jacksonville FL cop arrested on capital sexual battery & molestation charges involving 2 girls, one of which was under 12yrs-old [0]
  • White Co GA deputy was arrested on production of child pornography charges on allegations that he filmed at least one 7-year-old girl. [0]
  • Pinellas Co FL now-retired deputy arrested for allegedly molesting 5-10 yr-old girl 35yrs ago while deputy. While this one seems odd, the arrest was made after the alleged victim’s account of what happened 30-35 years ago was corroborated by others. [0]
  • Trenton NJ cop investigated for refusing to render aid to stop fight because he was working off-duty security job [0]
  • Rapides Parish LA sheriff’s narcotics supervisor was charged w/malfeasance relating to unspecified activities he had with 3 female suspects [2]
  • Lebanon OH police policies are being criticized as possibly being in violation of state laws after a police officer fatally shot a family’s pet cat in the head after a neighbor called to complain when it snuck out [0]
  • Brigantine NJ now-former cop charged with stealing funds from police union while he was treasurer [1]
  • Lincoln Parish LA deputy arrested for allegedly misusing his status as an officer to coerce someone into selling him a car at reduced price [1]
  • Phoenix AZ cop who is the mayor’s son was suspended for 4 days for inappropriately touching female city worker and having sex with another while on duty [0]
  • Reading OH cop under investigation & may be reprimanded after boy snaps photo of him driving while texting on duty [0]

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-25-11

Here are the 24 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, August 25, 2011:

  • 6 El Monte CA cops are accused of using excessive force in an incident that left the man shown above nearly blind when almost every bone in his face was broken. The claim filed by his lawyer also alleges that police held his 3-year-old nephew at bay with a gun or taser when the child tried to stop it. [3]
  • Tampa FL settled a lawsuit for $35k to the man shown above who suffered severe facial injuries when he was tasered because he couldn’t understand the commands police were giving him. Charges against him were eventually dismissed. [0]
  • A Canton OH cop who made national news earlier this year for a videotaped traffic stop where he threatened to kill a passenger, then again in another video involving similar threats, is now the subject of a third video showing him making death threats during a questionable traffic stop. Apparently he’s had over a dozen complaints but the police chief insists he didn’t know the guy was a problem until now. [0]
  • Austin TX settles a lawsuit for $750k to the family of an 18yr-old who was shot to death after being startled while sleeping in a car by an off-dute cop who was working security. [0]
  • Ohio County WV now-former deputy was convicted on 2 counts of sexual assault on a 14yr-old girl back in 2003. He later left that agency and began work in a Chicago suburb then as a Washington DC cop when he was arrested. [0]
  • Brown County TX sheriff’s dept, a Texas Ranger & a state trooper are being sued alleging they let a cop continue molesting a teen just so they could catch him in the act in order to get an airtight case against him. [3]
  • Findlay OH police sgt sentenced to 60 days for impersonating his stepdaughters online, transmitting nude pics of them to others, and using police databases to look up info on their friends. [0]
  • The New York NY cop who was recently arrested for raping a schoolteacher at gunpoint may now be a possible suspect in 2 other unsolved sexual assaults. [0]
  • Country Club Hills MO cop was charged w/corruption by a public servant on allegations he coerced a DUI suspect into sex as a way to get out of the charges. [0]
  • A Washington DC cop is under investigation on allegations she failed to take action after witnessing a murder committed by a man she was involved with. [0]
  • Broward County FL deputy arrested on possession charges after allegedly caught buying steroids in an IHOP parking lot [0]
  • San Mateo Co CA sheriff sued by a mentally disabled man who spent 40 days in jail after he was coerced into making false confession over a phoned-in bomb threat that phone records proved he never made. [3]
  • Columbus NM police chief pleads guilty to corruption, conspiracy & gun smuggling charges in a scandal that also involves that town’s mayor and 13 others [0]
  • Carbondale IL cop sentenced to 30yrs prison for robbing a bank using his service weapon along with an accomplice [0]
  • Redmond OR police lieutenant sentenced to 90days & loss of his police certification for selling firearms he stole from his dept [0]
  • Orland Hills IL sued by ex-cop claiming he was fired in retaliation for reporting an alleged ticket fixing incident to the FBI [3]
  • Monroe Co NY deputy arrested on allegations he sexually abused a woman then choked her teenage son in seperate incident. [0]
  • RCMP officer in Enfield NS was arrested after violating probation by allegedly uttering death threats to his wife [0]
  • Ocala FL cop fired for pattern of complaints & discipline now including a DV incident that is currently under investigation [0]
  • Dallas TX cop arrested on family violence assault & interfering with an emergency call charges involving a domestic dispute with his wife [0]
  • Baltimore Co MD police sgt who is the head of that police union got a plea deal for an assault charge that returned his police powers and will eventually clear his record of the conviction if he doesn’t violate probation. [0]
  • Monroe LA cop indicted for mail fraud & false statements, he allegedly sold about $193k in stolen goods on eBay that were shoplifted by an accomplice then lied to federal investigators about it. [0]
  • An Anchorage AK cop was sentenced to 3mo prison & $10k fine for fraudulently staying in US using a stolen passport [0]
  • Earlville IL cop resigns after an arrest last year for allegedly selling marijuana on duty & official misconduct, and arrest we certainly didn’t see reported until now. [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-24-11

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, August 24, 2011:

  • A Woodford County IL deputy and at least 1 of 4 Washburn IL cops have been suspended while under investigation for two alleged excessive force incidents in 1 day including an incident that left one man hospitalized in critical condition. [2]
  • Columbia Heights MN cop is accused of bodyslamming a man into the pavement which left him with a brain injury but the officer claims that he just fell because he was drunk. However, the family claims that tests at the hospital found no traces of alcohol or drugs and the man’s injuries, including facial and neck fractures in addition to lower back injuries, seem too excessive to be attributed to a simple fall. [4]
  • A Stanislaus County CA deputy is the subject of a suit by a homeless woman claiming excessive force was used and policies ignored when the deputy’s police dog attacked her and left her with serious arm injuries after a chase sparked when police threatened to have her truck, that she lived in, towed. The K9 handler and his partner have apparently been involved in a number of questionable police dog attacks. [3]
  • Pittsburgh PA cop was found liable for unjustifiably dragging a man from a car & tasering him. However, the same jury that found him at fault only awarded him $269 to cover his initial medical bill. [0]
  • Cook County IL jury acquitted a woman on wiretapping charges that were filed against her for recording her interview with two internal affairs officers who were trying to deter her from filing a complaint against an officer she accused of groping her while responding to her domestic disturbance call. Oddly, the status of that complaint is sealed so there’s no way to know if the officer was even investigated and it doesn’t sound like the two IA cops were investigated for trying to deter a complainant. [0]
  • Baltimore MD settles suit for $30k to a woman who was injured while she was being arrested when she tried to stop her grandson who was yelling at police while they were arresting a suspected drug dealer. [3]
  • An investigative AP report reveals info on New York NY police department’s secret spy agency that may be violating civil rights in their anti-terrorism espionage efforts which were apparently assisted by the CIA. [5]
  • Tulsa OK cop was found guilty on 7 perjury & 2 deprivation of rights charges in a police corruption trial but the same jury found a second officer involved in that case not guilty. [0]
  • Philadelphia PA cop pleads guilty to conspiracy & possession of steroids w/intent to distribute as part of a steroid ring which also involves 2 other officers still facing trial. [0]
  • Hollister CA police sergeant charged w/felony for allegedly embezzling $102k from the police union he lead until retiring [0]
  • Portland OR police capt with a history of disciplinary issues is now under investigation for an alleged off-duty road rage incident in Idaho where he displayed a gun. [1]
  • Rutherford County TN deputy resigned while under investigated for allegedly pointing a gun at a man in a taxi while he was drunk [0]
  • Washington Twp NJ cop was alleged to be behind the wheel of a car in a hit & run accident that left a pedestrian critically injured [2]
  • Delaware River & Bay Authority police officer is accused of impersonating a state trooper & stealing another driver’s ID in an apparent road rage case [0]
  • Henry Co GA cop was among 7 arrested on burglary charges for stealing over $700 worth of items from a home they mistakenly thought was foreclosed [0]
  • Cordova IL cop arrested for intimidation when he supposedly told a businessman that he would make sure his 911 calls were ignored if he didn’t fire two employees he had a problem with. [0]
  • Aurora CO cop gets probation in a plea deal over an accident caused while street racing with 2 kids in his car [0]
  • Jacksonville FL cop is suspected of driving drunk after he was involved in an accident on the way home from work in his police cruiser. Troopers say they smelled alcohol on his breath and found beer spilled on the floorboard of his cruiser.  [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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