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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-10-11

It was a slow reporting day for a Wednesday but here are the 12 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, August 10, 2011:

  • 2 Manitou Springs CO cops sued by man for allegedly breaking his ribs by tasering him in the face & jumping on his chest when he was startled by the officers who followed him home to give him a traffic ticket [3]
  • Springfield MA cop who was one of 4 who were disciplined for their roles in a videotaped beating has filed wiretapping charges against the person who taped it [5]
  • Selma CA cop pleads guilty to possession of child porn charges for over 600 pics & vids, some violent in nature [0]
  • New York NY cop sentenced to 2mo for official misconduct, accused of being look out as partner raped drunk woman [0]
  • Chattanooga TN cop suspended while subject of internal & criminal investigation on allegations he assaulted teen [2]
  • RCMP officer in N Vancouver BC accused of falsely arresting man after recognizing him as man who sued RCMP before [3]
  • Chicago IL more potential police torture victims get help from political figures to file new rounds of appeals [0]
  • Gilbert AZ pays $37k to settle suit to teen falsely accused of theft by cop in alleged school psych experiment [1]
  • Pasco Co FL deputy suspended after arrested for resisting while his friend was arrested for drug paraphernalia [0]
  • RCMP cop in BC given written reprimand for leaving 10mo-old police dog in hot car for 3hrs while boating [0]
  • Hamlin TX cop files grievance after fired for taser misuse, claims friend asked to be tasered [0]
  • 3 Hartford CT cops suspected of double-dipping after audit of private duty assignments show potential abuses [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-09-11

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, August 9, 2011:

  • Spokane WA police official who previously stated that the beating & tasering death of a mentally ill man named Otto Zehm was not a case of excessive force apparently changed his mind and is now willing to testif to policy violations by the officer involved in that incident three years ago. [0]
  • Plano TX settles suit for $245k to the family of man who was fatally shot by an officer claiming it was a misfire caused when he adjusted his gun-mounted light during a drug sting [0]
  • Gretna LA police sued by man alleging cops released K9 that bit off his penis and lied to justify the use of force. The police report claims the dog was released because officers feared the victim was attempting to flee out a back door or window when the victim’s apartment didn’t have any. [3]
  • 3 Providence RI cops sued by man for excessive force after surveillance video apparently contradicted cops claims that he slammed himself into a traffic officer’s car before beating him with flashlights [4]
  • Portland OR transit cops sued for tasering a man who has an IQ of 55 for not leaving bus that a driver let him sit in because it was cold out then mistook his seizure medication for ecstasy when they arrested him. [0]
  • Westport MA settles suit for $50k to man alleging off-duty cop used excessive force during false arrest [0]
  • Laurel MD cop sentenced to 4yrs for secretly videotaping a 15yr-old girl undressing, the sentence is to be served concurrent to his 7 year sentence on federal child porn charges [0]
  • Hawaii Co HI police accused of excessive force by blogger claiming he was tackled & arrested for videotaping cops [1]
  • Houston TX police audit reveals more than 3000 more untested rape kits linger in evidence in addition to 4220 known [0]
  • Shillington PA cop gets 6-23mo in plea deal for stalking & harassing woman, broke into her home & planted GPS device [0]
  • Hileah Gardens FL cop arrested on allegations he was part of gang that robbed trucks of millions in cargo [0]
  • US Border Patrol agent in AZ arrested after caught on surveillance video stealing woman’s purse from car off duty [0]
  • Nicholas Co KY sheriff pleads guilty to theft & abuse of trust for personal use of $43k in forfeiture money [0]
  • Onandaga Co NY deputy pleads guilty to falsifying time record in swipe card forgery scheme, was head of union [0]
  • Fair Oaks TX cop pleads guilty to lying about his citizenship to feds in effort to join the FBI [0]


  • Washington DC police cmdr demoted to captain for handling of police escorts for celebrities that violated policy [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-08-11

Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, August 8, 2011:

  • University of Cincinnati OH police version of fatal taser incident contradicted by witness alleging teen was kneeling in an attempt to follow commands given by police at the time. [3]
  • 20 Hamilton ON cops sued by refugee claiming cops beat him while he was cuffed during wrong-door drug raid [3]
  • 15 Gloucester Twp NJ cops are accused of excessive force on 2 teen boys who claim they were beaten & hit with batons while arrested. Police maintain they attacked the officers who were called by a store owner claiming the teens threatened him but witnesses and the store owner appear to be contradicting that version of events. [3]
  • 4 Cleveland OH cops are the subject of a suit filed by a man alleging excessive force was used after a New Years chase that was captured on helicopter video and is still the subject of a federal investigation. [1]
  • US ICE agents are being sued over a series of predawn raids where 1 woman alleges an agent groped her, her sister claims the officer remained in the room when they were allowed to change, and a couple claims the agents lacked a warrant during the raids. [3]
  • New York NY cop sentenced to 1yr after jury convicted him of official misconduct in case where he was accused of sexually assaulting a drunk woman while his partner, scheduled for sentencing Wednesday, stood lookout. [0]
  • Denver Co CO deputy was sentenced to 24yrs after pleading to child abuse & attempt sexual assault charges involving 8 & 12-year-old boys [0]
  • Another Denver Co CO deputy pleads guilty to a reduced attempted sexual assault on a child charge involving a teen girl [0]
  • Burlington NC cop gets 5mo jail in plea deal to indecent liberties with a minor involving a 14yr-old girl in the police explorer’s program [0]
  • Orleans Parish LA deputy investigated for leaving post while inmate on suicide watch killed self w/toilet paper [0]
  • Romulus MI police dept fires officer who filed a racial discrimination complaint alleging he was referred to as “monkey” that launched a 3 year-long state probe [4]
  • Eudora KS police officer arrested on misd battery charge after woman suffered minor injuries claims he struck her [1]
  • Hudson Co NJ retired capt now serving as director of narcotics div investigated for possible pension violations [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 08-06-11 to 08-07-11

Here are the 12 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of August 6-7, 2011:

  • Westerly RI police accused of excessive force a man officers hit with a baton & peppersprayed died 16 hours after arrested for disorderly conduct. [3]
  • Norway SC police refuse to disclose information about why an officer fatally shot a minister to death after an alleged chase that only lasted a couple of minutes. [3]
  • Toronto ON cops are under investigation after a mute man who was well-liked by neighbors died when he was thrown to the ground and cuffed for unknown reasons. [4]
  • New York NY police are being sued by a man who survived anywhere from 15 to 27 gunshot wounds when several officers unleashed a volley of gunfire that left 1 dead & 6 injured while he was struggling with a man who pulled a gun.  [3]
  • Toronto ON police are the subject of an SIU investigation but neither agency will say why undercover cops attempted to stop a car, why the driver was shot in the arm, or what he was charged with along with his passenger after the incident. [4]
  • Fort Dodge IA cop arrested on sexual abuse & extortion charges after accused of sexually assaulting woman in April [1]
  • Henrico County VA deputy was arrested on possession & production of child porn charges after his home raided back in May [1]
  • Juneau AK cop gets deal dropping sexual abuse of a minor charges in exchange for a plea to an interference charge [0]
  • New York NY cops owe $1,000,000 in unpaid tickets according to a report on parking placard abuses, cops blame finance dept [0]
  • Indianapolis IN police car was videotaped by a motorist doing over 100mph on a highway without it’s lights or sirens on [0]
  • New York NY police sgt suspended 30days w/o pay after arrested on DUI charge when stopped for running red light [0]
  • Winooski VT cop charged w/drunk driving after found slumped over steering wheel in highway median while off duty [0]

That’s it for this weekend… stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-05-11

Here are the 27 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, August 5, 2011:

  • 5 New Orleans LA cops found guilty on all 25 counts for fatal Danziger Bridge shootings & cover-up [0]
  • Brea CA police sued by family of man suspected of robbery who was unarmed when fatally shot by cop armed with a rifle [2]
  • Oakland CA police lose lawsuit for $200k to 2 black men strip searched in public during unwarranted traffic stop [3]
  • South Burlington VT cop sued by woman falsely convicted on drug charge & man illegally detained & strip searched [3]
  • Boynton Beach FL cop arrested after video shows he lied about arrest & planted gun on suspect, 3rd this week [0]
  • Los Angeles CA Airport police officer suspended while investigated for alleged sexual assault of woman while on duty [0]
  • Salt Lake Co UT sheriff’s dept sued by ACLU for man detained 39days after court ordered release & ICE hold dropped [3]
  • US drug test used by US DEA & law enforcement agencies across US called into question by judges in DC & Colorado [0]
  • 4 Washington DC cops accused of ignoring hate crimes by refusing to take report from 5 lesbians assaulted by 2 men [0]
  • Centreville IL cop arrested on felony child abuse charges for allegedly injuring 2yr-old boy w/blow to the head [0]
  • Edinburg TX cop gets probation for single felony misuse of police database in plea deal dropping pages of charges [0]
  • Renton WA cops accused of shopping cyberstalking case to prosecutors to retaliate against cartoonist critical of cops[3]
  • Plantation FL cop suspended 2days w/o pay for texting domestic violence victim that her toenail polish turned him on [0]
  • Broward Co FL deputy transferred to all-male jail and “counseled” after claims of sexual misconduct at woman’s jail [0]
  • Gary IN cop accused of sex w/suspect assigned to motor pool after prosecutor says he won’t take cases from him [1]
  • Belton MO cop shown grabbing teen’s butt on Quik-Trip store surveillance video in legal claim filed against city [3]
  • Franklin Co NC sheriff reportedly admits to embezzling over $90k from drug fund & charity for kids, but not charged [0]
  • Washington DC cop arrested on felony car theft charges for allegedly failing to return car he rented in 2009 [0]
  • Orlando FL cop reprimanded for using unsterilized swab to test man’s mouth for drugs during stop w/o cause or consent[0]
  • Brockport NY police lose defamation suit against newspaper in attempt to discover names of anonymous commenters [0]
  • Luzerne Co PA deputy charged w/assault, burglary & harassment sfor allegedly attacking her ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend [0]
  • 2 New Orleans LA cops, mom & son, plead guilty to multiple charges for attacking a bouncer at bar while off duty [0]
  • Coventry RI cop fired by Law Enforcement Bill of Rights Panel 9mo after convicted of masturbating in front of 2 women[0]
  • Bluffton SC settles suit for $86k to ex-police lt claiming she was wrongly fired for complaining about misconduct [4]
  • El Paso Co CO deputy w/2 reckless driving convictions investigated after causing fatal crash by running red light [0]
  • West Virginia state trooper subject of suit by flagger claiming he fell asleep at wheel when he hit her with cruiser [0]
  • California Hwy Patrol officer arrested on multiple domestic abuse charges then a week later for violating order [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-04-11

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, August 4, 2011:

  • Attleboro MA police sued by father & daughter alleging brutality, repeated harassment & false arrests [3]
  • Bethlehem PA cop gets probation in reduced charge plea deal for destroying video evidence in brutality case [0]
  • Baltimore MD police notified of ACLU intent to sue for arresting man & deleting videos of arrest from his phone [4]
  • Marysville PA cop already serving 10yrs for molesting 12+ girls pleads no contest to repeatedly molesting another [0]
  • Grainger Co TN deputy pleads guilty to fed enticement charges for enticing 13 & 16yr-old girls to have sex w/him [0]
  • Tucson AZ police lt fired after 9mo investigation into allegations he had sexually explicit chats w/minors online [1]
  • Baton Rouge LA cop arrested on allegations he broke into home of woman used to date & assaulted her 2x while on duty [0]
  • Kalamazoo MI police officer suspended after arrested on suspicion of domestic violence following wife’s 911 call [1]
  • Los Angeles Co CA deputy fired after video contradicted his version of why he fired shots at car while off duty [2]
  • Laredo TX cop sentenced to 6.5yrs prison for helping drug trafficker protect and move cocaine shipment [0]
  • Pharr TX cop sentenced to 12yrs on federal charges for protecting cocaine & gun shipments for drug cartel [0]
  • Bluff City TN police chief suspended while investigated for possible improper handling of confiscated vehicles [0]
  • Homer MI police chief & an officer subject of search warrants in criminal probe involving salvage titles [1]
  • Union City NJ police chief ($209k/yr) accused of claiming $45k/yr pay for hours not worked as school security detail [3]
  • Los Angeles CA police dpt sued by 10 officers alleging retaliation for refusal to meet illegal traffic ticket quotas [3]
  • Rapides Parish LA sheriff accused of nixing dog shooting probe vs pal, whistleblower allegedly fired for animal porn [0]
  • Renton WA police convince prosecutor & judge to get cyberstalking warrant to find out who made cartoons mocking cops [3]
  • North Corwall PA cop suspended 2days for unspecified police act violation a month after other cop fired for same [3]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-03-11

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, August 3, 2011:

  • 4 Tampa FL cops sued by deaf man claiming cops repeatedly tasered & beat him after dragging him out of a bar. While they allegedly fractured his orbital bones in the assault they never arrested him, just cited him for disorderly conduct… a charge that was later dismissed. [3]
  • A number of Longueuil QC cops are being investigated for alleged excessive force against a 57yr-old woman who was thrown to ground at a fireworks show. [0]
  • Los Angeles Co CA settles suit for $650k to a man claiming police  beat him at a traffic stop and a woman who was punched when she begged the cops to stop [3]
  • Hackensack NJ police union pres suspended & arrested for allegedly hitting a suspect in the head during questioning [0]
  • Kingsport TN cop resigned after arrested in connection w/massive child sexual abuse network that created child porn [0]
  • Tucson AZ police lt suspended since June while investigated for chats describing fantasies of molesting young boys [2]
  • Crisp Co GA deputy arrested for attempted child molestation for arranging meeting w/15yr-old on internet in sting op [0]
  • Birmingham MI police account of why they shot dog to death contradicted by witnesses saying it wasn’t aggressive [3]
  • Lawrence MA cop’s home raided by FBI in unspecified investigation possibly part of corruption case against mayor [3]
  • Miami Beach FL police IA officer & Tempe AZ cop named in suit alleging Shaquille O’Neal tried to frame biz partner [3]
  • Midland MI cop pleads guilty to receiving stolen property for keeping flat screen TV stolen from a Rent A Center [0]
  • Zionsville IN police chief resigns while investigated for allegedly threatening his officers w/gun & evidence theft [0]
  • 5 Zionsville IN cops disciplined for failing to report misconduct by police chief who resigned over evidence thefts [0]
  • Apple Creek OH police chief resigns after suspended & charged w/theft in office for stealing evidence & selling it [1]
  • Hesperia CA USD Police chief suspended after officers’ lawyer issues cease & desist alleging retaliation/harassment [1]
  • Seabrook NH cop accused of going on tirade about how he wouldn’t arrest a cop and threatened the officers who arrested him on drunk driving and hit & run charges. [0]
  • Freeport MI police chief faces “super drunk” driving charges after stopped w/BAC 2x legal limit [0]
  • North Bay ON cop arrested on drunk driving charges after refusing breath test during routine traffic stop [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-02-11

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, August 2, 2011:

  • Elyria OH settles suit for $50k to man who was punched by a cop while cuffed to hospital bed because of comment [0]
  • Montgomery Co MD police rebuked by judge over overly aggressive interrogation practices & failure to mirandize [0]
  • Benton Harbor MI police accused of tasering man after he was cuffed after allegedly mistaking him for drug dealer [1]
  • RCMP sued by family of man shot to death in bdrm last yr by cops responding to dispute, RCMP refuses to release info [4]
  • San Antonio TX police sued by family of man who died in custody, claim police won’t release information [3]
  • Fullerton CA police accused of being abusive towards homeless in wake of criticism over homeless man’s beating death [3]
  • 2 Boynton Beach FL cops arrested on falsifying report charges for allegedly lying about drug bust at motel [0]
  • West Reading PA police sgt who is taser trainer arrested over videos showing him tasering several people for fun [0]
  • Winn Parish LA sheriff indicted on federal distribution of methamphetamine charges along with 10 other people [0]
  • Hoffman Estates IL cop on leave while subject of unspecified investigation involving work on auto theft task force [3]
  • Woburn MA cop arrested on assault & battery charge on allegations he punched woman in face during argument at bar [0]
  • Oxnard CA cop assigned as school resource officer arrested on domestic violence charge involving unspecified woman [1]
  • Roosevelt Co MT sheriff arrested on assault charges for allegedly throwing man through window in off duty bar fight [0]
  • US Park Police accused of cracking down on drivers who stop to let pedestrians cross streets in response to accidents[0]
  • Manhattan Beach CA cop sentenced to probation in plea to hit & run accident, was fired after incident [0]
  • NM state trooper arrested for resisting, refused to leave hotel while drunk, arrested in June for DUI w/kid in car [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-01-11

Here are the 14 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, August 1, 2011:

  • 2 Detroit MI cops subject of suit by ex-Army medic claiming they rammed his car then beat him while he was cuffed. [3]
  • Miami Beach FL settles suit for $75k to gay man claiming cops uttered homophobic slurs as they beat him then arrested him for calling 911 to report seeing the officers kick a man in the head. [0]
  • Maricopa County AZ is being sued by 4 people arrested at a protest including a protester claiming deputies repeatedly kicked him after he was cuffed, a protester claiming she was denied treatment, and two legal observers claiming they were falsely arrested and detained longer than they should have been. [3]
  • Syracuse NY cop investigated after video apparently shows him ram a handcuffed man’s head into cruiser for “mouthing off” [3]
  • Desert Hot Springs CA cop sentenced to $3000 fine & probation on civil rights charge for tasering a cuffed suspect [0]
  • Corona CA police sued by ex-cop claiming she suffered retaliation for reporting misconduct by a gang unit leader [4]
  • Philadelphia PA police accused of covering up cop’s federal firearms crime because of his high-rank relatives [4]
  • Muhlenberg PA cop suspended after arrested on allegations he put pistol in wife’s mouth & threatened to kill her [0]
  • Washington DC cop pleads guilty to stealing over $40k from 85yr-old woman she was assigned to help [0]
  • Arizona DPS officer arrested on sexual abuse charge after allegedly groping a woman at a bar [0]
  • New Orleans LA cop suspended after arrested along w/girlfriend on domestic battery charges after altercation [0]
  • Prince George’s Co MD off-duty cops working security for party investigated for turning away EMTs after drowning [0]
  • Boynton Beach FL cop suspended after arrested for suspected drunk driving after crashing car into gate & flipping it [0]
  • Oak Hill FL disbands police department over issues that included allegations cops planted pot plants on mayor’s land [3]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 07-30-11 to 07-31-11

A few things before I start with this weekend’s report.

Today, Radley Balko asked his readers an interesting question as to whether appointing or electing law enforcement leadership had anything to do with police misconduct. It was an interesting question so I decided to run some analysis on our data and see if there were any correlations between misconduct rates and leadership selection types.

The results were sort of interesting.

First, just looking at overall misconduct per capita rates the results appear to indicate that agencies with elected leaders have less misconduct. Our 2009 Annual Report indicated that the national police misconduct rate was a projected 980.64 officers per 100,000. When we segment that into local Police Departments and Sheriff’s Offices we find that Police departments where leaders are appointed had a misconduct rate of 990.09 per 100,000 while Sheriffs offices where leaders are elected had a misconduct rate of 644.14 per 100,000.

Our 2010 data is somewhat similar in the breakdown. While the overall misconduct rate was 977.98 per 100,000, police departments had a misconduct rate of 1082.04 per 100,000 and sheriff’s agencies had a misconduct rate of 706.74 per 100,000.

So, it would seem that elected officials do better than appointed officials. However, when we look at the number of agencies and leaders implicated in misconduct we see something different.

In 2009 our data indicated that 10.8% of police agencies had officers involved in police misconduct while 7.8% of sheriff’s departments had officers implicated in acts of misconduct. But, in 2010 14% of police agencies had officers implicated in misconduct and 18% of sheriff’s departments had officers implicated in misconduct. Additionally, in 2010, 2.5% of police chiefs were implicated in acts of misconduct while 3.5% of sheriffs were implicated in misconduct. So, when we examine the numbers by agency the picture is a bit more muddled.

However, I personally think that, more importantly than how law enforcement leaders are selected, the laws and policies that govern those leaders and the people they lead are at least as equally important, if not more so. After all, even if you have a good leader in place, what good is it if state laws and local union agreements make it impossible for that leader to hold officers accountable for acts of misconduct?

With all that said, here are the 11 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of July 30-31, 2011:

  • Fullerton CA police accused of excessive force in arrests of man outside club & another who filmed it [3]
  • Port Townsend WA police accused of excessive force on man who didn’t show ID during DUI stop, was a passenger [3]
  • US DEA agents accused of throwing innocent veteran to the ground during wrong door raid, DEA denies allegations [3]
  • Houston TX police say lights & sirens aren’t required when speeding to calls after speeding cop strikes pedestrian [0]
  • Tulsa OK cops in corruption case sued by man freed after 2yrs into life sentence after drug informant admitted lying [0]
  • Suffolk Co NY cop arrests news cameraman for obstruction as he films chase scene from public sidewalk a block away [3]
  • Glassboro NJ cop subject of brutality suit by woman alleging she was arrested for saying she was filing complaint [3]
  • Michigan Supreme Court endangers civil rights act by deciding sheriff not liable for deputy raping a female detainee [0]
  • Shreveport LA cop in suit alleging he punched woman is fired for alleged unrelated violations of dept policies [2]
  • Dallas TX police officer arrested on domestic violence assault charges in unspecified incident and unlawful restraint after allegedly pushing woman to the ground then cuffing her & threatening her with jail time after arguing with her about an ex-girlfriend. [1]
  • Clark Co IN sheriff’s lt col arrested on misd domestic battery charges after wife reported incident to state police [0]
  • Albuquerque NM cop arrested on DUI & criminal damage charges after showing up to ex-husband’s home drunk & angry [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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