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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-23-11

Here are the 23 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, August 23, 2011:

  • San Francisco CA police in the above video are being accused of using excessive force on female protester at end of protest against BART police [3]
  • 2 Seaside Heights NJ cops accused of arresting 2 men on video, above, and beating one of them after shutting off the cell phone videotaping them. Apparently because one of them was videotaping one of the officers. [0]
  • Syracuse NY cop gets unspecified discipline but no charges after caught on video, above, slamming a cuffed man into his cruiser [1]
  • Ottawa ON sued by man alleging cops beat him, stripped him, then tried to crush his testicles against cell bars [3]
  • Burlington ON & Halton ON cops accused of excessive force by judge dismissing case against man who had arm broken [3]
  • Chicago IL cop in SOS scandal sentenced to probation in plea to false report about warrantless raid caught on video [0]
  • Corpus Christi TX cop found guilty of indecency with child for groping a 12yr-old girl during an ATV ride [0]
  • Rockaway Beach OR cop who coached softball team arrested for encouraging child sexual abuse & other charges [0]
  • Madison NJ cop pleads guilty to child pornography charge for asking what he thought was 13yr-old girl for nude pics [0]
  • Los Angeles Co CA sheriff reaches tentative $900k settlement w/family of woman who died after released from jail [0]
  • Craven Co NC deputy sentenced to 60days jail after pleading to charges over fatal on-duty 100mph crash [0]
  • Regina SK cop charged w/assault on unspecified allegations that he used excessive force on a man in custody [2]
  • New Britain CT police capt faces new allegations of sexual misconduct raised during testimony in suit by other cop [0]
  • Colonial Regional Police PA cop charged w/assaulting his estranged wife in custody dispute in front of 9yr-old son [0]
  • Palm Beach Co FL deputy arrested for allegedly smuggling contraband into jail in exchange for stolen debit cards [0]
  • Moorehead State Univ KY cop indicted on shoplifting charges along with wife accused of stealing from Walmart [0]
  • Midwest City OK now-retired police major charged for falsely claiming 2.5hrs overtime when GPS showed he was home [0]
  • Redding CA cop suspended after arrested on suspicion of drunk driving while behind wheel of city-owned vehicle [1]
  • Tucson AZ cop arrested on drunk driving, agg assault & other charges after rear ending another car while off duty [0]
  • North Muskegon MI cop who also works for Roosevelt Park MI gets suspended sentence for crashing into home while DUI [0]
  • Pittsburgh PA cop on paid leave after charged w/insurance fraud and related crimes involving off-duty accident [0]
  • Gage Co NE deputy arrested on drunk driving allegations after being pulled over for speeding while off duty [0]
  • Turner Co GA sheriff resigns & pleads to violating oath for giving pal’s wife pot from evidence to treat cancer. Honestly, I didn’t want to add this one since my wife’s dad died of cancer and she would tell me how marijuana was the only thing that seemed to help him with the pain. But, it is a plea to a criminal charge so I have to add it like any other criminal case. [0]

Before I go, I had a bit of time to make to variations of bumper stickers based on the “If you see something, film something” poster I designed since a couple people said they were interested in that. I’m not sure if I’m happy with the design yet, but it’s what I was able to do in the time I had. Let me know what you think.
If You See Something, Film Something 2 bumpersticker
If You See Something, Film Something bumpersticker
That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-22-11

Here are the 12 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, August 22, 2011:

  • Bay City MI settles suit for $1mil to family of 15yr-old who died after tasered. While police claim he was tasered for taking up a “fighting stance”, witnesses claim he was cuffed when he was tasered. [0]
  • Gretna LA cop who is already the subject of an excessive force case where a police dog bit off a man’s penis is now being sued by a man claiming the officer tasered him and his 7-year-old son during a traffic stop then beat him afterward. [3]
  • Washington Park IL cop pleads to rights charge for firing at car, illegally jailing 2 men & unrelated fraud charges [0]
  • Portsmouth VA cop sued by man claiming he was tasered while handcuffed in drug arrest that was later dismissed [3]
  • Palmetto FL cop arrested for threatening wife & kids w/rifle & taser had history of 14 disciplinary cases in 11yrs [0]
  • Trenton NJ cop arrested on agg assault & other charges for allegedly pointing gun at girlfriend & threatening her [0]
  • Cranford NJ cop suspended w/o pay after arrested for alleged on-duty criminal sexual contact & official misconduct [0]
  • Harrison Co IN sheriff gets 9mo house arrest in plea deal to groping employees & covering it up w/intimidation [0]
  • Philadelphia PA cop w/history of retaliatory false arrests subject of 3rd suit alleging yet another false arrest [0]
  • Draper UT K9 cop arrested on drug paraphernalia charge after allegedly caught on video smoking heroin in patrol car [0]
  • Chicago IL police sgt threatens & takes ID from traffic cop who put boot on car of cop who had 62 unpaid tickets [0]
  • Boone IA cop subject of state criminal investigation into unspecified allegations after resigning last week [2]

Before I go there are two reports I’m trying to figure out.

First, there appears to have been a mass detention incident in the aftermath of the second OpBART protest by groups including Anonymous in San Francisco California over two shooting deaths and Bay Area Rapid Transit’s attempt to quell potential protests by shutting down cellular service. We’ve seen a number of suits arise out of similar police actions during protests where, instead of singling out individual troublemakers, the police just round everyone up in the area including innocent bystanders and reporters…. which appears to have happened here. However, nobody has come out yet and alleged that it was an illegal action which makes me wonder, was it legal? What do you think?

Second, someone sent me an email about this case in Vilas County Wisconsin where an off-duty deputy mistakenly shot his niece was a cougar while she was playing a practical joke on him. These ones are difficult as it’s a call between an honest mistake and culpable negligence. Yes, the niece unintentionally put herself at risk during the prank, but the deputy violated a general gun safety rule by firing at an unconfirmed target. I think this is one to watch to see how the internal investigation turns out, but the niece isn’t pressing charges so I don’t think we’ll see criminal negligence called on it. What do you think?

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 08-20-11 to 08-21-11

Here are the 13 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of August 20-21, 2011:

  • San Juan County NM deputy cost that county $250,000 in a lawsuit settlement to a Native American man that he beat in the face and neck with his department-issued Maglight [0]
  • Coral Springs FL cop to be fired after convicted of choking a suspect & telling him he’ll see him when he gets out [0]
  • Jasper TX cop allegedly responsible for 28% of that department’s use of force incidents was fired over 2 alleged excessive force incidents this month [0]
  • Philadelphia PA police are accused of excessive force by beating a “partially” blind man & tasering a bystander who refused to leave his own porch [3]
  • Seattle WA cop subject of suit alleging he tasered & falsely arrested a man and his brother on unwarranted bank robbery charges in revenge for flirting w/woman he dated [3]
  • Ada Co ID deputy already accused of groping & harassing a woman is now accused of doing the same to a second woman. [0]
  • Truth or Consequences NM cop hired after fired for false reporting as deputy now facing wrongful arrest lawsuit [3]
  • Monroeville OH cop accused for assaulting Huron Co OH deputy at his home, both officers on paid leave [1]
  • Haverhill MA police lt head of IA retires after caught on-duty at home of woman who filed for protection order [0]
  • Tuscon AZ cop arrested on DUI, agg assault & endangerment charges after car accident that injured 3 people [0]
  • Cumberland Co NJ deputy suspended after leaving assault rifle & ammo in the road after cleaning trunk [0]
  • New Mexico State trooper allegedly caught on surveillance camera having sex on county property while in uniform [0]
  • Clark Co OH deputy arrested by fellow deputies on abuse of prescription drugs charges on unspecified allegations [1]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

Making Posters

So, I got a little tired of doing work all the time, decided to do some photoshopping instead and made a poster riffing off of the DHS “See Something” ad campaign. It also takes a subtle swipe at states that try to outlaw filming police in public. I was going to put some sponsor logos like the poster I based it off of had, but since we’re not really affiliated with anyone it’s blank space for now. The images are screen captures from a few of the videos we’ve tracked.

*Note: I’ve updated it based on some feedback, you can click on the image for the full-size version and the original is still here as well.

*UPDATE: Per a few requests I’ve added the poster to our online storefront. Of course, you don’t have to buy it to use it, just print it out on your own or modify it as needed. Sure, we always need donations, but we only make a small percentage of each sale so it won’t hurt us if you use the poster in other ways… think of it as a public service. So, if you don’t have time to get it printed on your own, go ahead and order a few from our store.

So, what do you think? Like it? Hate It? Let me know below:

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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-19-11

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, August 19, 2011:

  • A drunk New York NY police officer was arrested on a sexual assault charge after a witness called 911 while seeing him rape a school teacher at gun point early in the morning. Police arrived in time find him with the victim who was able to tell them what happened. [0]
  • A state investigation into how an East Dublin GA cop fatally shot an unarmed man during investigation into fatally shooting of unarmed man reopened after discovered cop missed gun training [0]
  • Ontario Provincial cops accused of leaving bound rape victim tied up & untreated for 5 hours while they waited for a police photographer [3]
  • Spring Lake NC settles suit for $150k to man claiming continuous harassment by police eventually led to an officer shooting him needlessly. [0]
  • Palmetto FL cop was arrested for Aggravated domestic assault with a deadly weapon on allegations the pointed an AR-15 and taser at his family and told them he could kill at any time and get away with it. [0]
  • Daytona Beach FL police detective setenced to probation for resisting arrest in dispute when stopped for speeding on her way to where police were arresting her son. [0]
  • Philadelphia PA cop arrested on agg assault, unlawful restraint & other charges in alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend [1]
  • Peel ON police accused of profiling by a 60yr-old black man claiming a cop interrogated him in back of cruiser while she was looking for a 20yr-old suspect. [2]
  • Pennsylvania State trooper sentenced to 2-23mo prison for assaulting Humane Society police officer at pizza shop [0]
  • Fairfax Co VA police accused of harassing biker’s funeral procession & threatening to taser dead man’s brother [1]
  • Gwinnett Co GA cop gets probation in no contest plea deal for tasering a Waffle House employee as a joke [0]
  • Radcliff KY cop among 26 arrested in child predator sting, allegedly solicited sex from cop posing as 14yr-old [0]
  • Marlow OK cop gets suspended sentence in plea to perjury in case where the prosecutor stopped a drug trial & the judge had him charged with lying under oath [0]
  • 2 Glendale CA cops “released” from dept for unspecified misconduct, one subject of false arrest suit by lawyer [2]
  • Kelleys Island OH cop arrested on drunk driving charges after head-on crash into female motorist, tested .208 BAC [0]
  • Indianapolis IN cop gets probation & time served in plea deal for DUI and fraud charges involving prescriptions [0]

Also, before I go I wanted to relay that the NYCLU wants to hear from NYC residents about how they feel about the NYPD. A confidential survey is available at

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-18-11

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, August 18, 2011:

  • Houston TX cop given indefinite suspension (fired) for punching cuffed suspect on video after chase [0]
  • Davidson Co TN sheriff’s dept loses suit for $200k to woman on immigration hold left shackled to bed while giving birth [1]
  • Denver CO police criticized for cuffing 8yr-old autistic kid over outburst then escorting him to hospital where he was forced to wait in ER for 5 days on a mental health hold even though he already was in treatment for autism [3] (note, the 5 days part was edited out of the original report for unspecified reasons).
  • Chicago IL to pay $333k in jury award to family who’s pet lab was shot to death during raid that found nothing because police filed for warrant covering both units of a duplex even though they were only really targeting the unit next door. The teen family member home during the raid asked police to let him put their dog away but the officers wouldn’t let him then shot the dog to death when it came around the corner, wagging it’s tail according to the family. [3]
  • Belmont NC police sued by woman & neighbor alleging cops arrested her for complaining about them speeding out of fear for her 3yr-old child’s safety. [3]
  • Los Angeles Co CA sheriff’s dept subject of DOJ probe into allegations of discrimination against section8 residents [0]
  • Tupelo MS subject of unspecified DOJ investigation into police hiring practices, officials refuse to say why [2]
  • Philadelphia PA cop sentenced to 16yrs for plot to rob dealer & sell heroin, joins 2 others already sentenced, including his wife. [0]
  • Harris Co TX deputy sentenced to 5yrs for accepting bribes from drug dealer in exchange for protection & police information [0]
  • Minneapolis MN police sgt charged w/misconduct on allegations he misused police database to get unspecified private info [1]
  • Brownsville TX cop suspended after indicted for forgery, theft & official repression for stealing 2 cars from public auction [0]
  • Boston MA police sued by ACLU & other groups trying to force them to reveal what their policy is for how they gather surveillance of activists and political groups [4]
  • New Orleans LA cop charged w/216 counts for writing fake seatbelt violation tickets to collect extra pay from fed grant that pays cops to write those kinds of tickets. [0]
  • Kingston NY now-retired detective arrested on multiple charges after audit finds he submitted fake transcripts to get stipend while he was a cop [0]
  • Chemung Co NY deputy was speeding & didn’t maintain lane in crash that killed him & another motorist [0]
  • Portland OR cop on desk duty after arrested on DUI, attempting to elude & reckless endangerment charges [1]
  • Indianapolis IN cop arrested on drunk driving charges after crashing his police cruiser into a parked car while off duty [0]
  • Washington State Supreme Court rules police misconduct investigation records must be made public whether the complaint was sustained or not. This is a major change in a state where police kept misconduct records hidden from the public as a matter of state law and may signal a reversal for Seattle, which is currently subject of a fed investigation, where the police union recently won a case to keep their names off misconduct reports even when they are found guilty of misconduct. [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-17-11

Here are the 27 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, August 17, 2011:

  • At least 8 Chicago IL police officers are under investigation after they allegedly jumped a liquor store owner when they mistook him for a burglar, let them go without charges, then attacked him and his brother on video when his brother told them he was going to file a complaint and that the incident was caught on video. [3]
  • New York NY (Bronx) cop sentenced to probation for beating a pedestrian in the face with a baton after he hit him with his cruiser in an on-duty road rage incident [0]
  • Houston TX cop who is also facing another lawsuit has been suspended 20 days for clubbing an ex-NBA star in the back of the head with a nightstick at a store but, despite suspending him for it, the city still insists he did nothing wrong, since he’s facing a lawsuit. [1]
  • A Fullerton CA police officer who is also involved in the brutal death of Kelly Thomas is now a part of a lawsuit over an earlier incident where he attacked a man videotaping the violent arrest of his friend. [5] Interestingly, the city’s defense is that the officers did tackle, arrest, and aggressively tried to convict him, but claim it was a mistake because they really thought he was someone that they claim jumped on an officer’s back… which appears to be an attempt to get the suit tossed through qualified immunity.
  • Russell Co AL sheriff’s detective pled guilty to assaulting cuffed man in custody. Another deputy is still facing trial [0]
  • US DHS sued by ACLU & others for policy allowing immigration detainees to be shackled 12hrs a day when at court [0]
  • Wheeler WI police chief pleads insanity to 14 felony sex charges for allegedly showing porn to 2 teen boys he arrested for breaking into a church then molesting them. This is a strange one because I can’t recall recorded a report yet in the 2+ years we’ve been operating where an officer pled insanity to any charge. [0]
  • Long Beach CA police youth services detective sentenced to 2yrs for his sexual relationship with a 15yr-old female relative [0]
  • St Ann MO reserve cop fired after admitting to sexually abusing female detainee he was guarding, a grand jury is still determining what charges he’ll face. [0]
  • Worth Co MO sheriff pleads guilty to violating the civil rights of 8 women that he forced to expose themselves under color of law then photographed them.  [0]
  • Glendale AZ cop resigned in Apr over allegations he molested & sent sexual txts to underage girls at a high school he worked at while off duty. County prosecutors are, months later, still trying to figure out if they want to charge him or not. [1]
  • Houston TX cop suspended while investigated for allegedly molesting a cuffed detainee then sending her explicit pics and text messages. [1]
  • Philadelphia PA cop to face charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in his cruiser after offering her a ride at a bus stop. [1]
  • Westville NJ police sued by woman alleging she was ordered to urinate on a holding cell floor in front of others [3]
  • 36 New York NY cops alleged to be subject of internal probes into perjury allegations including false arrests [2]
  • New York NY police detective arrested for allegedly using police equipment to rob cigarette smugglers in fake raid [0]
  • Niagara Regional ON police rebuked by judge staying case in largest Niagara pot bust over alleged police misconduct [2]
  • Bernalillo Co NM deputy arrested on agg assault w/deadly weapon charge in alleged road rage incident outside school [0]
  • Logan Co OH sheriff fires ex-Bellefontaine OH chief he hired after report found he lied during triple-murder case [0]
  • Grant Co IN deputy arrested on 6 counts felony theft after probe into allegations he stole money from a company he co-owned. [0]
  • Sneedville TN police chief sentenced to 4mo after pleading to charges for giving 14yr-old girl pot from evidence, I think there might have been more to it than this though. [0]
  • Albuquerque NM cop arrested on bribery charge for allegedly helping escort beat criminal charge in exchange for sex [0]
  • Port Arthur TX cop resigns while under investigation for theft, allegedly wrote checks on a closed account [0]
  • 2 Cape Brenton NS regional constables charged w/obstruction and breach of public trust in unspecified incident [3]
  • University at Buffalo NY police officer cited for disorderly conduct at concert in unspecified incident [2]
  • Chillicothe IL police chief suspended after arrested on drunk driving charges when stopped over trailer w/o lights [0]
  • US Secret Service agent arrested on drunk driving charge in Iowa ahead of scheduled presidential visit [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-16-11

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, August 16, 2011:

  • Baltimore MD cop sentenced to 17yrs prison on manslaughter and firearm violation charges for shooting an unarmed Iraq war vet to death outside a nightclub while drunk because he pinched a woman’s butt that he was with. [0]
  • Norfolk VA police are being sued by the wife of a police recruit who died after receiving several blows to the head during police self-defense training [0]
  • 2 Ottawa ON cops are under investigation after a woman who called police to help a man she found asleep on the sidewalk accused them of using excessive force on that 50-year-old homeless man when they slammed him face-first onto the pavement without cause, resulting in facial fractures. She also claims the police tried to cover it up. [3]
  • Athena OR cop was sentenced to 115 months, almost 10 years, for child pornography & sexual crimes against a 15yr-old girl [0]
  • Oklahoma State trooper was charged with 2nd degree rape of a woman he pulled over for DUI while on-duty [0]
  • Hartford CT police sued by man shown on video being beaten into unconsciousness by 2 cops in holding cell as 2 supervisors ignored it [0]
  • Topeka KS settles suit for $300k to 2 brothers shot by 4 off-duty cops at their home during an altercation over noise [0]
  • Meriden CT now faces a 3rd lawsuit alleging brutality by the police chief’s son and a subsequent cover-up by the department [3]
  • Spartanburg County SC deputy resigns while under investigation for allegedly punching & choking a cuffed man over an insult [0]
  • Baltimore MD settles suit for $30k to man claiming a cop beat him after he called police to report domestic abuse [3]
  • Kern Co CA reserve deputy arrested on attempted murder & spousal abuse charges involving his 60yr-old wife whom he allegedly strangled into unconsciousness multiple times during a domestic dispute [0]
  • Denver CO settled a suit by the ACLU for $200k and promised reforms involving mass arrests during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Those police actions are forever seared in our brains thanks to a shirt subsequently sold by the police union to celebrate how they handled the protests. [0]
  • Albuquerque NM cop fired & another suspended for violating policies involving what they were doing at the scene of where a fellow cop was accused of murdering his wife and making it look like suicide [1]
  • Chicago IL cop pleads guilty to felony bribery charge as part of fed probe into a towing extortion scheme, he’s the 6th to plea so far [0]
  • Spencer NC police sued by cop claiming negligence in the hiring of a cop who shot him multiple times w/automatic pellet gun. That cop was hired despite having to resign in lieu of firing from another agency and who only received a reprimand over the incident. However, it does sound like the plaintiff in this case might be exaggerating his injuries just a tiny bit. [0]
  • Chula Vista CA cop gets probation for guilty plea to DUI and “capping” charges when he was stopped after caught cheating at a casino blackjack table [0]

I also wanted to say thank you to the 3,000+ people now following our News Feed on Twitter. Thank you all so very much for your support!

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 08-15-11

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, August 15, 2011:

  • Cook Co IL deputy may still be fired after judge’s surprising acquital for videotaped incident where a detainee suffered significant facial injuries when the deputy yanked on his shackle chains sending him face-first to the floor. Even the sheriff expressed surprise at the verdict but says it hasn’t changed his opinion that the deputy should be fired. [0]
  • Covington LA forced by a judge to rehire a cop fired for his role in an excessive force case where he was accused of lying to cover for his fellow officer. The judge’s decision came on a second appeal after a review board upheld the decision to fire him [0]
  • Elk Grove CA police are being sued by a man who was cuffed in the backseat of a cruiser after he was already searched when he was shot in face by a cop armed with a rifle. The police claim they thought he was reaching for a gun. [2]
  • Harrison Co MS deputy who worked as a school resource officer pleads guilty to sexual exploitation of child where he was charged with sexually battering a baby sitter [0]
  • Atlanta GA police training oversights may have resulted in up to 200 cops being uncertified for decades, which would result in thousands of case, some up to 20 years old, being overturned as the result of an unlawful arrest by an uncertified officer. [0]
  • Lumpkin Co GA sheriff & deputy found liable for $58k damages in suit by man arrested after warrantless search [1]
  • Corinth MS cop sentenced to 46mo prison for robbing motorists during fake traffic stops [0]
  • Bainbridge GA cop sentenced to probation in plea deal to violation of oath & obstruction for string of 3 burglaries [0]
  • Oregon State trooper jailed after SWAT standoff triggered when he fired a shot as cops responded to a 911 call by a friend expressing concern about his depression. [0]
  • 3 West Virginia troopers sued by woman claiming they violwrongfully arrested her for flipping them off in court [2]
  • Dallas TX off-duty cop investigated for allegedly hitting security guard in face w/pistol while chasing suspect [3]
  • Prince George’s Co MD cop charged w/felony assault for allegedly pulling gun on other woman in argument over keys [0]
  • Renton WA police demote 2 cops for the first of 9 cartoons that made fun of the department after dropping a highly controversial cyberstalking warrant in an attempt to find the author. They don’t know who made the others yet. [2]
  • Tallahassee FL cop sentenced to 15days jail after convicted on misd battery charge in unspecified case, he was fired a few months ago [1]
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC cop suspended while investigated for domestic violence for the 2nd time in her career [0]
  • Louisville KY cop pleads guilty to bankruptcy fraud charge after altering judge’s order to let him get more credit [0]
  • Blountstown FL cop fired after admitting to being addicted to meth when confronted with allegations of drug use [0]
  • Manchester OH cop investigated after deputies bust underage drinking party at his home, other cops allegedly there [1]

While it doesn’t sound like there was any specific misconduct allegations stemming from today’s high-profile OpBART protest sponsored by Anonymous I did find it interesting that, throughout the coverage, it seemed like BART’s response to the protests, by shutting down stations in attempts to disorganize it, caused riders more disruptions than what the protest itself did. But, at least, that’s what it looked like from the outside looking in. The protests appear to have ended without arrests or injuries, which is good news, so that was nice at least.

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 08-13-11 to 08-14-11

Here are the 15 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of August 13-14, 2011:

  • 3 Davie FL cops are the subject of a suit by an 18yr-old honors student, shown above, who was repeatedly punched, kicked, tasered and attacked by a police dog before arrested for resisting arrest with violence, charges which were later tossed because it was ruled that he couldn’t be arrested for resisting an unlawful arrest. [3]
  • Highlands County FL is being sued by an 81yr-old man claiming a deputy used excessive force by throwing him onto his cruiser and fasely arrested him. The ending quote from the sheriff is a gem. [3]
  • The Canadian Border Service apparently strip searched a 66-year-old woman from the US and the RCMP detained her for 12 days after a field drug test yielded a false positive on an oil bottle in her car. The police are also accused of taking their time verifying the results from the unreliable test. [0]
  • Kentucky State trooper who now works for the US DHS is being sued by a man & his son claiming the trooper broke down their door, threatened them at gunpoint, then falsely arrested them because they called 911 after the trooper’s wife hit their car while she was driving under the influence. [5]
  • Orange County FL deputies are accused of raiding & ransacking the wrong home before they raided the right home next door, which resulted in the fatal shooting of the warrant’s subject. [3]
  • Muskogee Co OK deputy arrested on multiple charges for allegedly firing her service weapon during an off-duty domestic argument while drunk. The man she was with was also arrested as well though. [0]
  • Metcalfe Co KY deputy pled guilty to multiple charges for stalking, harassing & assaulting a woman in dispatch center that he used to have a relationship with. [0]
  • Lawrence MA cop is still on paid leave 6 mo after his DV conviction despite the police chief recommending termination. [0]
  • Florida police unions boast about 80% success rate using arbitrators to force law enforcement agencies to rehire of cops fired for misconduct [0]
  • US Border Patrol officer sentenced to 1mo home det & anger mgmnt for threatening to kill BC teen in road rage case [0]
  • San Jose CA police sued by biker club claiming police are profiling them for “driving while biker” [0]
  • Williamston SC police chief resigns over racist jokes & images posted on his Facebook page [0]
  • Indiana State trooper pleads to releasing a female DUI suspect who failed a breathalyzer test and destroying the test results. The investigation also found he downloaded pics from her Facebook page. [0]
  • Louisiana DPS officer suspended 100hrs for pics of him having sex on duty in patrol car found on the cruiser laptop [0]
  • Sandwich MA cop disciplined for hit&run crash now investigated for alleged harassing txt msgs to fellow cop [1]

Also, we have a service provider bill coming due tonight so we could really use a few donations if at all possible. So if you haven’t donated yet, please give it a thought if you support what we do here. Thanks!

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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