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Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 11-05-11 to 11-06-11

Here are the 29 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of November 5-6, 2011:

  • US State Department law enforcement agent was arrested on suspicion of 2nd degree murder for shooting a man to death at a McDonalds in Hawaii [1]
  • Oakland CA cops are accused of badly beating an Iraq war veteran who was allegedly trying to cross a police line at #OccupyOakland on his way home from dinner. He was also allegedly denied medical care in jail, only to be driven to a hospital for emergency surgery for the ruptured spleen he suffered after he was bailed out of jail. [3]
  • 2 West Virginia state troopers are the subject of a lawsuit alleging they broke into a home and smashed the homeowner’s face in with the butt of a rifle as he slept on his couch in an alleged case of mistaken identification. [5]
  • Prince George’s County MD an unknown number of cops are being investigated on allegations that they beat & tasered 2 cuffed men after a chase. [2]
  • Will County IL deputy is being sued for brutality on allegations that he broke a man’s neck and ruptured his liver while responding to a call from a store owner about a dispute, allegedly because the officer found an FBI business card in the man’s belongings and thought he was an FBI informant. [5]
  • Oakland CA settled an excessive force lawsuit for $22,000 to a man claiming cops busted his teeth by slamming his face down on a police cruiser hood during an arrest during a traffic stop. [0]
  • 2 University of Wiscpnsin at La Crosse WI police officers are being sued by a man arrested for recording the officers arresting his friend for recording a public congressional debate. [3]
  • Pueblo Co CO deputy was arrested for child exploitation after a sergeant found his thumb drive left at the jail and discovered that it was filled with child porn. [0]
  • Lincoln Co MO sheriff’s detective was indicted on a variety of charges alleging he sexually abused and assaulted 5 female drug court participants under color of law [0]
  • Delaware Co OK sheriff resigns after $13.5mil settlement was made to 15 women claiming that he ignored rape complaints against his jail employees [0]
  • Bladen Co NC deputy is under investigation into unspecified sexual misconduct allegations involving a 15yr-old girl [1]
  • Spokane WA officials are denouncing about 48 police officers who attended the trial of a cop convicted of using excessive force in the beating death of a mentally ill man at a convenience store and saluting him as he was being escorted into custody. Officials now say they are investigating those officers to determine if any were on duty at the time. [0]
  • Dallas TX police are being investigated after they were accused of initiating violence at an #OccupyDallas protest march that resulted in protesters being maced & arrested. Not only did at least one journalist at the event suggest that the officers were the aggressors, but video also allegedly contradicts the official reports. [3]
  • New York NY police are being criticized for closing public sidewalks then ordering protesters off the streets in an effort to shut down an #OccupyWallStreet protest march in a desolate part of that city. [3]
  • New York NY police are being accused of telling a sexual battery victim at #OccupyWallStreet that it was her fault for sleeping there. Oddly, the police and mayor have been chastising protesters for allegedly not reporting crimes, but apparently blaming them for being there when they do report being victimized. [3]
  • Oakland CA police officer was caught on video at #OccupyOakland hiding his name tag & badge number with tape which happens to be against departmental policy. A supervisor was alerted to the issue and was shown on video making the officer remove the tape. [0]
  • New York NY police are being criticized for jailing an out-of-town college student for 36 hours just because she left her identification at her hotel and they refused to let her friend retrieve it. [3]
  • Philadelphia PA cop caught lying on stand in a drug case after defense reveals video contradicting him. While the case was dismissed over the perjured testimony, it does not appear as though the officer will face any repercussions.[3]
  • Weber Co UT sheriff is being sued by a deputy claiming retaliation for talking to FBI about a sheriff’s captain’s misconduct case [3]
  • Lakeland FL cop given probation & $500 fine for improperly storing firearm that 7yr-old shot 10yr-old in hand with [0]
  • Nicholas Co KY sheriff gets diversionary sentence, must repay over $31,000 that stole from forfieture funds [0]
  • Maricopa Co AZ sheriff’s capt was fired for lying about fundraising activities for sheriff & violating campaign laws[3]
  • 2 Sacramento Co CA deputies suspended after they are added to list of cops under investigation for illegal gun sales[0]
  • Massachusetts state trooper suspended w/o pay for allegedly trying to cover up for prostitution ring he was part of [0]
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent suspended while subject of investigation into $1mil loan fraud allegations [0]
  • 3 Chicago IL cops suspended w/o pay pending a termination hearing over allegations they repeatedly issued dozens of fake traffic tickets to a man they never met. A 4th officer involved in the case was fired in another case for an off-duty assault incident. [1]
  • Boise Co ID deputy arrested for drunk driving after driving patrol car off dirt road & rolling it while off duty [0]
  • Glendale AZ cop hits pregnant teen in crosswalk w/cruiser, slightly injuring her, claims sun was in his eyes [1]

That’s it for this weekend, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-03-11 to 11-04-11

Sorry for the news feed outage and the lack of a recap the last couple days. There were a couple of situations that demanded my full attention which meant I wasn’t able to keep on top of things for that time. I’ll be getting everything caught up over the weekend though, so thanks for your patience.

With that said, here are the 26 reports I was able to track in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday and Friday, November 3-4, 2011:

  • Santa Ana CA off-duty cop fatally shot unarmed man after mistaking him for car burglar when the man was was actually paid to help someone change a tire on the van the officer thought he was stealing. The story gets weirder after  with the officer claiming he got in his personal car and chased him down when he ran and then, after catching him, shot the guy when he allegedly got behind the wheel of the officer’s car somehow. [0]
  • Elizabeth NJ police lose suit for $1.5mil to man claiming cops fractured his skull by pistol-whipping him and then covered it up [3]
  • Evergreen AL cop fired on allegations he tasered  a councilman’s sister while she was restrained in chair at station [0]
  • Los Vegas NV police & Clark Co NV sued by man attacked & arrested by cop for videotaping police from his own yard [1]
  • Atlanta GA cop sentenced to 20yrs for molestation & sexual battery of a 12yr-old disabled girl he met as school cop [0]
  • King Co WA deputy w/history of 26 findings of misconduct in 2yrs under investigation for sexual comments to teen [0]
  • Frankfort NY cop indicted on forgery & official misconduct charges for trying to illegally obtain phone records [1]
  • Roseville CA cop subject of fed investigation into alleged illegal gun sales, several other warrants issued in case [1]
  • Sacramento CA cop & several other area officers subject of fed investigation into alleged illegal weapons sales [1]
  • US Dept of Defense police officer in Washington state was convicted of 1st & 2nd deg assault for throwing his girlfriend out of a 2nd floor window and injuring her. [0]
  • St Albans WV police chief suspended while investigated for sexual harassment, had disciplinary history elsewhere [2]
  • 2 Fort Lauderdale FL cops in “Raiders” unit arrested for allegedly stealing cash & drugs from pain clinic patients [1]
  • Milwaukee WI police explanation of reporter’s arrest at #OccupyMilwaukee questioned after video contradicts the police version of events. [4]
  • Clermont FL cop fired after probe into allegations he falsely arrested teen on drug charges & lied on report [0]
  • Weare NH police told people have right to record police by judge dismissing case against man for doing just that [3]
  • San Francisco CA cop accused of falsely arresting store owner on video for what cop claimed was “fighting stance” [0]
  • North Cornwall PA cop charged for allegedly harassing store employee into dropping charges against family member [0]
  • Pender County NC sheriff’s capt found guilty of soliciting crimes against nature, acquitted on prostitution charges [0]
  • Chatam-Kent ON cop charged w/criminal harassment & threatening in unspecified incident, officials won’t release name [3]
  • Houston TX cop gets deferred adjudication in deal for stealing from police union, dad was sentenced in Sept for same[0]
  • Boynton Beach FL cop rehired after fired for brutality is fired again in other case, charged for 3rd incident w/cop [0]
  • Milwaukee WI cop accused of negligence by open carry group for unholstered gun in waistband when it discharged in mall[0]
  • Vermont state trooper gets $500 fine after pleading guilty to DUI charge, resigned after arrest [0]
  • Wells MN cop suspended 2 weeks & must attend alcohol treatment over unspecified “conduct unbecoming” allegations [3]
  • Austin TX cop suspended 10 days for letting drunk woman drive away, she later crashed in police parking garage [0]
  • Halton ON cop cited for careless driving after crasing into 2 other cars while transporting suspect [0]

Stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-02-11

Here are the 21 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, November 2, 2011:

  • Spokane WA cop found guilty of needlessly beating mentally ill man to death then lying to cover it up [0]
  • Centreville IL police sued by man claiming cops beat him but didn’t charge him until he filed complaint 5mo later [5]
  • Hudson WI settles suit for $210k to kid attacked by police dog as he was escaping from shooting/hostage situation [0]
  • Boston MA police sued by man claiming cops beat & arrested him on wiretap charge for recording mistreatment of pal [5]
  • Brighton AL cop sued by man claiming excessive force when arrested for swearing when cop made him pick up goat dung [3]
  • New Orleans LA police lieutenant who cooperated w/Danziger shooting case sentenced to 4yrs for role in coverup [0]
  • St Paul MN settles 2 brutality suits, 1 for $10k to man beaten outside hospital & $11.5k to man beaten in his home [0]
  • Delaware Co OK settles suit for $13.5mil to 15 women claiming sheriff responsible for sexual assaults by jail staff [1]
  • Northern Illinois Univ IL police officer fired and charged w/criminal sexual assault of a female student [1]
  • Torrance CA rsv cop sentenced to 3yds in plea to charges for drugging, raping… then completely shaving his drinking buddy [0]
  • Holtville CA now-former cop arrested on child porn charges, images of him w/suspected minor from when he was a cop [1]
  • Univ North Carolina NC settles suit for $100k to woman sexually harassed & groped by now-convicted asst police chief[0]
  • Nassau Co NY cop resigns after pleading guilty to official misconduct, forced woman to grope him at traffic stop [0]
  • Edinburg TX cop gets deferred adjucation deal for official misconduct charge, tried to kiss teen at traffic stop [0]
  • 2 Palm Beach Co FL deputies arrest man on questionable charge for recording his traffic stop w/o their permission [3]
  • St Charles Parish LA deputy arrested for allegedly writing fake tickets to people never stopped to get overtime pay [0]
  • Henrico Co VA cop fined & given suspended sentence after found guilty of petty larceny for stealing pet labrador [0]
  • Leland NC cop relieved of duties after state audit blasts department for lack of proper records for all officers [3]
  • Sumter SC cop charged w/breach of trust over theft allegations, claims it’s retaliation for incident w/supervisor [0]
  • Boulder CO cop arrested on allegations he was selling military assault rifle silencers he stole from Nat Guard [0]
  • Lorain OH police forced by arbitrator to rehire cop fired for using police resourses to track dispatcher he liked [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-01-11

Here are the 17 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, November 1, 2011:

  • Pomona CA police are being sued by the family of a man who was apparently unarmed when he was fatally shot be police 4 months after he filed an excessive force complaint involving an incident partially caught on video where he was allegedly tasered and punched while cuffed. [3]
  • Dolton IL cop was arrested on civil rights & obstruction charges for allegedly beating 2 people. He then allegedly threatened the police chief with bodily harm for cooperating with the federal investigation into the incident. [0]
  • 4 Houston TX cops are under investigation as a man plans to file a lawsuit claiming he was beaten by the officers after stopped by police while riding his bicycle late at night. [3]
  • New York NY police detective was convicted for planting drugs in order to arrest innocent people to meet his quotas. The judge in the case expressed his shock about just how pervasive this activity is within that department’s “cowboy culture”. [3]
  • Burns Harbor PA police lost an excessive force suit but only had to pay $2000 to a man claiming an officer injured him when he yanked him from his car and kneeled on him after he was in a crash caused by his low blood sugar, which the officer mistook for drunk driving. [0]
  • Louisiana state trooper was arrested on a rape charge after an investigation into an alleged incident that occured while he was on sick leave. [0]
  • Largo FL plans to settle suit for $65k to a woman claiming a MADD award-winning cop arrested her on a false DUI charge then broke her ribs when he slammed her into a wall. The DUI charges were dropped, probably in part due to evidence her lawyers say includes a video from another DUI stop earlier that same evening where that officer tells another officer “I didn’t smell any alcohol, but just say I did.” The officer in question no longer works there though… He moved on to the Tampa FL PD. [3]
  • Citronelle AL cop was convicted possession of stolen goods for stealing firearms he confiscated from motorists during traffic stops. [0]
  • Bethlehem PA cop fired for sparking a manhunt for an imaginary shooter after he lied about discharging his gun in a police HQ bathroom, the officer filed suit in response. [0]
  • US FBI agent convicted for making false statements in an effort to help an informant that he had sex with avoid conviction on identity theft charges. [0]
  • McIntosh Co GA sheriff was indicted on an obstruction charge and 2 of his deputies were indicted for illegally removing files from the sheriff’s dept [0]
  • Caledonia MN police chief was suspended for 2 weeks w/o pay for unspecified misconduct and officials refuse to discuss why. [4]
  • Seattle WA police are being criticized for refusing to reveal whether a police detective who crashed his unmarked police SUV into a car while he was allegedly drunk was on duty at the time or not. [4]
  • Canton MO police chief was sentenced to 5mo house arrest & probation for lying when he filled out paperwork to buy a gun that he then gave to a known felon. [0]
  • Philadelphia PA judge threw out evidence in a politician’s DUI case after one cop changed his testimony and another testified that only 1/2 of the people he’s arrested for DUI ended up being drunk. [0]
  • Twin Rivers CA school police union apologized for selling t-shirts that had a picture of a jailed child that was captioned “You raise em, we cage em”. This came on the heels of outcry over the death of a suspect in police custody and allegations the department has been overstepping their authority beyond the schools they work for. [0]
  • Ohio state trooper involved in 2008 MLK Day KKK prank cited for DUI while off duty, tried to claim he wasn’t driver [0]

In an update to a report already tracked, Buena Park CA brutality suit was settled for $100k to a man claiming he was beaten & tasered for giving a cop a “man hug”. The report previously cited the settlement sum as unspecified.

Once again it looks like I’ll have to start begging for donations. I really really hate doing it though, I wish I had the resources to do all this without asking for any help. Truth be told, it probably frustrates me that I have to ask for donations more than it frustrates you for having to hear me ask for them… which is why I tend to wait until things are getting dire before I ask.

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-31-11

First, my apologies for not being able to keep the news feed up to date today. Things were pretty hectic all day and there wasn’t much I could do to break away from anything to monitor for cases. Hopefully I can catch whatever i missed from today a bit later.

With that said, here are the 8 reports I was able to track for this Monday, October 31, 2011:

  • US Veterans Administration police officer arrested in connection with his wife’s murder [2]
  • Chillicothe OH cop who is also minister retired before arrested on 10 counts unlawful sex w/minor & soliciting minor[1]
  • Parkersburg WV cop indicted on battery charge for striking a suspect on video in holding area during booking [0]
  • Eugene OR police loses appeal in court ruling in man’s arrest for recording traffic stop being recorded by dashcam [3]
  • Ranger TX cop arrested for allegedly punching girlfriend in the face & sending threatening txt messages [0]
  • East Washington PA chief allegedly bragged he was a killer & “best cop money could buy” to agent posing as dealer [0]
  • San Juan Co UT now-former sheriff pleads guilty to misusing public funds involving $4,100 meant for search & rescue [0]
  • New York NY police union official’s claims that 20 cops hurt at #OWS questioned after NYPD refuses to validate it [4]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 10-29-11 to 10-30-11

Here are the 17 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of October 29-30, 2011:

  • Middleburg Heights OH sued by family of man who died after tasered 7 times during traffic stop, one of which lasted for 23 seconds. [3]
  • San Francisco CA sheriff’s officers are being implicated in the incident that left a USMC vet seriously injured with a head wound during #OccupyOakland when police launched tear gas rounds at protesters. While San Francisco Sheriff’s deputies may have fired the rounds that caused injuries, they apparently did it under direction of the Oakland PD, although that department is prohibited from firing into crowds with such weapons… but they shouldn’t be able to get around that by getting other departments to come into the city to do it for them. [3]
  • Palm Springs FL & Palm Beach County FL sued by a homeless man who lost an eye and a chunk of his ear when SWAT officers shot him in the head with rubber bullet rounds. Police responded to a call from an assistance agency he called because they thought he was illegally staying in the brush by a church but he apparently had permission to be there. [3]
  • Philadelphia PA cop is under investigation after being accused of intentionally using his police cruiser as a weapon by pinning a man against a wall during a chase, leaving him seriously injured. [1]
  • Tulsa OK cop fired for using excessive force then threatening his fellow officers in an attempt to obstruct the subsequent investigation into the incident [0]
  • 2 San Francisco CA cops were fired. The first was fired for using excessive force then falsely arresting a witness to the incident. The other for unauthorized use of a police database. [2]
  • Jefferson Parish LA deputy was found guilty of kidnapping and raping a woman after detaining her during a traffic stop. [0]
  • Tennessee State trooper arrested an reporter who was on assignment during a police crackdown on #OccupyNashville protests and then allegedly threatened another reporter who questioned the arrest after vouching for that reporter.  While the police eventually charged him for public intoxication they never tested him and a recording of the arrest appears to contradict that charge. [4]
  • Los Angeles County CA memos indicate that the sheriff there was warned about brutality and accountability problems in his jails by his own commanders 2 years before the problems came to light and triggered a federal investigation. [3]
  • Toronto ON cop was found to have falsified evidence and his testimony after his partner contradicted his story about a traffic stop that led to a drug arrest. [3]
  • Macungie PA police chief says that small town’s mayor has no right to see police disciplinary records in a legal battle that could affect how police departments are managed and held accountable across the entire state. [0]
  • Harrisburg PA police are being sued by a man after cops siezed up to $43k from his home during a fruitless search for gun. The warrant only specified a search for a gun but police grabbed the cash by insisting it was drug related even though there were no drugs found and no charges filed. Police eventually returned some money but not all, according to the plaintiff. [0]
  • Draper UT cop got a “plea in abeyance” deal that will clear his criminal record after he was arrested for smoking heroin in his cop car [0]
  • Pueblo CO cop avoided prosecution on a trespassing charge for barging into a home uninvited in search of her husband. Her record will be cleared after completing a pretrial diversion program. [0]
  • Tucson AZ police sgt arrested on DUI charge when he responded to a call for SWAT officers while off duty in his personal car [0]
  • 2 New York NY cops suspended for 30 days each after both were arrested on DUI charges in seperate incidents. One crashed into a parked car while the other was found passed out in his car [0]
  • 2 Harris Co TX precinct 6 constables accused of timesheet fraud & altering public records to cover it up [3]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-28-11

Here are the 15 reports of police misconduct tracked in out National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, October 28, 2011:

  • 16 New York NY cops were arraigned on varied charges as part of a corruption probe that began with ticket fixing allegations that allegedly involved over 500 officers in that department. One of the officers was also indicted on drug charges, another for leaking details of the investigation to the police union, and four others for covering up an assault case against a fellow cop. [0] Meanwhile, 2 Tuckahoe NY cops won’t be facing charges for helping a NYPD cop avoid DUI charges in an incident that was uncovered as part of that ticket fixing probe. Prosecutors there say they couldn’t build a case because the officers invoked their right to remain silent and, while they say the officers may still face internal discipline, their lawyers say that’s not going to happen either.
  • During the arraignments, several New York NY cops jeered prosecutors and cheered for the indicted officers, all insisting that fixing tickets is a privilege of being an officer. One assumes that they were also cheering for the officers indicted on drug charges, obstructing the investigation, and the four indicted for covering up an assault case for another cop as well. Odd how few people seem disturbed when cops support suspected criminals and boo those trying to bring them to justice. [4]
  • Buena Park CA settles an excessive force lawsuit for a confidential sum to a man claiming cops beat & bludgeoned him for giving a cop a “man hug” to show there were no hard feelings when he was kicked out of a theme park when the woman he was with held his place in line while he used the restroom during an 1.5 hour wait for a ride. [3]
  • Tallahassee FL police sued by a tech worker claiming he was falsely arrest based on an intentionally misleading warrant once police found a decades old check made out to him at the scene of a church robbery. The check was an already endorced and paid check from the 80’s from when the man did some work at the church. The arrest affects his ability to work in the tech field where they do check for arrests in background checks and because the [3]
  • Annapolis MD settled an excessive force lawsuit for $6,500 to a man claiming police dragged him from his car during a questionable search for drugs that only turned up open container violations. [0]
  • Omaha NE police sergeant was convicted on a terrorist threat charge in a split jury decision that exonerated him on gun charge, both involving a road rage incident. [0]
  • 5 Knox County TN deputies were demoted to corrections officers for turning off their dashcam audio when they they decided to inflict an unspecified “punishment” on a teen for speeding. [1]
  • Daviess County IN deputy was indicted on bribery and other charges on allegations he helped a woman avoid drug charges in exchange for sex. [0]
  • East Washington PA police chief was arrested by FBI agents on unspecified charges rumored to involve political corruption [2]
  • Mustang OK cop charged with domestic abuse for allegedly beating his 12-yr-old stepdaughter with a paddle so badly that it left imprints of the paddle’s engraved name on her back. [0]
  • Dallas TX police officer was arrested on a misdemeanor family violence assault charge, though we can’t determine more yet because the only site listing it was a subscription site. [1]
  • Philadelphia PA cop suspended w/intent to fire after he was arrested along with his girlfriend for an alleged altercation with 2 women [0]
  • Miami FL cop arrested at gunpoint on reckless driving charge after he was chased by a state trooper for doing 120 on the way to his 2nd job [0]
  • Portsmouth VA cop arrested on drunk driving charges after a minor off-duty fender bender [0]
  • Sugar Land TX police capt arrested on drunk driving charges after trying to drive through an accident scene [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-27-11

Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, October 27, 2011:

  • Murfreesboro TN cop was fired but not charged for “inappropriately shooting a suspect” then lying about how it happened. The officer claims he shot the man during a struggle in self defense but evidence and witnesses claim he shot the man from at least 100 feet away and in the back as he ran. [1]
  • Coral Springs FL cop was charged with vehicular homicide and DUI manslaughter over a crash that killed a young mother 3 months ago [0]
  • 10 Windsor ON cops are the subject of a lawsuit alleging one cop beat a doctor on video then the other officers conspired to cover it up. [3]
  • 2 Alameda Co CA sheriff’s detectives are accused of beating a businessman who demanded ID when they came and escorted one of his workers at the theater he owned. The detectives were there to interview the man who was the victim of a robbery but the owner says they refused to show ID and when he took pictures of them and their car they attacked and arrested him. The detectives say he obstructed them and that they showed ID. [2]
  • New York NY police are being sued by a woman claiming she was detained for 5 days and mistreated in custody by cops after she was shot and went to the hospital. She alleges that they were trying to force her into changing her story to say her friend shot her when he didn’t. [4]
  • Indiana State trooper was charged with felony sexual battery, official misconduct, and other charges after he was accused of groping a woman during a traffic stop. [0]
  • Montgomery WV problematic cop is being sued by a woman claiming he forced her to expose & shake her breasts during a traffic stop search. He’s also facing charges from his time as an officer elesewhere. [3]
  • McFarland CA mayor claims problematic cops deserve 2nd chances in an interview about 4 cops hired despite their bad records, including one who has had more than a couple second chances already. [3]
  • Los Angeles Co CA sheriff’s dpt sued by ACLU alleging illegal harassment of people for taking photographs in public [3]
  • San Juan Co UT now-former sheriff was charged with misuse of public funds after investigation by sheriff who replaced him [1]
  • Ontario Provincial Police sgt investigated for allegedly tasering fellow cop & threatening others during dispute [1]
  • Tennessee Hwy Patrol trooper fired for preferential treatment of deputy he didn’t test or arrest for suspected DUI [0]
  • League City TX police chief and a captain may face charges over allegations of illegal traffic ticket quotas [3]
  • El Paso TX cop placed on admin leave after audit of overtime related to federal gang enforcement grants [1]
  • Denville NJ cop arrested on multiple charges for allegedly stealing narcotics from dept evidence room [0]
  • Memphis TN cop among 25 people indicted on federal meth and marijuana trafficking charges after 2yr probe [0]
  • RCMP staff sgt in Ottawa ON docked 10 days pay for viewing porn & performing web cam strip tease at headquarters [0]
  • Houton TX cop sentenced to probation & $500 fine for DUI crash into school bus, 7 cops disciplined for cover up [0]
  • Seattle WA police detective cited for DUI & released after rear ending car w/unmarked cruiser, unknown if on duty [2]

Two things before calling it a night.

First, from New York NY, a series of videos, below, from an Occupy Wall Street protest march in support of #OccupyOakland solidarity  allegedly show incidents of excessive force and police getting more aggressive with protesters. I can’t officially add it to the database yet as I haven’t had time to fully analyze what’s going on, which is difficult in protest situations especially when it’s not a full video but snippets of incidents. But I wanted to put it up to see what you think in the meantime. [3]

Next, again out of New York City, some info has been leaked out about pending charges against at least 16 NYPD officers in the previously reported ticket fixing scandal. This update isn’t in the feed yet because I want to wait for the official lists of charges and number of people charged before recording this one.We’re aware of the recent update on the NYPD ticket fixing scandal, waiting for the official count of cops charged

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-26-11

Here are the 12 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, October 26, 2011:

  • Baltimore MD settled a lawsuit for $45k to a man who suffered broken arm when arrested by 2 cops on charges that were eventually dropped. It’s sad when excessive force is such a common problem in a city that newspapers bury these reports as a small blurb within an article about something else like it’s an everyday thing. [0]
  • Orlando FL settles suit for $24k to a man who was tasered twice & peppersprayed several minutes after he turned around and grabbed a cop who shoved him from behind then apologized because he didn’t realize it was a cop. [0]
  • Antioch CA settled a class action suit for $360k to low-income African American renters who targeted for more aggressive enforcement activities by police, allegedly just because they were poor and black. [0]
  • Yuma AZ cop was indicted on bribery & obstruction charges for allegedly extorting sex from a woman in exchange for police assistance when she required help from the police. [1]
  • Honolulu HI cop who is accused of raping a mentally disabled shoplifting suspect was suspended w/o pay but hasn’t been charged despite word leaking out that he told his fellow cops he had sex with the woman and that he failed a polygraph test about the alleged incident. He allegedly insists the sex was consensual. [4]
  • St John the Baptist Parish LA school cop has been indefinitely suspended w/o pay after he was accused of inappropriately touching a female student. [0]
  • Cheyenne WY cop sentenced to 4mo in jail on a misdemeanor false imprisonment involving a domestic dispute with his wife. He was acquitted on the other felony charges he faced. [0]
  • Winsboro LA cop was fired after arrested on a domestic violence battery warrant while he was on duty. His girlfriend was apparently hospitalized after the alleged incident. [0]
  • Milwaukee WI cops face minimal punishment for drunk driving even when taxi drivers usually lose their licenses for the same crimes as detailed in part 2 of a local paper’s onging series about police misconduct, transparency and accountability in that city. [2]
  • Baltimore MD settled suit for $290k to an ex-police chopper pilot claiming he was retaliated against and forced out for reporting departmental waste and safety issues. [0]
  • Indianapolis IN police are being accused of giving a police lieutenant special treatment when he was found drunk in his truck while armed in the parking lot of an apartment complex that he didn’t live at. Residents who called police about the people parked in a truck who didn’t belong there complain that he wasn’t detained when anyone else clearly would have been arrested. [3]
  • Jefferson City MO cop is on paid leave after arrested for drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. [2]

Before I go, a quick reminder about some of the guidelines about what reports qualify for our news feed and police misconduct database:

  1. We only track reports about misconduct committed by people who are employed as a certified or sworn officer at the time of the alleged incident. This means we don’t track misconduct committed by people who are no longer officers when they do something bad and we don’t track cases involving non-sworn employees like clerks, parking enforcement, or corrections officers.
  2. We have guidelines set to limit updates on reports to only include status changes that are significant to a case that has already been tracked. So, while we would report that a cop who we tracked as being charged with a crime was convicted or sentenced for it, we won’t track that the officer’s trial started or specific items of testimony about the case were published unless that testimony revealed other allegations not already tracked.

For a more detailed discussion about our reporting and tracking methodology, please refer to this page on our site.

Thanks, and stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-25-11

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, October 25, 2011:

  • Oakland CA police and police from surrounding agencies are being accused of using excessive tactics and force against #OccupyOakland protesters in a series of teargas volleys and raids on encampments that continued late into the night. One video, shown at top above, shows protesters carrying off an injured man they claim is a veteran who was hit in the head with a less-than-leathal projectile. Meanwhile, in the video below that, a protester testifies how they came under fire while trying to tend to an injured person who wasn’t moving after a volley of teargas and other ordinance. Next, a (updated) video, shows the incident involving the injured person, (now being reported as the veteran who was critically injured), that he’s talking about, you can clearly see the projectile lobbed from police lines before it explodes amid the crowd trying to assist that person. The last image shows a man claiming that he was hit in the head with a rubber bullet, keep in mind that aiming for the head with any type of less-than-leathal ordinance is generally against policy for most agencies. [3]
  • North Brookfield MA cop was arrested on multiple charges over allegations that he raped a 15yr-old family friend and sent her obscene pics of himself in text messages. [0]
  • Peel Regional ON police officer has been charged with sexual assault  after investigation into complaint about an on-duty incident that was filed in July [1]
  • Murray Co OK deputy with history of violent behavior has been fired after an investigation into new complaints. [1]
  • 5 current New York NY cops and 3 ex-cops arrested in sting on allegations the belonged to gun smuggling ring [1]
  • San Jose CA police accused of refusing to repair home after damaging it w/tear gas grenades in warrantless raid [4]
  • 6 Miami-Dade FL cops accused of going too far by ransacking woman’s home in heavily armed raid over unverified tip [1]
  • Los Angeles CA police sgt arrested for burglary, crashed car after woman maced him when she found him in her home [0]
  • San Ramon CA cop to plead guilty to stealing cash from gangs & sold drugs, agrees to testify against former boss [0]
  • Tampa FL police sued by lawyer claiming he was falsely arrested & injured for offering legal services to 2 women who were being detained at a restaurant [2]
  • Franklin Co NC sheriff indicted on embezzlement charges involving over $200k in funds meant for drug enforcement [0]
  • Ocala FL cop arrested at work by the FBI on federal fraud and identity theft related charges [1]
  • Maui HI cop resigns as part of plea deal that will clear drug charges from his record after 5 years of probation [0]
  • Yakima WA cop sentenced to 30days home detention in plea deal reducing DUI charge to negligent driving [0]
  • El Paso TX police detective arrested by military police for DUI while armed inside Fort Bliss military base [0]
  • Houston TX police dept’s mobile blood alcohol testing vans no longer trusted by Harris County prosecutors [3]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

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