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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-17-11

Here are the 23 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, November 18, 2011:

  • New York NY police accused of using excessive force & attacking journalists during the latest #OWS demonstration. There were more than one incident involved in these claims so we should break them down a bit:
      1. NYPD officers were accused of hitting one female reporter in the arm with a baton and repeatedly shoving another journalist. [3]

      At 1:24 at the above video a NYPD officer is seen repeatedly punching a man in the head. It doesn’t appear as though the man or anyone else in the crowd was being aggressive towards the police which brings that level of force into question. At 1:33 in the same video police can be seen throwing what appears to be a female to the ground after lifting her off her feet, again, it’s difficult to see how that level of force was justified.

      In this other video making rounds a protester with a bloody head wound can be seen being escorted away by police. Reports on this one are contradictory so it’s difficult to make a definitive determination on this one so I’m waiting on more information to come out. But protesters claim he was beaten and suffered a skull fracture but police say he climbed up on a structure and pelted police with various objects then fell when they tried to arrest him.
  • Portland OR police accused of excessive force in a number of incidents during #OccupyPortland #N17 protest. While associated videos are a bit inconclusive they do seem to verify claims that protesters were on the sidewalks as ordered when riot police began a push and other claims appear to be bolstered by third-party witnesses. [3]
  • Sam Houston State University TX cop was shown on dashcam, above, beating a student then bragging about it. While the student still faces drug possession charges he was cleared of assault on an officer charge which would indicate the video contradicted the cop’s report. [4]
  • North Chicago IL police refuse to say how man in custody died as state police take over the investigation into the man’s death [3]
  • Peterborough ON cop charged w/assault & assault w/weapon for beating & pepperspraying 16yr-old girl while responding to a domestic dispute call. [0]
  • Dickson TN cop faces a state investigation & lawsuit over 2 alleged excessive force incidents in the last year. [0]
  • 2 Virginia State troopers are accused of excessive force & using racial slurs against a Hispanic woman who refused to sign a ticket. [3]
  • San Diego CA cop convicted on 8 felonies & 4 misdemeanors for coercing 7 women for sexual favors at traffic stops [0]
  • Poquoson VA police officer arrested on rape and sexual assault of a minor charges involving girl under 13 [0]
  • Opa-locka FL police capt arrested by feds for allegedly protecting drug dealers & an accused murder [0]
  • McFarland CA police sued by a cop claiming he was falsely arrested at gunpoint for blowing the whistle on that department’s police chief & several officers he claims should not have qualified to serve due to their histories of being fired from other departments for misconduct. [5]
  • Cordova IL disbands their police department, calling it an unmanageable mess after cop arrested & suit filed [0]
  • Philadelphia PA sheriff now subject of federal probe for personally buying homes that were slated for sheriff’s auction then selling them for personal profit. [0]
  • Monterey Co CA sheriff’s sgt charged w/theft & felony false claims on time sheet falsification allegations [0]
  • Lee County FL deputy suspended one week for sexually harassing female co-worker [0]
  • 2 Baltimore MD cops plead guilty to extortion & conspiracy to commit extortion in car repair scam [0]
  • South Lake Tahoe CA cop rehied in 07 after fired suspended while subject of unspecified fed criminal investigation [2]
  • Phillipsburg NJ police detective faces weapons charge for discharging a firearm in a cemetery while off duty [0]
  • Rochester PA cop subject of criminal investigation over firearm incident that occurred while he ran for sheriff [3]
  • Bainbridge Island WA cop who is police union secretary resigns in lieu of firing for secretly recoding meeting between the union and city council officials. [0]
  • Morrow GA police chief arrested for DUI & 8 open containers after falling asleep at a green light in his cruiser [0]
  • New Jersey state trooper charged w/assault by auto & drunk driving after crash that left one person injured [0]
  • Cook Co GA deputy charged w/violating oath & furnishing alcohol to minors at a motel party [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-16-11

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, November 16, 2011:

  • 2 Albuquerque NM cops were fired after a video showed them beating and kicking a man while holding him down, then apparently celebrating with a chest bump afterward. [0]
  • Coats NC police chief & 4 officers are being sued by 3 people over a series of alleged excessive force false arrests. One officer in particular is accused of being notorious for racially motivated beatings. [4]
  • 2 DeKalb Co GA cops charged w/felonies for driving suspect behind garage & beating him until stopped by other cop [0]
  • Tuscaloosa County AL sheriff’s sergeant pleaded guilty to multiple charges for using his taser to punish 3 detainees, injuring one of them. [0]
  • Temple GA cop gets probation in a plea deal for child cruelty & battery charges. He was accused of raping his ex in her home while bringing their child back after a custody visit [0]
  • Elk Grove CA cops accused of excessive response by holding mom & kids at gunpoint mistaking them for car thieves due to a paperwork mistake by another department. [0]
  • New York NY cop subject of NYCLU suit for arresting 2 for “unlawful photography” for taking photographs in subway [3]
  • Maricopa Co AZ report indicates 3 former top aides to sheriff Arpaio ignored misconduct by favorited deputies [0]
  • Albuquerque NM cop who cuffed 7yr-old autistic grade school kid is on leave pending an investigation, a school official says it was inappropriate [0]
  • Webb County TX deputy constable arrested for allegedly stealing firearm from evidence room & pawning it [0]
  • Bainbridge WA cop who heads the police union was suspended 2 weeks for tailing a councilwoman and harassing her. [0]
  • Reno NV renegotiates $120k judgement to teen forced to strip by cop down to $58k due to state tort reforms [-]
  • Laredo TX cops accused of assaulting & threatening woman who reported deputy for domestic violence [3]
  • Webb County TX deputy arrested on family violence assault charge in alleged domestic incident [0]
  • Slocomb AL cop suspended after arrested on menacing charge for threatening cop responding to domestic dispute call [0]
  • Scottsboro AL cop suspended while under investigation on allegations of steroid use and domestic violence [1]
  • San Jose CA police forced by arbitrator to rehire cop fired for mishandling dozens of sex crime cases [0]
  • RCMP officer in Richmond BC arrested on drunk driving charge and for failing to stop at an accident [0]

The events yesterday in Seattle Washington during the Occupy Seattle march in solidarity with Occupy wall Street have gone national, but is what happened an issue of police misconduct? Let’s look at the information currently available about the two incidents and figure it out.

1. Protesters peppersprayed during the march in Belltown:

The above video shows Seattle police officers pepperspraying protesters marching in the Belltown area of Seattle. Police claim that a teen girl swung a stick at them and that when they went to arrest her for attempting to assault a cop that the protesters interfered with the arrest, prompting the pepperspray. The video does not support or contradict the claim that she swung at them but it does support the claim that protesters interfered, even showing one protester getting ready to swing a stick at the police as well. Additionally, some protesters with Occupy Seattle have admitted that she swung at police, but say she was retaliating agianst an officer who was antagonizing her.

So, with that information in mind, was the first pepperspray incident a matter of police misconduct?

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2. Protesters peppersprayed while blocking intersection during rush hour:

This second video shows protesters being peppersprayed while or after they intentionally blocked an intersection during rush hour in an act of civil disobedience. During the incident, protesters claim an innocent elderly woman was among those hit with the spray. Police claim the spray was in response to protesters refusing to move from the intersection, that protesters were throwing things at the cop, and that one officer was hit in the face with an unidentified liquid. Protesters claim that they didn’t throw anything and that they were on the sidewalk when they were penned in and sprayed.

There are a number of issues with this. First of all, if members of that sit-in were throwing things at officers and other members were allowing that to happen then all the members participating in that action were abetting an assault on officers, which would justify the use of pepperspray. But this aspect is not certain since there is no evidence one way or another.

Second, protesters claim they were on a sidewalk as ordered when they were peppersprayed. Even if they were, if they were throwing things at the officers at the time it wouldn’t matter if they were or weren’t. However, the video, when it pans out, appears to show the protesters were still in the street when the pepperspray was used, which would contradict claims by the protesters. Though, it would be better if there was another angle in order to verify this since all the videos I’ve seen so far are too edited to make any definitive determination.

Thirdly, the elderly woman was an active participant in the civil disobedience, not a bystander. In fact she has a reputation as a professional protester. Of course, this on it’s own is not cause for anyone to be peppersprayed by police. But the fact is that if she was a part of a group that was shielding people who threw things at officers she wasn’t an innocent bystander and this would make it difficult to call the use of pepperspray unjustified. So this one still hinges on whether the police claims of being pelted by protesters were accurate.

I’ve seen the additional videos released by protesters for both incidents but they were edited to make it impossible to determine what happened prior to the use of pepperspray.

But, with all that said, I want to know what you think. Was this second incident an act of police misconduct?

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That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-15-11

Here are the 17 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, November 15, 2011:

  • US Customs & Border Protection officer in Texas has been sentenced to 25yrs in prison after convicted for murder when he shot a bar owner to death after he was kicked out of a bar. [0]
  • Bryan County OK sheriff’s lieutenant has been indicted on federal deprivation of rights charges over three excessive force incidents, one where he tasered a woman tasering woman 2x & 2 men in diff cases [0]
  • New York NY police arrested at least 7 journalists during the crackdown on Occupy Wall Street, Additionally, questions are being asked about why the press was kept away from documenting the police action so aggressively. [5] (UPDATE: Make that 10, at least according to Carlos Miller’s count)
  • New York NY city councilman was injured when arrested on resisting & obstruction charges when he was apparently tying to observe the NYPD raid on Zuccatti Park. It seems a bit disturbing that the police weren’t content to stop the media from reporting on their activities, but that they also prevented their own government’s officials from practicing some oversight as well. [5]
  • London ON police lost a civil suit for $144k to a man who suffered broken leg in police van. The police tried to blame it on the detainee saying he injured himself by kicking at the doors but doctors testified the break was the type that occurs when the leg is twisted. [3]
  • Virginia Commonwealth University VA police sergeant was suspended after arrested on distribution of child pornography charges [0]
  • Iberia Parish LA deputy was arrested on 100 counts of possession of child pornography after a multi-agency investigation. [0]
  • Joplin MO police officer pleads guilty to using a police database to perform identity theft in order to take out $13k in student loans [0]
  • Camden Co NC deputy pleads to charges related to the illegal purchase of automatic weapons as an officer with the intent to deliver them to the former Blackwater group. [0]
  • Oceanside CA sued by an ex-cop claiming that his being fired on sex harassment allegations was trumped up in an effort to cover up a recording he made that he says is evidence of an attempt to cover for a cop who was caught driving while intoxicated. [3]
  • Honolulu HI police major who is already facing extortion charges has now been charged with the distribution of meth after his home raided by the feds [0]
  • Houston TX cop was convicted on federal corruption charges for using his police cruiser to escort what he believed was a shipment containing 7kg of cocaine [0]
  • Abbotsford BC cop investigated for investment fraud in an alleged scheme that began before he retired & cost investors that included fellow officers over $6mil [0]
  • US Treasury police office pleads guilty to receiving over $500k in unreported income while he was on disability leave [0]
  • Cumberland Co NC deputy pleads guilty to mail fraud charges for bilking money from insurance companies under the guise of being donations to the police. [0]
  • 4 Scottsboro AL police officers suspended 3-4 days w/o pay after investigation into unspecified misconduct [2]
  • Cape Coral FL cop resigns after an internal investigation determined that his GED certificate was a fake [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-14-11

Here are the ~15 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, November 14, 2011:

  • Several chaotic reports out of New York NY related to the police raid on #OccupyWallStreet. So far the credible reports include allegations that the police forcibly removed press credentials from reporters in or near the park prior to the action and arrested at least one reporter. Additionally, there were also reports that police told protesters they could remove their belongings from the park but then apparently went back on their word and locked it down, then destroyed everything inside. There were also reports that a city councilman was injured by police but this hasn’t been confirmed by any credible sources. An LRAD was videotaped at the park but no indication it was used. The situation is ongoing and I’m trying to track as best I can, I only have one video found so far alleging excessive force but it’s difficult to make out exactly what’s happening in the one shown above… I’ll update with links as I find them… (pending links)

    Now that it’s morning and I’m back at it, the accounts of police forcibly removing the press from the area appears to be true as several journalists are detailing rough treatment and detentions at the hands of police. One reporter alleges police told them they aren’t reporters tonight and another claims a journalist was put into a choke hold. (latest update indicates at least 4 reporters arrested) (UPDATE: The tally of reporters arrested has increased to at least 7 as of this afternoon). [5]

    It also appears as though the NYPD and the mayor are openly defying a court order allowing #OWS protesters to retake the park and encamp at that location. The mayor’s response to the court order? “your rights are not absolute.” [5]

  • Now that a second judge overturned the first judge’s ruling this one no longer applies.

  • Oakland CA police are being sued by the ACLU & other groups over tactics used and allegations of excessive force used against #OccupyOakland protesters. [3]
  • UC Berkeley CA police are also being sued by over a dozen student protesters on allegations of excessive force against #OccupyCal protesters as well. [3]
  • Edmonton AB cop convicted of using excessive force on suspect during arrest, this is his second excessive force conviction [0]
  • 2 Fairfax Co VA cops sued by a man claiming they beat & tasered him during a fruitless Terry stop search for drugs when he was stopped while walking to his job at a church. [3]
  • New Haven CT cop accused of beating & kicking man who refused to be searched by the cop he agreed to go with after asked to ID man at traffic stop [3]
  • Covington LA unspecified number of cops are being investigated after several witnesses say they beat, tasered & arrested 2 men they picked out at random while responding to an alleged bar fight. [4]
  • Richmond VA cop was charged with indecent liberties with a 15yr-old girl after he allegedly took her to a fast food restaurant with his son after a band event then asked to see nude pics of herself that she apparently had on her cell phone. [0]
  • New York NY settled a lawsuit for $4,000 to woman who was detained 17hrs in cell with a broken toilet without charge after a police raid on a beauty shop. She alleges she wouldn’t let her leave until she cleaned the sewage off the cell floor. [3]
  • 1 Fort Wayne IN cop was suspended 180 days for showing up to work drunk while another was suspended 5 days after stopped for DUI. A captain may be disciplined for not telling officers to detain him and test him. [0]
  • Toronto ON cop told his testimony was unreliable, possibly fabricated by judge dropping fraud charges against 4 men [3]
  • Broward Co FL deputy charged w/domestic violence for allegedly head-butting then punching & choking girlfriend [0]
  • Panama City FL cop who resigned on allegations he sought favoritism at DUI stop has charges dropped, no prosecutor [0]
  • Lowell MA cop on leave while under investigation on allegations he showed up for work while intoxicated [0]
  • Dallas TX cop is suing Taser Inc after he was badly injured by a taser when one was used on him during training. But, before you feel too bad for him, he says tasers are too dangerous to use on cops but they are just fine to use on you. [0]

That’s it for today, so far, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 11-12-11 to 11-13-11

Here are the 26 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of November 12-13, 2011:

  • Refugio County TX sheriff and 2 deputies are the subject of a lawsuit alleging a man with a seizure disorder died in jail due to a denial of medical care. [3]
  • Lauderhill FL cop charged with attempted murder for shooting at an on-duty officer who apparently was his girlfriend that he was having a dispute with. He was later arrested by a SWAT team at a pizza shop. [1]
  • San Diego CA police are accused of using excessive force in a video showing an officer putting a man in a choke hold until it appeared his faced turned blue after he was confronted by officers for laying in a sleeping bag at #OccupySanDiego [0]
  • UC Berkeley CA police are being accused of excessive force again in yet another video showing cops dragging female protesters by hair during the same crackdown that resulted in a video showing them striking non-violent male and female students with batons. The university says they are looking into that to see if it was excessive and that they preferred batons since they feel they are less risky than chemical agents… yet oddly say they are considering using those for the next crackdown. [3]
  • UC Berkeley CA police are accused of telling a protester who suffered cracked ribs from a baton blow that he had no rights when he asked questions after his arrest. [3]
  • Levy County FL sheriff’s lieutenant arrested on an armed sexual battery charge in an unspecified incident. He was apparently tasered while allegedly resisting arrest as well. [0]
  • Ontario County NY deputy shot an unarmed woman in the shoulder as she rushed to answer door when deputies knocked while looking for a suspect. [0]
  • Denver CO police are accused of arresting a photojournalist who was not associated with the #OccupyDenver protests during their crackdown on that group. [3]
  • Chapel Hill NC police SWAT team allegedly detained 2 journalists during a heavily armed raid on what was initially reported as #OccupyChapelHill squatters at an abandoned car dealership. 8 unarmed people were arrested on misdemeanor charges during that armed raid on people that police now say consisted of “dangerous anarchists”. [3]
  • Los Angeles Co CA jail brutality issues that have garnered a federal investigation are now being blamed on the practice of assigning deputies with disciplinary problems to the jails as a way to keep them away from the public they were accused of abusing. [1]
  • Evansville WY is being sued by a woman claiming a cop sexually assaulted her and that her son was traumatized when he witnessed the attack. [3]
  • Licking County NJ deputy was suspended 20 days for pulling a gun on 3 people he mistakenly thought were involved in a domestic violence incident, including the woman he thought was the victim. [0]
  • Country Club Hills IL cop charged w/battery for shoving his police chief when confronted with excessive force allegations but he was not charged over the allegations that he beat a man right before that. [2]
  • Bozeman MT police are being accused of altering evidence, including the erasure of portions of taser recordings, after an excessive force lawsuit was filed over an incident that left a man with permanent brain injuries. [5]
  • Lubbock TX are being forced by an arbitrator to rehire cop who was fired for needlessly kicking a suspect in the stomach then accidentally tasering a fellow officer during the same traffic stop incident. No reason was given for the arbitrator’s reasons for thinking this was a good idea. [0]
  • La Marque ISD TX now-former police chief is the subject of a criminal investigation into theft allegations where there was allegedly some video involved [1]
  • 2 Newark NJ cops were disciplined for not taking an assault report from an injured woman and then referring to the apartment building where she lived in a derogatory manner. [0]
  • Newark NJ reserve police officer resigns after he didn’t inform the department about his DUI arrest. He was was later convicted of a reduced failure to control charge. [0]
  • Pittsburgh PA police sergeant was arrested on simple battery charge during domestic dispute with her husband over a laptop. [0]
  • US 4th Distict Court of Appeals is trying to overturn a US Supreme Court precedent by allowing officers to raid homes without a warrant by claiming they suspect the residents were driving while intoxicated. The appeal was filed by an officer trying to save his job because he faced firing over the incident since it was the second civil rights case sustained against him.
  • Wheeling IL cop was fired for unspecified misconduct after he allegedly violated his last chance agreement that involved more unspecified misconduct. I noticed this report last month but it was so damned confusing I didn’t add it at first… then a reader reminded me about it with some additional background so it’s in our database now. [4]
  • An audit into Utah Transit Authority’s handling of an investigation into a police sergeant who was allegedly drunk while working at the Obama inauguration in Washington DC reveals problems with the internal investigation practices of that department. (Some readers might recognize the name of the officer who conducted the audit, he did a good job conducting it). [0]
  • Victoria BC police are being accused of clearing cops of excessive force allegations despite graphic video evidence of that excessive force, reinforcing calls to establish an external review process. [4]
  • Fort Lauderdale FL police accountability methods are being questioned after that city’s toothless citizens review board canceled 5 monthly meetings in a row because the department didn’t bother to forward any police misconduct cases to them for review. [4]
  • Surprise AZ asst police chief who resigned in Aug is now the subject of a POST investigation for allegations of on-duty sex on government property [0]
  • Perry County AR deputy resigns after cited for deer hunting out of season… while in uniform… on duty… from the side of a road. [0]

That’s it for this weekend, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-11-11

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, November 11: 2011:

  • Washington DC settles suit for a confidential sum to the family of 14yr-old who was shot to death by two off-duty cops for allegedly stealing one of their minibikes [3]
  • Parker FL settles suit for $200k plus funeral expenses to the family of a woman who was murdered by her police officer ex-boyfriend on claims that the police ignored her domestic violence complaints. [0]
  • Montreal QC police are accused of using excessive force against student protesters who were upset with tuition hikes. During the crackdown, one professor who wasn’t even a part of the protest was beaten & maced on his way to pick up his kids from daycare. [3]
  • 2 Tulsa OK cops, 1 of which has been convicted for perjury, are the subject of a lawsuit by a man alleging they obtained several warrants against him based on intentionally falsified information. [3]
  • Dallas TX cop was investigated after a 2nd video appeared to confirm he sparked a confrontation that ended in several arrests by shoving an Occupy Dallas protester off a tall planter outside of a bank. [0]
  • San Diego Co CA sheriff says he’s investigating why dozens of arrested #OccupySanDiego protesters were left in police vans for hours, some up to half a day. [0]
  • Downers Grove UT is being sued by man alleging a cop, now facing trial for a plot to rob a pharmacy for drugs, stole his medications during his false arrest. [3]
  • Collier County FL is being sued by a man who was jailed for 4 years before he was finally cleared of charges related to a vehicular homicide case. He claims a deputy with a history of over a dozen false arrest complaints intentionally ignored several witnesses who knew he wasn’t even driving. [3]
  • Albuquerque NM lost a lawsuit for a $67,500 judgment over a case where cops allegedly threatened to violate a woman’s rights in effort to coerce her into letting them into her home. [0]
  • Lubbock Co TX precinct 3 constable was arrested for alleged bizarre racist rants and behavior against his neighbors in a dispute over a soccer ball. At one point he allegedly came out with a sheet over his head then later threatened them with a metal baseball bat [0]
  • Orange NJ cop was fired for allegedly posting multiple racially-charged rants on his Twitter account. [0]
  • Tolleson AZ police sgt charged w/DV assault, criminal damaging & disorderly conduct in dispute with his wife [0]
  • Mason Co WV sheriff was charged with wanton endangerment after 2 deputies claimed they witnessed him shot at his 13yr-old relative while he was drunk [0]
  • Wadesboro NC cop suspended while investigated for improper disposal of meth lab parts that were allegedly found by a relative [0]
  • Waterloo Regional ON police officer charged with obstruction of an officer & possession of stolen property [1]
  • Yoakum Co TX deputy arrested for abusing his position by sharing information with the subject of a warrant that he allegedly partied with. [0]
  • New York NY cop under investigation after photos of suicide victims & videos of detainees ended up on the internet from her photobucket account. [0]
  • Sûreté du Quebec police officer charged w/drunk driving after crash on highway that left a female motorist injured [0]
  • Finally, in an update to a store covered yesterday, it was revealed that Merrillville IN settled a suit for $88,750 to a security guard choked by cop while trying to show his ID. The amount was previously reported as being unspecified.

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-10-11

Here are the 19 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, November 10, 2011:

  • Chicago IL police are being sued by a man claiming cops tasered him 11 times in a row after mistaking him for a man with a similar name who had a warrant out for him. [4]
  • Ontario Provincial Police officer charged with sexual assault of an employee at an OPP work location [0]
  • El Paso Co TX deputy investigated for allegedly threatening to arrest former paramedic for helping accident victim [2]
  • King Co WA deputy fired for lack of integrity & misuse of auth after 22 investigations & 26 findings of misconduct [0]
  • Merrillville IN settles suit for unspecified sum to security guard choked by cop after he was asked for his ID [3]
  • Berkeley CA turns down mutual aid agreement w/UC Berkeley police after video of violence against #OWS by UC cops [0]
  • Red Bank TN sued by cops claiming systemic racism & retaliation for cops who helped w/case that got chief fired [3]
  • Lake Co IN deputy faces discipline, charged w/battery, resisting arrest & battery on an officer after attacking a bouncer at a bar [0]
  • Port Orchard WA cop sentenced to 23yrs prison for leaving girlfriend permanently disabled by shoving her out window [0]
  • Warren Twp OH cop found guilty of felony burglary & abduction for breaking into his ex’s home & attacking her [0]
  • 3 New York NY cops disciplined for rough treatment of councilman & other city officials at parade [0]
  • New Orleans LA police wrongfully cited pedestrian hit by cop, then cover it up when victim’s video contradicts cops [4]
  • Miami FL cop gets reprimand for pulling over trooper in retaliation for other trooper stopping a speeding Miami cop [0]
  • Twin Rivers CA school police chief suspended after emails about quotas emerge during jurisdiction probe [1]
  • Swisher Co TX sheriff resigns after investigation launched into alleged sexual harassment complaints [1]
  • Bridgeport CT cop suspended pending probe into video that appeared on web then vanished showing dispute w/woman [4]
  • Richwood WV police chief fired for unspecified reasons, mayor will only say “it’s a personnel matter” [3] (NOTE: More recent information alleges that the firing was retaliation by the mayor over an investigation into his use of a city vehicle. I’m removing this one from the database).
  • Sandoval Co NM deputy suspended 30 days for alleged drunken IHOP dine & dash at 4 in the morning [0]
  • 2 West Covina CA cops investigated for using patrol cars & uniforms to make funny video spoofing police harassment [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-09-11

Here are the 22 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, November 9, 2011:

  • Philadelphia PA cop apparently critically injured a homeowner after mistaking him for burglar in his own home and shooting him. [1]

  • Berkeley CA police accused of excessive force in a video, above, showing riot cops hitting students w/batons at a #OWS protest. [1]
  • Fort Gaines GA police chief suspended on allegations he pistol whipped a man who was calmly talking to an officer inside the police station. [1]
  • 2 Columbia MO cops are the subject of a lawsuit filed by 2 men claiming they were yanked from a car at gunpoint for suspiciously listening to rap at a ballpark parking lot. [3]
  • Owasso OK police lieutenant was fired over an excessive force incident that was reported by a fellow cop and which resulted in a $1,500 settlement. [0]
  • Morgan Hill CA settles suit for $75k to residents claiming cops illegally entered their home without a  warrant & falsely arrested them. [0]
  • Lynn MA cop sentenced to 90 days in jail for witness intimidation involving a road rage incident [0]
  • Lamesa TX cop arrested for allegedly fabricating evidence trying to blame vandalism of his motorcycle on gang [0]
  • Arizona DPS trooper indicted on sexual abuse charge for allegedly groping woman from behind at bar [1]
  • RCMP accused of systemic sexual harassment from the highest ranks by former RCMP spokeswoman [3]
  • Luzerne Co PA deputy arrested ‘on alleged role in methamphetamine dealing ring after 4mo investigation [0]
  • Fulton Co GA deputy pleads guilty to accepting bribes in return for smuggling drugs into jail [0]
  • Morehouse Parish LA deputy in false arrest suit resigns after probe into allegations he stole money from evidence [0]
  • Miami FL cop investigated for pulling over state trooper for unspecified reasons outside of jurisdiction [0]
  • Florida State trooper’s cruiser covered in human feces in apparent retaliation against a trooper who pulled over a Miami cop for speeding [3]
  • Riviera Beach FL police sgt gets plea deal for discharging firearm while drunk, gets probation & community service [0]
  • 2 Shreveport LA cops suspended pending investigation into unspecified policy violations, officials won’t discuss [3]
  • New York NY cop who claimed he was assaulted & had gunfight in two incidents investigated for possible false claims [0]
  • Delavan WI cop resigns after charged w/obstruction for misleading investigation into battery complaint [1]
  • Velda City MO cop arrested for kidnapping & domestic assault, was fired from other dept for infamous video incident [0]
  • League City TX police chief dismissed after closed-door council meeting following allegations of ticket quotas [2]
  • Univ of Mass at Lowell MA cop gets unspecified disciplinary action after threatening student for recording police [1]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-08-11

My apologies for the slow reporting on the news feed and early recap today but I’ve been under the weather all day and keeping up with work and everything has been quite difficult to say the least. I’m hoping I’ll feel better tomorrow and can catch up with the reports I missed today, but I would sure appreciate more people stepping up and sending me the reports they see as well. Remember, it’s just me doing this all by myself and there’s no automated process involved at all.

With that said, here are the 9 reports of police misconduct I was able to track in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, November 8, 2011:

  • Prince Albert SK police officer pleads guilty to assaulting a detainee in his custody [0]
  • Denver CO deputy, already on probation for an unrelated stalking case, was sentenced to probation for the attempted sexual assault of a teenage relative. The judge insists that the light sentence had nothing to do with him being a cop. [0]
  • 2 Philadelphia PA school district cops are the subject of a lawsuit alleging they stuck their hands down female students’ shirts to search for weapons in an auditorium without any female officers present. [3]
  • Mansfield OH police forced by arbitrator to rehire cop fired for abusing detainee & lying about it. The arbitrator claims he believes the cop accidentally punched a man in the face during a drug raid and didn’t lie about it afterward. [0]
  • Allen Co IN sheriff’s sergeant was arrested on felony theft charges for allegedly stealing someone’s tools while on duty [0]
  • Austin TX cop gets deferred adjudication on official oppression charge for peeping into woman’s window while on duty [0]
  • Cedar Rapids IA cop found guilty of trespass for releasing man’s dog’s from homemade kennel in his backyard [0]
  • Liberty OH cop charged with drunk driving after crashing into other car while off duty with .14 BAC [0]
  • Florissant MO police won’t say if alcohol was involved in the investigation into a police captain who was found passed out in his cruiser. [3]

That’s it for today, stay safe and well out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 11-07-11

Here are the 24 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, November 7, 2011:

  • A cop, possibly from the Oakland CA police dept, was shown on video, seen above, shooting a man with a “less-than lethal” round for videotaping a line of riot police at the #OccupyOakland general strike. The dept hasn’t given any explanation this time, possibly because their justification for previous incidents of firing on protesters has come into question as well. [3]
  • Oakland CA cop was ordered by a judge to pay $40,000 of a civil judgment from his own pocket to 2 men he illegally strip searched in public. [0]
  • Portland OR police sued by a man claiming he was falsely arrested after refusing to let that officer perform an invasive search during a Terry stop without cause. [3]
  • Hampton Falls NH settles suit for $37.5k to man claiming cop used excessive force when he shot him after car chase [0]
  • Harrison Co MS deputy who was working as a school resource officer at an elementary school has been sentenced to 3yrs prison for possession of child porn [0]
  • Asheville NC police accused of targeting #OccupyAsheville organizers with questionable arrests, including one person arrested for acts during a protest march that person didn’t even attend. [3]
  • Jackson Co OR deputy wins $209k judgment in suit alleging he was fired for arresting supervisor’s retired cop pal [3]
  • Little Rock AR cop investigated after video shows him repeatedly punch man in face at off-duty club security job [0]
  • 2 Truckahoe NY cops suspended for unspecified period of time for covering up for NYPD cop’s drunk driving accident [2]
  • New Orleans LA cop gets suspended sentence after pleading to malfeasance for writing fake tickets to get overtime [0]
  • Fort Wayne IN cop faces termination hearing involving 3 neglect of duty allegations in one month [0]
  • Galena Park TX cop files EEOC complaint alleging chief grilled her about sex after ex sent him nude pics as revenge [1]
  • Monroe Co NY forced by judge to rehire a deputy with a history of misconduct who was fired after violating a “last chance” agreement which indicated he would be fired for any more misconduct… The judge claims such agreements are too vague. [0]
  • Superior WI cop was suspended for 60 days for stealing $5000 from fellow cops. The civil review board there said it wouldn’t fire him despite the criminal misconduct because, they say, it would be unfair to fire him when the department never fired other officers for breaking the law. [0]
  • Winnebago Co IL deputy suspended 5days w/o pay as discipline for sexual harassment case [0]
  • 2 Lake Co IN cops under investigation on allegations that they were involved in bar fight, no details released [2]
  • Washington Co MD deputy arrested on allegations he was supplying drugs to a jail inmate [0]
  • Emery Co UT deputy arrested on allegations he was stealing drugs from sheriff’s dept & doctor shopping [0]
  • Albuquerque NM cop arrested on DV charges for repeatedly kicking woman, later identified as his wife, in the back & taking her cellphone [1]
  • Portsmouth VA cop on leave after arrested on misd domestic assault charges involving mother of his child [1]
  • Houston TX police officer arrested after vandalizing ex-boyfriend’s home until he tasered her and called 911 [0]
  • Shinnston WV cop suspended pending investigation into unspecified allegations of criminal conduct [2]
  • Schenectady NY police sgt suspended after arrested on DUI & leaving the scene of an accident charges while off duty [0]
  • 2 Florida state troopers caught on dashcam speeding w/o lights by cop angry at trooper’s arrest of cop for speeding [1]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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