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National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-07-12

Sorry this daily recap is a bit late, we had another site outage last night that occurred before I was ready to publish the update.

Anyway, here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Tuesday, February 8, 2012:

  • 2 Mason OH cops are the subject of a lawsuit claiming that they continued to repeatedly taser, kick, and beat a man with batons after he was rendered incapacitated when they tasered him and he fractured his skull as he landed face-first on the pavement. They claim they kept tasering and beating him because he wouldn’t put his hands behind his back… until they realized he couldn’t. He died afterward. [3]
  • Henderson NV is settling a lawsuit for $158k to a man who was repeatedly kicked in the head by a cop when he was yanked from his car after stopped for erratic driving while he was suffering from diabetic shock. Officers can be heard on the dashcam talking about being worried that it was caught on video. [0]
  • Indian River Co FL deputy has been fired after dashcam video, above, contradicted his report in an excessive force incident where the deputy pulled over and repeatedly tasered a cuffed suspect in the back of his cruiser because he was being loud and obnoxious. [0]
  • Pittsburgh PA plans to offer $75k to absolve the city in the Jordan Miles beating case. The lawsuit will continue against police department for the officers who brutally beat him when they claimed they mistook a 2 litre soda bottle in his pocket for a gun. [0]
  • 2 Prince George’s Co MD cops are under investigation after video contradicted their report about a shooting incident. [1]
  • new York NY settled a class action lawsuit for $15,000,000 to approx 22,000 people who were charged based on a loitering law that was later found to be unconstitutional. [0]
  • Meanwhile, New York NY police are now being sued by the NYCLU for their practice of bringing stop & frisk to private property and apartment buildings including a case where a man in his pajamas was cited for trespassing in his own yard while he was taking out the trash. [3]
  • Furthermore, 2 New York NY undercover cops are being accused of making a retaliatory arrest against a copwatcher who has been filming police making stop & frisks. The officers arrested him during a stop and frisk for having a small pen knife. [5]
  • Bradford Co FL deputy who worked as a school cop has been charged with having unlawful sex with a minor after he was fired for domestic violence and child neglect recently. [0]
  • Houston TX police are being investigated for detaining people without charge and racking a shotgun as a threat of force while they were responding to a noise complaint at a Free Thinkers conspiracy group’s party, all of which was captured on multiple cellphone cameras. [0]
  • Portland OR police are being accused of making false arrests of people who were not associated with an anti-police brutality protest, let alone some of the vandalism that occured during that protest. One of the arrested people was allegedly grabbed by police while he was yelling at protesters to get off his lawn. [3]
  • Vermont settles suit for $190k to the family of a woman who died after laying in the snow overnight after troopers went to the wrong address after a relative called asking for a welfare check the day before. [0]
  • Ontario Provincial police officer has been charged with assault causing bodily harm in an unspecified off duty incident. [2]
  • 2 New Orleans LA cops are the subject of a federal investigation on insurance fraud allegations involving a report about a stolen car and subsequent cover up. [0]
  • Douglas Co MO deputy convicted of conspiracy to steal drugs from evidence and distribute narcotics, marijuana, and other stuff. [0]
  • Mahoning Co OH deputy agrees to retire after an investigation into unspecified misconduct discovered during a polygraph [1]
  • Lee Co FL deputy suspended 4 days for using badge to intimidate a  property owner’s agent as he was inspecting an apartment that the officer’s girlfriend was being evicted from. [0]
  • Philadelphia PA cop gets probation & fine in plea deal for insurance fraud by falsely reporting his car was stolen. [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-06-12

Here are the 18 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, February 6, 2012:

  • Cincinnati OH cop who refused to give a statement to investigators about why he shot an unarmed man to death is now the subject of a lawsuit over that shooting incident. [3]
  • Minneapolis MN police are being sued claiming 2 cops killed a mentally ill man with excessive tasering & positional asphyxia from holding him down on the ground with a knee in his back for an extended period of time. [3]
  • Roanoke Co VA cop is under investigation for allegedly pulling a man over in an unmarked cruiser and assaulting him in front of his kids. [2]
  • Albuquerque NM cop is under investigation over his use of force and abusive language that was shown on a YouTube cell video [0]
  • Merrillville IL sued by doctor claiming a cop twisted his arm & arrested him for questioning why he gave him a parking ticket in a hospital parking lot when he parked close to the door due to an emergency. [3]
  • Detroit MI police are being sued over the practice of issuing questionable tickets for driving through or living in areas they claim are known for prostitution or drug crimes [4]
  • Milwaukee WI cop sentenced to 28 days jail for stealing the identity of a 7yr-old boy to purchase a Mercedez Benz [0]
  • San Antonio TX police lieutenant, 3 sergeants and 2 officers are being investigated for their alleged attempt to cover up a fellow cop’s DUI crash in his police cruiser[0]
  • New York NY cop pleads guilty to 4 conspiracy counts involving smuggling of guns, cigarettes and slot machines [0]
  • Kendall Co IL deputy investigated for yelling at a man’s pregnant wife because he felt she was holding up the checkou line at WalMart, he then allegedly pulled a gun on that man when they got into an altercation over it. [0]
  • Saginaw MI settles suit for $15k to man left injured after cop hit his vehicle in intersection [0]
  • Luzerne Co PA deputy charged w/terroristic threats & harassment against former domestic partner in bar incident [0]
  • Chatham-Kent ON cop sentenced to probation for resisting arrest while arrested on B&E and assault charges [0]
  • Pensylvania state trooper tells DA he let truck driver in fatal crash go w/minor violation just so he could retire [0]
  • Miami Co OH deputy faces 7 counts of using deception to obtain prescription pain medication [0]
  • West Terre Haute IN cop arrested on felony theft charges for allegedly using city gas card for personal purchases [0]
  • New Orleans LA cop arrested on hit & run charges after investigation into alleged DUI cruiser crash [0]
  • US Secret Service agent sentenced to time served +fine after arrested for DUI in Iowa ahead of presidential visit [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 02-04-12 to 02-05-12

Here are the 19 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this weekend of February 4-5, 2012:

  • A new video is contradicting New York NY cops version of the fatal shooting of a teen in the Bronx. The video shows the teen calmly walking into his home despite the police saying he ran from them and had an altercation with them. While this itself isn’t a new case against the officers since we’ve already tracked the fatal shooting incident, it appears as though they also burst into the family’s landlord’s place without a warrant looking for a gun and held her at gunpoint, which is a separate incident now. [5]
  • Furthermore, the New York NY police are being accused of detaining the grandmother of the teen who was fatally shot by police for 7 hours and forcing her to give a statement against her will… again, this is yet another separate incident. [3]
  • Murfreesboro TN cops are accused of using excessive force on a 58yr-old immigrant from Nigeria who was mistaken for Laotian suspect. While police claim he was resisting arrest a witness who lives across the street from the man is contradicting that claim. [3]
  • Alberta sheriff was found to have used excessive force on a deaf and rather ill 52yr-old at court but the prosecutor refuses to charge him for it regardless of the findings. [0]
  • Montreal QC police are being investigated over aggressive behavior shown on video, including an officer apparently hitting a protester with a baton, during student protest that left 2 students injured. [1]
  • NFTA NY police officer sentenced to probation in plea deal for sending lewd text messages to a teen girl. [0]
  • 2 Palm Beach Co FL deputies under investigation on allegations of perjury over their convoluted testimony during a drug case that resulted in the man being acquitted of most charges against him. [3]
  • Miami FL undercover officers in the “Crime Suppression Unit” are the subject of a continuing FBI drug trafficking & corruption investigation. [0]
  • Demopolis AL police arrest and won a conviction against a grandmother for crossing state lines to buy cold medicine for her grandkids. [0]
  • Texas City TX cop was charged with felony injury to a child after an investigation into unspecified allegations. [1]
  • US CBP border patrol agent is being investigated after allegedly forcing a school bus off the road & threatening students on it in an apparent road rage incident. [3]
  • Memphis TN cop arrested on assault & vandalism charges for attacking her boyfriend & damaging a police cruiser after her arrest [0]
  • Philadelphia PA cop gets probation and fine after caught on video stealing from bar while responding to a burglar alarm call [0]
  • Paso Robles CA police sued by cop alleging he was disciplined for failing to meet illegal ticket quota [3]
  • New Ulm MN cop not charged after investigation finds he was doing 70+mph w/o lights & siren in crash that killed 2 [0]
  • Tarrant AL police sgt charged w/9 counts of theft of firearms from evidence after resigning during investigation [0]
  • Craig CO police chief apologizes for accidentally leaving his firearm in a public restroom, no discipline taken [0]
  • Carbon Co UT sheriff’s captain subject of criminal investigation for alleged vandalism of several cars at auto shop [1]
  • Portsmouth VA cop, president of VA police union gets special deal reducing DUI charge to reckless driving [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-03-12

Here are the 25 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Friday, February 3, 2012:

  • 2 St Louis MO cops investigated by FBI after one accused of shooting unarmed man to death while he begged for his life [3]
  • Woodbridge NJ cop investigated after accused of beating man & his brother after he swore when he got parking ticket [3]
  • Coon Rapids MN now-retired cop pleads guilty to sexually abusing boy multiple times while he was still an officer [0]
  • Fullerton CA police chief retires after taking 6 months of medical leave following fatal beating of homeless man [3]
  • New York NY police sued alleging they harassed and subjected transgendered woman to cruel & unusual punishment [3]
  • Chicago IL settles suit for $700k to family subjected to illegal raid by now-convicted cops who tried to extort cash[0]
  • Miami FL police arrest blogger Carlos Miller and erase his video footage of police crackdown on Occupy protest [5]
  • Quebec Provincial police sued by Muslim arrested, home raided for telling coworkers to “blow away the competition” [3]
  • Fredericton NB police questioned over raid on blogger’s home in alleged “criminal libel” investigation, no charges [5]
  • Canby OR police sued by man claiming cop broke his ribs during arrest for walking past police station while drunk [0]
  • 2 Dallas TX cops ordered by jury to pay $169k to man they arrested on false charges, a 3rd cop the jury also found had participated in the false arrest wasn’t made to pay anything.[3]
  • Los Angeles CA police sgt already charged w/burglary in an incident where a womaner peppersprayed him was arrested in yet another burglary case. [0]
  • Anne Arundel Co MD cop arrested on conspiracy to distribute drugs & other charges after leaking info on raid [0]
  • North Carolina trooper arrested on fraud charge for claiming work injury when actually injured in fight w/wife [0]
  • Whitehouse TX police chief & dept under investigation over alleged financial irregularities and other allegations [2]
  • Reynoldsburg OH police investigated after incident involving cop’s mistress making threats while armed with a gun [0]
  • Palmyra WI police chief fired for mishandling several cases including refusal to arrest man accused of flashing kids[0]
  • Washington DC police sgt sentenced to 18mo jail for stealing $40k from elderly woman she met during investigation [0]
  • Aldine TX ISD school police officer arrested on domestic assault charges alleging repeated assaults & death threats [0]
  • North Canton OH police lt charged w/felonious assault for firing gun in off-duty incident after police arrived [0]
  • Woodward OK police detective charged w/13 felony counts for allegedly stealing meth from evidence [0]
  • Manatee Co deputy suspended after allegedly elbowing clinic worker in face while she was stealing her med records [0]
  • Okaloosa Co FL deputy arrested on drunk driving charges after crashing motorcycle & refusing med help & breath test [0]
  • Denver CO misses deadling to file appeal despite promises to fight ordered rehire of cops in brutality case [3]
  • Wrightsville Beach NC police criticized for refusing to release names of suspended cops contrary state law [4]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-02-12

Sorry folks, sort of fell asleep before posting this last night, probably because I started that second job now and things are pretty hectic.

Anyway, here are the 22 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, February 2, 2012:

  • New York NY police fatally shoot unarmed teen in front of family in apt after chase over suspected pot possession [1]
  • Calumet City IL police investigated after fatally shooting 15yr-old autistic kid who threatened them w/butterknife [0]
  • Bella Vista AR police lose $20k jury judgment to family of man fatally shot after chase, cop pled to neg homicide [0]
  • Tennessee trooper sued for leaving the scene & leaving man to die after car he chased crashed then caught fire [3]
  • Charleston Co SC deputies shown beating chase suspect & petting k9 as it attacked him, sheriff admits slapping him [1]
  • Norfolk VA offers to settle after sued by woman beaten by cops who thought she was stealing her own car [0]
  • DeKalb Co GA cop w/history of 30 infractions suspended 10 hours for using excessive force during false arrest [1]
  • Denver CO cop suspended 4 days for slamming cuffed shoplifting suspect face-first into wall & floor on video [0]
  • Bayonne NJ cop loses $91k jury decision to woman who sued claiming he used excessive force & falsely arrested her [3]
  • Cleveland OH police sued by gay couple claiming cops beat them then told them “faggots don’t deserve pants in jail” [3]
  • Dalworrth Gardens TX cop indicted for allegedly sexually assaulting woman he arrested on traffic violation warrant [0]
  • Reading PA cop charged on allegations he helped two men set up a sex trafficking ring including girls under 18 [0]
  • Rockdale Co GA deputy investigated for alleged inappropriate relaitionship w/student as school resource officer [0]
  • San Francisco CA police sued by man who spent 18yrs in prison after wrongfully convicted on false testimony [3]
  • Pinellas Co FL deputy investigated after breaking copwatcher’s camera & arresting him for filming police [3]
  • Haskell TX police sued by 2 woman & a juvenile claiming drug planting cop ordered their illegal strip search [3]
  • Newark NJ cop fired for threatening FedEx driver after missing delivery, officials say he had “too many strikes” [0]
  • Fullerton CA sued by towing company claiming police have been harassing, falsely detaining & citing their drivers [3]
  • Detroit MI cop still on duty after neighbors say she fired gun 2x during DV incident, cop says she tripped [3]
  • Houston TX cop convicted on corruption charges for providing escort to agents posing as drug runners [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 02-01-12

After the overwhelming response to the BGSU DOJ/NIJ funding crap and urging from my wife I went ahead and restarted the news feed today. Sorry I haven’t responded much to all the feedback and emails, I’ve been up for about 42 hours so far because of work, only to find out this morning that my manager has been laid off which may mean my job might be next to go. But, we little guys will keep fighting on no matter what the big guys and governments try to do to discourage us. While I still wish I could make this my full time job and give this project all the attention it deserves, I’ll keep giving it what I can anyway.

So, here are the 15 reports of police misconduct tracked by our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Wednesday, February 1, 2012:

  • Portland OR settles suit for $1.2mil to family of unarmed man fatally shot in the back by a cop with a rifle while he was surrendering. [0]
  • Jefferson Co KY constable indicted on assault & wanton endangerment charges for firing on a fleeing shoplifter [0]
  • Plainfield NJ police sgt arrested for criminal sexual conduct for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman while on duty [2]
  • Las Vegas NV cop arrested on several charges for allegedly groping and coercing 2 women into exposing breasts at traffic stops [0]
  • Leland NC police chief fired after several different allegations of corruption & misconduct within department [2]
  • Broward Co FL deputy arrested for a road rage incident caught on cellphone where he then stole woman’s cellphone [0]
  • Lincoln Co WV sheriff to take plea deal along w/count clerk in election fraud case, stuffed ballot box [0]
  • RCMP officer in BC resigns after charged with stealing a computer seized from a crime scene [0]
  • Chicago IL cop convicted of participating in drug ring with kingpin who was once his informant [0]
  • Des Moines IA cop who was union official convicted on 2 misdemeanor domestic violence charges, fired after charged [0]
  • Palm Springs FL cop arrested on grand theft charge for allegedly stealing his mom’s $55k settlement check [0]
  • Talbotton GA cop pleads guilty to lying to federal agents during corruption investigation [0]
  • California trooper arrested on DUI & resisting arrest charges after allegedly kneeing the cop arresting her [0]
  • Dallas TX police sgt arrested for DV assault w/bodily injury while under investigation after shooting incident [3]
  • Sevier Co TN deputy fired after arrested on DUI charges after less than 2 months on the job [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there.

It’s nice to know…

That these jokers will be making over $260k off of my idea and hard work.

I really cannot express how much of a blow it is to me that all these years of hard work that went into creating this project and running it, let alone all the sacrifice it took to keep it going through some tough times, is going to be stolen by these guys with support from the US government.

I can’t really see any point of keeping this project going right now when all I’m doing by working myself to death with it is making it easier for those people to sponge off that work to rake in tax dollars.

I’m going to take a few days off to figure this out… meanwhile, here’s a poll to see if any of you can see any real reason to keep this going now.

[poll id=”17″]

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 01-30-12

Here are the 15 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Monday, January 30, 2012:

  • Oakland CA cop shown on video beating an occupy protester with a baton after throwing him on the ground, right after that another cop points out the person recording it and calls for him to be arrested next. [4]
  • This was just one of the incidents where Oakland CA police mass arrests of over 400 during an Occupy protest that were criticized, all in the wake of a federal judge’s rebuke against the department. [3]
  • 4 New York NY (Bronx) cops and a sergeant are being investigated over the videotaped beating of a black teen and the arrest of his family who complained at the police station. The video also shows one cop pepperspray or, at least threaten to pepperspray, the person recording the incident. [4]
  • Dona Ana Co NM loses a lawsuit for $22mil to a man who was kept in solitary confinement at jail for 2 years after his arrest on DUI charges, of which he was never convicted over. [3]
  • Wichitah KS cop pleads guilty to sexually battering at least 2 women while on duty. He resigned after being charged. [0]
  • East Haven CT police chief retires amid scandal after 4 of his cops were arrested by the FBI on civil rights violation charges. Odds apeear to be that more officers will be charged too. [3]
  • New Orleans, Gretna, Orleans Parish, Plaquemines Parish LA cops in task force investigated for stealing from suspect[0]
  • 2 Putnam Co FL deputies fired for racing at 120+MPH while responding to nothing more than a call complaining about noisy golf ccarts.  [0]
  • Broward Co FL deputy sentenced to 30days +$5k fine for insurance fraud involving Def Leppard concert tickets [0]
  • Memphis TN cop arrested on possession w/intent charges for allegedly trying to buy 10 kilos of cocaine in uniform [0]
  • Redondo Beach CA cop charged with tipping off fellow cop about drug raid on house he bought drugs from [0]
  • Los Angeles Co CA sued by comedian claiming deputy falsely arrested him for DUI after his car was hit by DUI driver [3]
  • Prescott AZ settles suit for $45k to pedestrian who suffered leg fractures when he was hit by cop “blinded by sun” [0]
  • Memphis TN cop suspended after arrested on DUI & refusal to take breath test charges after crashing into embankment [0]
  • Nashville TN cop suspended after arrest on DUI charges after found asleep in car during traffic tie-up [0]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

Police Misconduct NewsFeed Weekend Recap 01-27-12 to 01-29-12

I’m afraid to say that, once again, work completely dominated my weekend, and I mean completely. So it was incredibly difficult to stay on top of the news feed. I have a backlog of reports I’ll try to work through as I can today, but here are the few reports I’ve been able to review and post since Friday…

With that said, here are the 9 reports we’ve been able to catch up on so far since Friday, January 27, 2012:

  • 3 Houston TX cops are accused of beating a woman & taking her cell phone memory card for recording police roughly arresting her husband. [5]
  • Clairton PA cop is being investigated on allegations he severely injured a 76yr-old man by slamming him to the ground during a traffic stop where police say they wanted to arrest his passenger on a warrant. [1]
  • Santa Maria CA cop died after he was shot by an officer when he allegedly drew his service weapon & fired it while he was being arrested on suspicion of sexual misconduct with a minor [0]
  • Clute TX cop working as a school resource officer is the subject of a lawsuit after he was given a plea deal reducing charges to official oppression for sexually assaulting 18-year-old student [3]
  • Cleveland TX cop is being investigated for jabbing a kneeling and handcuffed detainee in the stomach during a traffic stop arrest caught on dashcam video [2]
  • Hamilton Twp OH settles suit for $350k to family & their friends who were subjected to unconstitutional raid looking for underage drinkers at a party. Police tried to justify the raid by having a cop’s relative, who lived in another county, call in a noise complaint. [0]
  • Ripley MS cop resigns after he & his wife charged w/misd animal neglect over 2 starving horses found in pasture, one of which had to be put to sleep. [0]
  • Houston TX police homicide detective suspended while investigated on allegations of bigamy made by his 2 alleged wives [0]
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg NC cop investigated for putting dog feces in neighbor’s mailbox. The investigation started after he was allegedly assaulted when confronted after he was caught in the act. [1]

Also, before I go, I wanted to say thank you to all the people who have taken the time to write, letting me know how important this project is to them and encouraging me to stick with it. I definitely don’t plan on giving up folks, and I’ll keep doing the best I can. Thank you all for the support!

That’s it so far… be safe out there!

National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 01-26-12

Here are the 17 reports of police misconduct tracked in our National Police Misconduct News Feed for this Thursday, January 26, 2012:

  • San Bernardino CA settles suit for $575k to the family of a man who was shot to death after a police chase. The city blamed the judge in that case for admitting evidence that the man was shot in the back and back of the head, that and a witness changing testimony. [0]
  • Clairton PA cop is being investigated on allegations made by witnesses that he severely injured a 76yr-old man by slamming him to ground after dragging him from his car during a traffic stop. [1]
  • Poplarville MS settled suit for an undisclosed amount to an unarmed man who was tasered & shot at a DUI roadblock when cops tried to yank him from his car while his seatbelt was on because, they say, they thought he had a gun. Apparently he didn’t commit any crime. [3]
  • Dallas TX police are being sued by a man claiming cops brutally beat him and left him severely injured during a raid on his home that didn’t yield anything illegal. He was never charged and there is no record of the raid as police are apparently denying knowledge of it ever occurring. [5]
  • Vancouver BC police are being sued by a man who needed 100 staples after a police dog attacked him during his arrest where he claims police took their time pulling it off him. Prosecutors dropped charges against him because of the injuries. [3]
  • Prince Albert Canada police officer will have no criminal record or punishment thanks to his plea deal on assault charges he faced for stomping on a woman’s head during an arrest. [0]
  • Warren OH settles suit for $100k to the family of 3 kids who were held at gunpoint in their own yard by a cop mistook the playing kids for suspects. [0]
  • San Ramon CA cop pleads guilty to 9 felonies in the Central Contra Costa Narc Enforcement corruption scandal. [0]
  • New York NY police face arbitration in a complaint that a cop suffered retaliation for not meeting his stop & frisk quota that the NYPD is still insisting doesn’t exist despite a slew of evidence and cases showing otherwise. [3]
  • Monroe Co NY settles an excessive force suit for $90k to a man who was 15 at the time of the unspecified incident. They also settled a suit for $500k to a woman left injured when a cop rear ended her as he was reading his dashboard computer. [0]
  • Marvell AR cop pleads guilty to money laundering & extortion charges after his arrest in a sting op that busted 5 cops & 70 people. He’s the second to plead so far. [0]
  • Georgia State trooper was arrested on allegations he stole from a security job he worked on the side. He resigned in Dec after the initial investigation into the allegations. [0]
  • Paso Robles CA police chief is being accused of sexually assaulting several of her officers and staff who also say she would threaten them with trumped up criminal charges if they talked. [3]
  • San Fernando CA acting police chief is on leave while investigated for allegedly trying to fix a congress staffer’s traffic ticket [0]
  • Tuscaloosa AL cop was arrested on domestic violence criminal mischief charges after allegedly destroying property & setting fire to his garage during a dispute. [0]
  • Williamsport PA cop fined after pleading guilty to failing to report a gift in a plea deal dropping 7 other charges including perjury. [0]
  • Macomb Co MI sheriff’s sgt under investigation on suspicion of drunk driving after rollover accident w/son & bro [1]

That’s it for today, stay safe out there!

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